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64 Responses

  1. Alex Lightshade says:

    “Tweet me your art.”
    “Leave your answers in the comments below”


  2. Mohammad Omar says:

    Call of Duty Infinity War

  3. Lil' Sunflowers says:

    #YAIYart Mojo Jojo is the best

  4. Nick Folk [verified account] says:

    #yiayart fix that forehead

  5. Captain Bandito says:

    #YIAYart dude how are we supposed to post overused comments on this YIAY

  6. The real y tho baby says:

    Hey I’m early but I don’t have a good YIAYART

  7. Sophie Jones says:

    #YIAYart how about Kermit? He is a work of art!

    The dog one. Kermit the dog

  8. Lender 1 says:

    #YIAYart Roses are red, Violets are blue, if you are under 18 Kevin Spacey will rape you.

  9. Ew Ew says:

    i love u and u bring me joy
    u like to fuk the little boi

  10. Griffin Maximoff says:

    As a hardcore Marvel fan, I don’t know whether to be offened or pleased.

  11. MegaBlueeyesdragon says:

    #YIAYart my art is nothing because I’m a hipster

    • HazzaTheKool says:

      so basically jack’s content?

    • Danudios says:

      So basicaly yours is all art?

    • the command blocker says:

    • the command blocker says:

      This is my art as you can see it took me hours, the black dot represents life and the white represents loneliness in the abyss

      And that’s how you up talk your art

    • Pavla Zabila says:

      💘💙💘 *Hеi* ! *Ơlеn niin kуllstуneet еtsii sinuа kaikkiȧllа* …
      💘💙💘 *kuulė minuȧ! Оdȯtan tėit tll*
      💘💙💘 *оlėn 20-vuotias* .

      💘💙💘 *Неi* ! *Olėn niin kуllstуnеėt ėtsii sinuа kаikkiallȧ* …
      💘💙💘 *kuulе minuȧ! Оdȯtаn teit tll*
      💘💙💘 *ȯlеn 20-vuоtias* .

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  12. Caterpillar says:

    #yiayart Shrek 2 ACT 1 Scene 1 There is a bed onstage behind a silky curtain, backlit. PRINCE CHARMING (os) Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, the king and queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. And throughout the land, everyone was happy… until the sun went down and they saw that their daughter was cursed with a frightful enchantment that took hold each and every night. Desperate, they sought the help of a fairy godmother who had them lock the young princess away in a tower, there to await the kiss… of the handsome Prince Charming. [enters gallantly onstage] It was he who would chance the perilous journey through blistering cold and scorching desert traveling for many days and nights, risking life and limb to reach the Dragon’s keep. For he was the bravest, and most handsome… in all the land. [looks at the audience] And it was destiny that his kiss would break the dreaded curse. He alone would climb to the highest room of the tallest tower to enter the princess’s chambers, cross the room to her sleeping silhouette, pull back the gossamer curtains to find her… [pulls back the curtain to reveal WOLF in the bed. Gasps] WOLF What? CHARMING Princess… Fiona? WOLF No! CHARMING [relieved] Thank heavens. Where is she? WOLF She’s on her honeymoon. CHARMING Honeymoon? With whom? 2 Scene 2 THE SWAMP SHREK It’s so good to be home! Just you and me and… DONKEY [offstage] One is the loneliest number that you ever do…[enters] Two can be as bad as one… SHREK Donkey? DONKEY Shrek! Fiona! Aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes! Give us a hug, Shrek, you old love machine. And look at you, Mrs. Shrek. How ’bout a side of sugar for the steed? SHREK Donkey, what are you doing here? DONKEY Taking care of your love nest for you. SHREK Oh, you mean like… sorting the mail and watering the plants? DONKEY Yeah, and feeding the fish! SHREK I don’t have any fish. DONKEY You did. [looks around for the fish] SHREK Look at the time. I guess you’d better be going. DONKEY Don’t you want to tell me about your trip? Or how about a game of Parcheesi? FIONA Actually, Donkey? Shouldn’t you be getting home to Dragon? DONKEY Oh, yeah, that. I don’t know. She’s been all moody and stuff lately. I thought I’d move in with you. FIONA You know we’re always happy to see you, Donkey. SHREK But Fiona and I are married now. We need a little time, you know, to be together. Just with each other. Alone. DONKEY Say no more. You don’t have to worry about a thing. I will always be here to make sure nobody bothers you. SHREK Donkey! 3 DONKEY Yes, roomie? SHREK You’re bothering me. DONKEY Oh, OK. All right, cool. I guess… Me and Pinocchio was going to catch a tournament, anyway, so…Maybe I’ll see y’all Sunday for a barbecue or something. SHREK He’ll be fine. Now, where were we? [giggles] Oh.I think I remember. Donkey! DONKEY I know, I know! Alone! I’m going! I’m going. What do you want me to tell these other guys? ROYAL MESSENGER enters to fanfare. MESSENGER [clears throat] “Dearest Princess Fiona. You are hereby summoned to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away for a royal ball in celebration of your marriage at which time the King will bestow his royal blessing… upon you and your…uh… Prince Charming. Love, the King and Queen of Far, Far Away. aka Mom and Dad.” FIONA Mom and Dad? SHREK Prince Charming? DONKEY Royal ball? Can I come? SHREK We’re not going. FIONA & DONKEY What? SHREK I mean, don’t you think they might be a bit…shocked to see you like this? FIONA Well, they might be a bit surprised. But they’re my parents, Shrek. They love me. And don’t worry. They’ll love you, too. SHREK Yeah, right. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be welcome at the country club. FIONA Stop it. They’re not like that. SHREK How do you explain Sergeant Pompous and the Fancy Pants Club Band? FIONA Oh, come on! You could at least give them a chance. SHREK To do what? Sharpen their pitchforks? 4 FIONA No! They just want to give you their blessing. SHREK Oh, great. Now I need their blessing? FIONA If you want to be a part of this family, yes! SHREK Who says I want to be part of this family? FIONA You did! When you married me! SHREK Well, there’s some fine print for you! FIONA [exasperated sigh] So that’s it. You won’t come? SHREK Trust me. It’s a bad idea. We are not going! And that’s final! ALL exit. SCENE 3 SHREK, DONKEY and FIONA re-enter with GINGY and PINOCHIO. SHREK is carrying luggage GINGY [walking by and picking up the ‘warning, Ogres sign’] Don’t worry! We’ll take care of everything. PINOCHIO Hey, wait for me. DONKEY Hit it! Move ’em on! Head ’em up! Head ’em up, move ’em on! Head ’em up! Move ‘em on, Rawhide! Knock ’em out! Pound ’em dead! Make ’em tea! Buy ’em drinks! Meet their mamas! Milk ’em hard! Rawhide! Yeehaw! SHREK, FIONA and DONKEY pass back and forth on the stage every time the E/E (Enter/exit symbol appears) DONKEY Are we there yet? SHREK No. DONKEY Are we there yet? FIONA Not yet. E/E 5 DONKEY OK, are we there yet? SHREK No. DONKEY Are we there yet? FIONA No! E/E DONKEY Are we there yet? SHREK Yes. DONKEY Really? SHREK No! DONKEY Are we there yet? SHREK & FIONA No! E/E DONKEY Are we there yet? SHREK [mimics] Are we there yet? DONKEY That’s not funny. That’s really immature. SHREK That’s not funny. That’s really immature. DONKEY This is why nobody likes ogres. SHREK This is why nobody likes ogres. DONKEY Your loss! SHREK Your loss! DONKEY I’m gonna just stop talking. SHREK Finally! DONKEY This is taking forever, Shrek. There’s no in-flight movie or nothing! SHREK The Kingdom of Far, Far Away, Donkey. That’s where we’re going. Far, far…[softly] away! DONKEY All right, all right, I get it. I’m just so darn bored. SHREK [groans] Are we there yet? FIONA [chuckles] Yes! DONKEY Oh, finally! ALL exit 6 SCENE 4 FAR FAR AWAY (CASTLE ENTRANCE) MESSENGER Announcing the long-awaited return of the beautiful Princess Fiona and her new husband. SHREK and FIONA enter off-stage left. KING and QUEEN enter off-stage right. FIONA Well, this is it. KING This is it. MESSENGER This is it. [exits] SHREK [chuckles] So…you still think this was a good idea? FIONA Of course! Look. Mom and Dad look happy to see us. KING Who on earth are they? QUEEN I think that’s our little girl. KING That’s not little! That’s a really big problem. Wasn’t she supposed to kiss Prince Charming and break the spell? QUEEN Well, he’s no Prince Charming, but they do look… SHREK Happy now? We came. We saw them. Now let’s go before they light the torches. FIONA They’re my parents. SHREK Hello? They locked you in a tower. FIONA That was for my own… KING Good! Here’s our chance. Let’s go back inside and pretend we’re not home. QUEEN Harold, we have to be… SHREK Quick! While they’re not looking we can make a run for it. FIONA Shrek, stop it! Everything’s gonna be… KING A disaster! There is no way… FIONA You can do this. Both parties begin moving toward eachother 7 SHREK I really… KING Really… QUEEN don’t… SHREK want… FIONA to… KING be… SHREK Here! FIONA Mom… Dad…I’d like you to meet my husband… Shrek. SHREK Well, um…It’s easy to see where Fiona gets her good looks from. [chuckles nervously] DONKEY enters shaking off a GUARD DONKEY [off-stage] What do you mean, “not on the list”? Don’t tell me you don’t know who I am. [enters] What’s happening, everybody? Thanks for waiting. I had the hardest time getting into this place. KING No! No! Bad donkey! Bad! Go! FIONA No

  13. Pink Zebra says:

    YouTube Rewind,
    Is like an orange rind
    Leaves a bad taste,
    To get test out you fill your mouth with toothpaste
    Half of likes are dislikes,
    Other half accidentally made likes
    Good youtubers were barely there,
    It leaves everyone in despair
    So bad,
    It’s so sad
    If only we could rewind to before the 2017 rewind

  14. E_M_E_T says:

    a mass-produced product can’t be “perfectly proportioned” because everyone has different dietary needs

    …y—yeah i’m fun at parties, hit me up

  15. BlastyBlaze says:

    #YIAYART yo can you photoshop Jenna but with Some dogs, instead of those rats

  16. Munjee Syedd says:

    Here’s what I think wouldn’t make it in to the movie :
    Oh tony ;
    Oh cap ;
    Oh tony ;
    oh cap ;
    Oh tony ;
    Oh bucky;
    Oh tony ;
    Oh Bucky ;
    Oh cap ;
    After avergers 2 that hulk and black widow but might as well be real

    • OlvinTheOlster says:

      I don’t know why he didn’t put in a “What is this, some kind of infinity war?”

    • Ida Dubovika says:

      💝💙 *HЕI* , *ОLЕN 21 JА ОLЕN NIIN YКSININЕN* ;(
      💝💙 *ОLЕТКO YКSI LIIАN* ?
      💝💙 *ОLETКО YKSI LIIAN* ?

      What is this challenge I Finja and Svea
      Dealing With Awkward Moments
      Gutscheine in der Vodafone Wallet
      Kevin Durant Hyperextended His Knee John Wall Career High 19 Asts
      Video manifestation des rifains a Paris

    • Daniel Matthews stan #001 says:

      how do i safely remove my eyeballs

    • David Fontes says:

      Daniel Matthews stan #001 I got ya fam

    • Munjee Syedd says:

      OlvinTheOlster I suppose it is over done at this point

  17. AC 計算機 AC Calculator says:

    #YIAYart no

  18. Strange Animations says:

    #YIAYart on my Channel there is enough art that should be fixed…

  19. שחר יצחק says:

    What about “I’m groot”

  20. Man of Matt says:

    Fix any of RiceGum’s thumbnails

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