Smosh Summer Games is in full swing with an inflatable wipeout challenge! Who can make it across the bouncing baby balls of doom the fastest?!

We are back all week with some of the BIGGEST challenges EVER! It’s Team Balloonatics vs Team InflataBULLS who will be victorious?!


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54 Responses

  1. Smosh Games says:

    Vote for your favorite team! Find your team’s comment below and hit ‘like’ on your favorite!

    We will change our banner art to the fan favorite! Make sure to visit our channel tomorrow to find out who won!

  2. Selina Romanoff says:

    All the anime positions Shayne does like at 9:51 has led to this

    *Shayne is my fave anime character*

  3. HelloMaddyKaye says:

    Courtney stays being the MVP on every smosh games on either team she’s on but never gets an award. Courtney…you’re my mvp 😂

  4. Mr. Cool says:

    The part where they said Smosh members that think boze is a boy and counted everytime she got hit in the groin with a ball..while funny..I think some people should understand that getting hit in the groin can hurt girls also. I am not trying to make a case on which hurts more, but the childish idea that because girls do not have testicles means they cannot feel pain down there is not accurate. If anyone wants to see an example..they can watch a video called “It hurts girls, too.” where a female soccer play gets hit down there. She is then taken out of the game on a stretcher.

    • Rachel Wang says:

      They used dodgeballs that shouldn’t hurt. Yes it could be painful for a girl, but that’s only when it gets hit really hard. It’s just a game for fun, no need to make it such a big deal. Everyone deals with pain, but this is not that serious.

    • Cswolfe107 says:

      Mr. Cool except just about everyone knows that

  5. Nya Cool Dude says:

    you should have a challenge where everyone has to dress up like Matt Rob as fast as possible, then walk a fake catwalk doing their best Matt Rob impression.       Is it just me?

  6. Mob says:

    With that bouncing sound effect Shane’s was great 😂

  7. DAN THE GAMER says:

    Poor Damien 😂😂😂

  8. Bárbara Lorenz says:

    Highkey hoping that Inflatabulls win so y’all put some RESPECC on Joven’s name.

  9. James Vs Pokemon says:


  10. tevin robinson says:


  11. Louie Nero says:

    Nominate Shayne or Damien’s Fall for biggest fail so far. Like if you agree

  12. Jalen Troi says:


  13. Haven Kuncaitis says:

    BALLONATICS! RANDY BANDITS! Lasercorn you better keep your streak alive!

  14. The Golden Torch says:

    Keith why are you such a cheater

  15. Bananabug 4 says:

    Wes: omg she doesn’t weigh anything!

    Shame: heyeah

  16. Nym Alous says:

    7:30 If you pay attention, you can see the ref that is in the pool (Tanner?) move to avoid another possible collision as Boze is running for the second time. I thought that was pretty funny.

  17. Lasercorn says:

    I got my revenge for that cheap head shot. Watch closely at 8:22

  18. Your going to far Miles says:

    I love how Mari was cheering for the other team the whole time

  19. The Valleyfolk says:

    Wait, where’s Joe?

  20. XoLivingByFaith says:

    Noah and Courtney flying through these obstacles #MVP

    • Kailer Vierra says:

      Can you explain what you mean by that?

    • Firenge says:

      +Kailer Vierraby that i meant that Noah saw that Balloonatics are more popular + they are in the lead, so to make it more interesting he gave up on 2nd challenge. That’s just my opinion

    • Kailer Vierra says:

      From a fan perspective, that’s a good reason. From an MVP guesser perspective, I’m not confident that anyone in the group would admit that he threw the challenge. Even if it is true (it might be), I think that they would have to count it as a negative towards him with regards to the MVP.

    • Phillip Angelos says:

      Kailer Vierra on the score board I️t didn’t show the inflatabulls we’re winning but they were already but matt Raub didn’t change I️t cause he’s a bad red

    • Kailer Vierra says:

      Regardless of whether or not Noah’s team knew that they were losing, when Keith went to steal it, that should’ve told Noah that he needed to do it, assuming that he was trying to win. So, it was still a poor decision by Noah, assuming that he was trying to win. If he wasn’t trying to win, then that’s a different story.

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