India v Afghanistan – Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

India v Afghanistan – Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Watch full highlights of the India vs Afghanistan match at Hampshire Bowl, Game 28 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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65 Responses

  1. Salman raza says:

    Md shami best bowler in world

  2. Praveen Singh says:

    who will win on 26 june?



  3. amit palawat says:

    Now pakistan ??be like
    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Papa ????mere superstar

    • shaheer rahman says:

      @MAHER – SAMI
      If only you let them fuck your Muslim Girls ?

    • Dark Raider047 says:

      @Spreedom lol??…..what Pakistan won wc before India ????..LMAO!!!….India won wc in 1983 and 2011 …whereas Pakistan won only one wc which was one in 1992

    • Suyash 11 says:

      @Good morning abe 2 saal ho gaye bhai ab bas karo 7 baar haare ho… World Cup jyada bada tournament hai ya CT?
      Pakistan 1 baar CT aur ek baar WC jeeta hai
      India 2 baar jeeti hai dono ?? (CT shared in 2003)

    • Suyash 11 says:

      @Spreedom abe blunder master69, nashe karta hai? India 1983 me jeeti, Pak 1992 me… “Pak won WC way before India” ?

    • Suyash 11 says:

      @Spreedom Afghan played better than Pak ?

  4. Rehan khan says:

    India ne match jeeta…but afghanistan ne dil jeet liya….atleast they played till the last….love from india…

  5. Legend Beats ✔ says:

    MS. No No No..
    Not M S Dhoni ?
    He Is
    ?Mohammed Shami ?

    • Legend Beats ✔ says:

      @Jiji Chan bro bro i m a hug fan of Ms,, btt i just appreciate Mohammed Shami for his brilliant bowling effort

    • Jiji Chan says:

      @Legend Beats ✔
      Of course but it is lord Krishna who guide Arjun to strike!

    • ajay t. says:

      @Jiji Chan dhoni ko bol pehle batting kar le.
      Test se retire hua h phir test match kyon khelta rehta h ?

    • Game Side 00 says:

      @ajay t. Mohammad Shami did the trick it doesn’t matter who guided or assisted him
      Now Shut your mouth

  6. India Best says:

    Congratulations to team India for their 50th World Cup win !!!???❤❤

  7. Aadil Thakor says:

    Afghanistan is better than Pakistan.deserving huge victory
    People agree
    Yes= like
    No= comments

    • Bhargav Khandige says:

      I agree that Pakistan is a ***** country but Afghanistan deserved to win.

    • Bobo Como says:

      So wut?

    • Nagamahesh Janigarla says:

      Aadil Thakor that was a good fight bro. Batting line-up is bit small

    • Nagamahesh Janigarla says:

      Behroz Ejaz it’s a game buddy don’t take so personally. We Indians feel emotional only for ind_pak matches. Just because of the blood they shred in India. I missed death by 15 min from hyderabad bomb blast couple of years back. Can you feel how it would be

  8. Paras Ahuja says:

    at the starting of world cup __

    kohli well said that “any team can be dangerous at any tym”

    u can see it in this match ???

  9. Thanos says:

    Pakistan lost by 89 runs
    Afghanistan lost by 11 runs

    *so Afghanistan beats Pakistan by 78 runs*


    *2019 world cup jitega?*
    *Like for India*
    *_Comment for other nation_*

  11. Simran Kalkat says:

    Upcoming best cricket team
    is Afghanistan….. ???
    Love 4om Punjab India

  12. Tabish Ali says:

    India vs Afghanistan was far better than India vs Pakistan !!

  13. Gihan Kumarage says:

    What an amazing batman Virat Kohli is. Probably the best in the world!! Love from Sri Lanka. <3

  14. prakhar trivedi says:

    Our story ?
    Match IND vs AFG
    lost by batsman
    Won by bowlers

  15. Addy kon says:

    *Heartbreaking to see Afghanistan loose*
    I am an Indian, i still love Afghan team
    Thats my team also !!!

  16. Elavarasan Elavarasan says:

    Afghan players u played very well. u… people made indians fans heart beats fast at the last moment…. ???? and very happy to see 50th victory for india in world cup match ????????

    • RealDeal441 says:

      they did that also 1,000 years ago as well when they invaded South Asia and crushed South Asian armies and left an indelible mark 🙂

    • Shubham Singh says:

      @RealDeal441 And now after 1000 years they are one of the most vulnerable countries of the world.

  17. Jay Mahakaal says:

    Mohammed shami best bolwer
    Are you agree with me lit like

  18. Pritam Yadav says:

    INDIA win match
    Afghan win herat …….both are country bahi bhai ……..??????????????????

  19. Puneet Sharma says:

    I would have been happy if our brother team Afghanistan had won bcoz they really played well. Good luck afghan team for future ❤?

  20. Romey Gyan says:

    *Mohammed Shammi ne Dil♥️❤️❤️ jeeta or India ne Match*

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