INSANE strawberry trick! 😨 #shorts

INSANE strawberry trick! 😨 #shorts

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  1. Sam_Curran says:

    He be like : Okay I am ready Let’s Do this 😂

  2. Герман Гурдус says:

    He’s the kind of guy who shakes orange juice to drink fanta

  3. paula says:


    Okay LET’S DO THIS
    I’m ready💁‍♀️
    Let’s do this

  4. Reyhanaa Batrisyia says:

    The most iconic ending: “🙌🏻” “👏🏻”

  5. play roblox its the best game says:

    The way he just throw the strawberry tho-

    • ? ًanonyme says:

      @timothy timtea yes but he probably take the strrawberry washed it and ate it at the end of the video /-:

    • Citrine says:

      The way he threw that strawberry would’ve been obvious even with the intended spectator angle, afaik he’s doing it on purpose to show how he does it but that just begs the question on how he actually throws it when he’s actually doing it for real

    • يوسف سفر says:

      ,00100000000000000,@? ًanonyme

    • - Sayakai - says:

      @timothy timtea It’s a berry 🙌😀

  6. Voxel says:

    He’s the type of guy to say
    “Let’s do this” twice.

  7. Chetan Rajeshirke says:

    He is doing ‘shhhhh!!’ as if we are gonna complain the CEO of tiktok🤣

  8. Blindingheights • 69 years ago says:

    He’s the type of guy to hear *Watermelon Sugar* while doing a magic trick with a *Strawberry*

  9. •Ms - Cuby• says:

    He’s the kind of guy who hides strawberries in his eggs and acts that it’s all egg with a yolk where there is a strawberry hidden

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    he’s the type of guy to get hit by a parked car

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