Ingenious Beauty Products – Tried and Tested: EP126

Ingenious Beauty Products – Tried and Tested: EP126

Shu An tries out ingenious beauty products like a matte lipstick that transforms into glitter when you press your lips together, tape that makes your face instantly smaller, unrippable stockings and more!

Featured Products:
Rimmel Wonder Wing Eyeliner
Dodo Label’s Face Maker Lifting Tape
Ciaté London Glitter Flip

Super Flexible Magical Stockings

Black Lace Rabbit Blush
Electric Makeup Brush Washer

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29 Responses

  1. Prakrati Bansal says:

    Shu An, you are so cute, I laughed at the ‘Morphe’ inside joke 😀
    I need those stockings!


    Yayyyy m so early… Love u Shu an… Love from India ??

  3. Angelina Grainger says:


  4. Shahana Bibi says:

    I always come back for Shu An.?

  5. Doll Bun says:

    Sadly Rimmel and ciate test on animals

  6. Pusheen// Slimez says:

    You guys literally upload a video 5 o’clock in the morning

  7. RaRa Thegreatest says:

    I literally only watch for shu an lol love your reviews gal?

  8. Sinem Gülbahar says:

    this tape would be great for cosplaying o: i’ll definitly buy this

  9. Ashley Tien says:

    Can you try the laneige two toned makeup?

  10. Joey says:

    Why does she under line her bottom lip? It’s so much fuller than what she draws on!

  11. shavacadoo says:

    She needs to over line her lips

  12. Ally Moulton says:

    I would be would be worried the tape could cause wrinkles over time, but it still seems very cool

  13. ElectricAlex says:

    “Okay so we’ve come to the end of the episode” hits me like a truck

  14. M Tamimi says:

    I bought those exact tights (advertising got me) and while they’re thicker than others, they really don’t ladder. I’ve worn it in black 5-10 times, which I never accomplish, and have only one tiny run in the crotch. Thankfully, that part is surrounded by stitches, so the run is contained. I definitely plan to keep wearing them!

  15. TheEdsassin says:

    I want to use the tape to hide my double chin ?

  16. Meits Whatever says:

    whaaat…. this is tried and tested ep126, and it came out on the 24th, but tried and tested ep 128 came out on the 14th???? anyone else confused about that

    • Helfinda Putri says:

      Meits Whatever ep 128 i think is a sponsored vid that come out in youtube as soon as it uploaded when this vid is already out in app for a month

  17. Carla56 says:

    The tape seems like it would cause damage over time, for the eyeliner you didn’t calculate the wear time and if it smudges

  18. Kaylyn Blackwood says:

    Omg they still have the same intro I love it

  19. The Kuldeep Singhania says:

    Everyone on this channel looks so fresh and vibrant…just makes us feel charged up watching you…

  20. YoJianneity says:

    Shu an, can you please try & test the face mask “printer” machine? ?

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