Indie World Showcase 4.14.2021 – Nintendo Switch

Indie World Showcase 4.14.2021 – Nintendo Switch

Check out a fresh selection of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch from some of our indie partners from around the world in the latest Indie World Showcase!

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44 Responses

  1. Nintendo Collecting says:

    Can’t believe how excited I am for the TMNT game

  2. Festive Hitman says:

    “What about Smash Bros and Pokemon?”

    “No Patrick, this direct is for indie games.”

  3. PsychoIncarnate says:

    Shredder’s revenge coming to switch is hype

  4. Wtf is Wrong With you says:

    “Modern Mesoamerican Metropolis” is an aesthetic that needs to be used a lot more.

    • Eric Eldeen says:

      @Technic 12 Yah, and since its their culture they should know all about it

    • Temtem Z says:

      @Technic 12 it’s also the erasure of a lot of the history. Aztec culture always seems to get a lot of information blatantly wrong because the aesthetic is appealing but the information is lacking a lot.

    • Xenoverse says:

      It would be great to see what game developers could do with other cultures like those from Africa (excluding Egypt), South Americas, Southeast Asia, or South Asia. Just stuff that aren’t Medieval Europe or Japanese Samurai type stuff all the time.

    • Quinn Holloway says:

      @きつねKei I will say that more Cultures deserve the right to be shown and explored within various Settings, from all across History, and All across The world
      From Europe to The Americas, to Asia, to Africa, and Australia (And other Polynesian Nations and New Zealand)
      But I’m not gonna say that there is nothing Special about the cultures that are used a lot, like Greece, Japan, Egypt, Nordic Nations, and Britain
      Espically as most things touch the ‘Go To’ Periods in terms of these places cultures, and thus never dive into other factors of each
      Espically as all Scandinavian Countries and Nations have their own unique styles and Cultures, Nordic/Norse Culture is only the surface of them, and there’s even more within Norse Mythology people forget!
      Greek Gods were seen as Humans, just as unique and complex, more so than how people portray them in stereotypical formats, not showing the humanity within the gods, and how they justify their actions to themselves and even struggle with realizing things, their Sins and Virtues
      All Cultures have limitless ways to explore them and design things with them
      Mesoamerica/Central America is just one of those very Key cultures that stands alongside the other 5 in terms of just how much there is you can do
      That being said, variety is key
      And we could use a break from just the 3 BIG OLD European Cultures, Nile Dwellers, and Nippon Steel
      And explore some other worlds, maybe mix cultures together to see what comes out

    • MadsterV says:

      @Technic 12 It may not seem difficult, but it is, yet you are correct in that it can be done.

  5. ACGamer123 says:

    I’m actually really excited for TMNT and Skul.

  6. Brant M says:

    I’m surprised no one’s talking about the House of the Dead remake. It makes me wanna play the others.

  7. Gwabes says:

    When you knew that silk song wasn’t gonna be here but you were still hoping

  8. Mel Alegre says:

    The House of the Dead Remake was unexpected I’m hype for that

  9. Tristan Neal says:

    So glad Sans is finally getting his own game.

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    TMNT was the crown jewel of this direct!

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