Incredible time lapse of birds nest.

Incredible time lapse of birds nest.

Found a nest in my front yard and decided to sneak my GoPro close by. Was hoping to see the eggs hatch but instead this happened…recorded@1fps in 4K. Be sure to watch in HD!

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20 Responses

  1. gliitch says:


  2. jamerstime says: in real life

  3. Azel G says:

    I get that this is nature, and the snake has the right to live as well. But
    did the snake have to eat *all* of the eggs?! That’s just callous and

  4. Hodor says:

    This video was played in reverse

  5. Cristian Martinez says:

    “Honey, do you see our eggs? I’m sure I laid them here”

  6. SagittariusN says:

    I didn’t know there was a SLITHER.IO in real life?!

  7. Kayden007 says:

    Reads “Previously on Game of Thrones”
    Me: So are the birds gonna hatch and fight to the death?

  8. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    guess that snake doesnt like its eggs scrambled

  9. Georg Jank says:

    A: That was an eggciting story. One do you say: Do not keep a snake in
    one’s bosom. ……..(seemingly endless awkward silence)…. Too soon?
    …..(even longer awkward silence)……
    B: Go suck a egg!

  10. Ellen Parker says:

    That was so horrible

  11. Unknown says:

    Please donate to the Savethekids fundraising on my page

  12. THE SONIC GUYS says:

    Subscribe We Make Funny Comments

  13. Ahmed N says:

    Did that greedy little bitch really had to eat all 4 eggs?

  14. Jazz Cheeks says:

    What kind of snake is that?

  15. George Junior says:

    Oh my gawd the fracking snake represents trump

  16. KLAYM0RZ says:

    Well that was depressing.

  17. Ryan Ahn says:

    what a cruel snake

  18. Antalect Gaming says:

    I showed this to my mom after watching the new jungle book she started

  19. TheLGiver says:

    But right after the vid ended the mother came back grabbed the snake tire
    it apart and took her eggs back ?
    karma bitch.

  20. Chris Wu says:

    Plot twist: Mama bird left her eggs to eat the snake’s babies for dinner.
    They all lost their babies