Indie World Showcase 8.11.2021 – Nintendo Switch

Indie World Showcase 8.11.2021 – Nintendo Switch

Check out a selection of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch from some of our indie partners from around the world in the latest Indie World Showcase!

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00:00 – Indie World Showcase Intro
00:38 – Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
02:06 – TOEM
04:11 – Loop Hero
05:48 – FAR: Changing Tides
08:18 – Necrobarista: Final Pour
10:00 – Garden Story
10:30 – Boyfriend Dungeon
11:04 – Axiom Verge 2
11:46 – Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
14:23 – ISLANDERS: Console Edition
15:56 – Metal Slug Tactics
17:53 – Tetris Effect: Connected
19:38 – Hundred Days
19:49 – Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition
19:59 – LumbearJack
20:11 – Curious Expedition 2
20:23 – Gang Beasts
20:46 – Eastward
21:46 – Indie World Showcase Outro

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46 Responses

  1. TheInspirationalMind says:

    I’ve been wanting Slime Rancher on Switch for SO LONG! And it’s available later today!? That’s freaking awesome.

  2. Daniel Scott says:

    Eastward practically demands to have a physical version produced for the Switch. Looks SO good.

  3. Slim says:

    With all the good stuff here, I physically can’t be mad about no Silksong news. Axiom Verge is in my backlog so Axiom Verge 2 being out today certainly gives me a reason to play the first game sooner than later, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon looks really unique and interesting, TETRIS EFFECT ON SWITCH IS A DREAM COME TRUE, Slime Rancher is going to absolutely RUIN my life, GAH MY WALLET HURTS! Easily the best Indie World presentation to date, no question. The only thing that would truly make it perfect for me is if we got Silksong, and I knew it was unlikely we got Silksong, but even without it, this was still INCREDIBLE.

    • J J says:

      I’m mad

    • Dalamartm says:

      What happened to silksong? They acted like it was ready for release then it fell off the face of the earth.

    • el hombre de la Lebensmann says:

      @Dalamartm Nintendo acted like that, not team Cherry.

    • Dominique Baggett says:

      I can’t be mad about no silksong news Bc I wasn’t expecting any. That game is a lie. Sad, but true

    • Slim says:

      @Djepsi I’ve heard that Crowsworn looks really great, and from what I’ve seen, it looks promising all right. Something about it just seems a bit off for me, it’s not that it seems bad, it’s just that the general feel of the game might be something I wouldn’t be too interested in, but I’m gonna be keeping an eye on it for sure.

  4. Joshi The Healer Mii says:

    Yoo, TOEM A Photo Adventure looked so cool, I’m definitely gonna pick that one up when I have the chance

  5. SonicHaXD says:

    Literally playing Axiom Verge right now. Now I’m excited to play the sequel XD

  6. Frostare says:

    Wow, was not expecting that mode on Tetris Effect and the Shovel Knight Puzzle game!

  7. Dropkick Pherby says:

    Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks so Hype.
    Straight nostalgia to early 2000’s games.

    • Leo the Grey says:

      @chrono Mage Technically, it is. The games have the same composer.

    • Marcus A. says:

      @goblin foz Naganuma is the composer for the game

    • Becoming Xavier says:

      @chrono Mage that’s because it is looks exactly the same

    • DarkNinja says:

      Team Reptile has absolutely nailed their cel-shaded aesthetics.

      I’ve seen other games/dev try to the same with lesser results either coming off as a imitation or being ‘off’.

      Both Lethal League & Bomb Rush look absolutely perfect though. These guys get the visual design that makes JSR pop. BRC looks like a sequel/expansion to JSRF and I mean that in the best way possible.

      It looks so “official” if you understand what I’m getting at.

    • Franniel Martinez says:

      @Marcus A. **Happy Sonic Rush noises**

  8. Treddox says:

    “Limitation is the birthplace of creativity.”
    That’s never more true than with these indie games. You can tell they don’t have a lot in the way of budget, but they do so many colorful, cool, and imaginative things with what they have.

    • IDKHQ 4 says:

      @12M views No

    • Alex Silva says:

      That’s what makes the indie gaming landscape so good these days

    • SharkLord1954 Productions says:

      As someone hoping to get into game design and development some day, it’s a nice insight looking at these games. Lets you see what cool things you can feasibly pull off without the megahuge AAA budgets. One area of interest especially is 3D and cel-shading, since the stylization and what could be done with it has caught my attention lately.

    • TheCookie Crisp says:

      @Treddox As someone who has spent 3 years working on 2 games, I just want you to know you’re appreciated by people like me, working day in and day out on mysterious projects, that only a few people know about, but the moment you explain what these thousands of drawings are for, they finally understand what I mean by game design and are excited too. Thank you.

    • Treddox says:

      And best of all, the developers didn’t push out a product to make money. They had an idea for a game, and then they made a game. So even if the game doesn’t end up very good, it will at least have soul.

  9. thrillhouse.vanhouten says:

    Daaaang, this was a STACKED presentation! I counted SIX games that I’m 100% excited for, and another 3-5 that I’m interested in. That’s more than most e3 presentations can do! Indies are slaying on Switch, I love it!

  10. Alisha says:

    Nice Indie direct. I’m likely at least getting “Garden Story,” “Eastward,” and “Islanders.” Been waiting a while on “Eastward.”

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