InfoWar’s Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford

InfoWar’s Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford

Stephen opens the vault for an old clip from ‘Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford,’ the show that likely inspired fellow performance artist Alex Jones.

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20 Responses

  1. Jaguar Domingo says:

    I could watch Colbert as Jones all day haha…take him DOWN!

  2. Benvenutti one says:


  3. Michael Cameron says:

    Alex Jones? I call him Alex Jokes because he’s a joke

    A joke with a never ending punchline

  4. Pepe Pancho says:

    Stephen Colbert is the man. Fuck Alex Jones and his bitch Donald

  5. Joe show says:

    The real alex jones was replaced years ago by a retarded reptillian

  6. SuperSimba6 says:

    I wrote this on another video but seriously Alex Jones reminds me of a real life version of that fat King from the second Lord of the Rings movie who sat around eating snacks while his son fought unwinnable battles against armies of orcs, and then when the son was brought back injured he just goes “My son is dead let’s cremate him!”. That guy was definitely playing a fantasy version of Jones.

  7. 倪传历 says:

    It’s funny that if his lawyer goes through with the performance artist angle, he essentially admits whatever comes out of his mouth is just fluffs that can’t be taken seriously.

  8. Deebo Molina says:

    M Night Shyamalan is next to a producer saying “and it turns out that *He’s* the false flag operation”

  9. Jabbatic says:

    If only Jean Baptiste would just play the piano and otherwise…… STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything he says is just inane, fatuous wittering!

  10. Raquel Velazquez says:

    Many of InfoWars followers are turning on Alex J because of Trump aka The Flip-flopper .

  11. Coffee Break says:

    Even as a conservative, I believe most of us can agree that Alex jones is insane (if he isn’t acting).

  12. juan gomez says:

    So the pedophiles in the pizza parlor and the chemicals that Obama use to turn frog gay was all an act and fake? Really?

  13. 223Drone says:

    The following words will be used by Alex Jones followers in the comment section…

    1. Libtard
    2. Snowflake
    3. Cuck

  14. Joe 90 says:

    Infowars is news for people who think WWF is real.

  15. kalesia A says:

    Never forget, Alex Jones admits he´s a fraud, Bill o Reilly sexually harass coworkers and used to beat up his ex wife, Milo defends pedophile by refusing to name the men who had sex with very very very young boys, Glenn Beck admits he´s insane and Trumps sexually harass women, starts fake schools and listens to Alex Jones….

  16. Strom FiftySix says:

    Alex Jones is a con man masquerading as a performance artist

  17. OnceUponAPiano says:

    Jesus christ how has Alex Jones not died of a heart attack. His blood pressure is so high that his red-ass face and his voice have succumbed to demonic possession.

  18. Atley Meow says:

    I’ve given up trying to reason with or speak to the alt-right/libertarian/nihilist/ancap whatever those things are that fester on those fringe political forums on Reddit and disgusting conspiracy and hate speech perpetuating YouTube channels, they just wont admit when they’re wrong and they just want to tell everyone they’re less than them to like flex their own ego or something it’s really gross. It’s a great real-life depiction of Plato’s Cave theory..

  19. fidorover says:

    *Meanwhile, at the Austin State Psychiatric Hospital:*
    ORDERLY #1: Hey, whatever happened to that batshit bloated dude who escaped from here in 1996?
    ORDERLY #2: Oh, you mean that conspiracy nutjob who accused us of putting something in his orange juice to make him gay?
    ORDERLY #1: Yeah, that’s the guy… the guy who sounded like he gargled with the shattered dreams of hapless immigrants.
    ORDERLY #2: I heard the state troopers shot him with 6 elephant tranquilizer darts and he still wouldn’t stop raging about “Bill Clinton’s harem of Satanists who are manipulating Federal Reserve policy from an orgy room in the White House basement.”
    ORDERLY #1: Well, let’s just hope he’s institutionalized somewhere and not, like, some radio host with 3 million listeners or something. _(they both enjoy a hearty laugh)_

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