Incredible trick free-kick in Women’s football match | BT Sport

Incredible trick free-kick in Women’s football match | BT Sport

Arsenal Ladies are outdone by a training ground free-kick from Notts County.

Have you ever seen this done before?



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20 Responses

  1. white guilt says:

    Do these girls do anal? I’m a lesbian

  2. Ese Agboaye says:

    What happened to the indominatable Arsenal Ladies?

  3. Rock'n'Roll Penuin says:

    That was awesome

  4. Dudemar says:


  5. AOSRoyal says:

    i could do that with my eyes closed and my hands tied at the back. women go
    back to the kitchen and make the real football players a sandwich 

  6. Cameron Fernandez says:

    nice shot, i would’ve been dumbfounded as well, didn’t see that coming

  7. moiraine_damodred says:

    women’s sports FTW

  8. MrCayuga says:

    Goalkeeper fail.

  9. mkingston79 says:

    She got lucky. That would have been crazy wide if the defender didn’t
    deflect it.

  10. Jack frost says:

    Women should play this sport with their skirts on !

  11. James says:

    I like this. I love men’s football obviously but women’s is full of
    surprises so I am definitely an advocate.

  12. SportFlash XD says:

    cooles Tor!
    Machen wir auf unserem Kanal auch!
    Ihr könnt ruhig mal vorbeischauen!
    Danke SF

  13. Danny Smith says:

    Thats lame.

    Wack it in the top corner and then you can act like you’ve just done
    something special.

    But play acting to distract opponents should not be encouraged by a teams

  14. naughtybeast96 says:

    Almost all of them look like dikes. Who would marry them?

  15. Raoh says:


  16. PrimeAliProductions says:

    The kick was going wide by a mile, a deflection put it back on target.

  17. Richard Whelan says:

    that was kinda lame…. but it works so what ever.

  18. Ano Nym says:

    It’s called soccer.

  19. Andy Driftwood says:

    Why not just shoot in the first place? Women keeper’s refuse to save the
    ball, so just get it on target, and happydays

  20. kfc667 says:

    what an amazing own goal. its a good thing because that shit was going wide