Infinity Stone Power Bands

Infinity Stone Power Bands

In today’s video we’re at The Gem Studio making rings with enough power to rival Thanos and his Gauntlet! Well kinda…

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41 Responses

  1. Call me Sam says:

    No worries earthlings now that grant has snapped his fingers the nate has gone missing and we will have to see if grant says “FINEE I WILL DO IT MYSELF” or appoints a new person get him plastic surgery like Nate.

    I just noticed the nate nounds like natasha hahahaha

  2. Call me Sam says:



  3. FireExtremeKC says:

    Hey why isn’t grant in any of these videos but this one

  4. Sairam Niranjan says:

    Now how about making a King of Random style Infinity Crown? That would be awesome! Just a thought.

    Basically infinity gems glued onto a king’s crown made of brass that you can wear. It would look amazing on you!

    Please leave a like if you agree 👍

  5. Creating Creations says:

    Super Cool looking Rings!

  6. Gearhead Bike Works says:

    Who else misses grant

  7. Jeff Kaplan says:

    Seriously wtf is grant doing?

  8. Salted fish says:

    Thought grant will be here
    A few seconds is just not enough

  9. Sairam Niranjan says:

    Hey, how about trying to do something special for 10 million subscribers? Like maybe inviting ten of us to visit you guys at your workshop and check out the awesome stuff you’ve made and have in storage, and more importantly, give us a tour of how you make these videos daily at The King of Random, like the event SelfMade that was in April. A lot of us couldn’t make it since we were busy in far off countries, even though we really wanted to come.

    Or at the very least, we would love to see a special video, introducing all of us to the filming/editing crew and, more importantly, telling us Nate’s Life Story and how he met Grant and how he has come to be here today.
    Also, a concise and comprehensive behind the scenes video of your daily routine making videos. Please do that!
    Thank you so much for these amazing daily videos, and thanks, for reading.
    We’ll always be here for you.
    We’d also like to know how Grant used to make all his old videos totally connected with each other cuz, that’s still a mystery. Grant, you’re the best. You too Nate. Thanks. Also, how old are you two?

  10. curious creep says:

    Missing grant a lot..

  11. Matthew kizziah says:

    An elusive Grant sighting.

  12. A.F.F says:

    :c i miss that guy on the last frames <3

  13. Tiger Gamer says:

    Where is grant It should be TheKingsOfRandom now GRANT ISNT HERE NAYMORE WHERE IS HE

  14. TheArmedDodo says:

    We need more grant…

  15. Ty Landers says:

    One thing I don’t like is that Grant is in the intro and thomnalls but he is never in the videos. Like if you agree

    • MC .BOOCHER says:

      Ty Landers he’s in the end

    • Oliver Freeman says:

      Fully agree with you, Ty. He’s in a lot of the video intros, but the fact we never see him doing anything else anymore is kinda sad. Nat is great, mind you, but for those who loved Grant for years, it feels like a kick in the teeth to see him teasing an intro and then you never see him beyond that, even when a video calls for two people to be in it.

    • Forge Flarion says:

      especially when there are two people in the video. . . I agree completely TY

  16. Kitty Livvy says:

    I MIIIIIIISSSSSS GRAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😔

  17. Husky Studios says:

    2:34 0_0

  18. CoolbeansArt says:

    They Grant Baited Us

  19. Who ? says:

    We need grant in a vid with a 10 Mil special

  20. Kayla Miller says:

    I love ur vids

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