INCREDIBLE Facts You Never Knew About Twitter!-Facts in 5

INCREDIBLE Facts You Never Knew About Twitter!-Facts in 5

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20 Responses

  1. Boonaw says:

    I love Twitter.

  2. wahab Al-Ani says:

    I hate twitter

  3. Mark Dlamini Art says:

    if I could sub to you twice i would

  4. drakionclawers says:

    never used twitter and never gonna use twitter

  5. John Mel Dacaymat says:

    He has legit talent on whistling

  6. oscar marin says:

    The bird sounded like it just got raped 0:01

  7. boc man says:

    My name is jafar, i come from afar, i have a bomb in my car, allahu akbar

  8. Jordan Langner says:


  9. kummerk says:

    “Who uses Twitter”
    Actors, the Pope, Feminists…

  10. LKeyYT says:

    I think you make the worst jokes in the entirety of Internet.

  11. Trex7576 says:


  12. Solid Mike says:

    Shilling for twitter? not surprised.

  13. D Kelly says:

    I don’t lol

  14. skateroren says:

    Twitter fingers lol

  15. Jacob Burbidge says:

    How ironic this video was uploaded just after I made my twitter account

  16. Foze Juv says:

    4:47 meek

  17. GhettoMist says:

    Matthew I am convinced by your backgrounds that you do acid. That is

  18. Isaac Bowman says:

    go full screen on mats videos, hit the J key… trust me just hit it a few

  19. DJ66/DJ66YT says:

    Lets play Wheres Baldo

  20. Jay Thompson says:

    if you use twitter, you’re a cock sucking child molester that got beat up
    by your girlfriend and you just need to be shot in the face