INSANE VIDEO: Train plows through straight through semi

INSANE VIDEO: Train plows through straight through semi

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20 Responses

  1. queenofspadz says:

    What was the trailer carrying?

  2. Semitotal says:

    I like how the train hits on beat with the music.

  3. EarRape says:

    he’s just trying to stop the train in GTA

  4. Blah Cga says:

    That truck driver must’ve lost his *Train of thought* while he or she was crossing the tracks.

  5. InoshiKenshi says:

    Well someones fired and fined heavily.

  6. J M13 says:

    Why is this trending..

  7. Peter Wooldridge says:

    Her, “Baby come over.”
    Me, “I can’t there’s a semi in my way.”
    Her, “My parents aren’t home.”

  8. TigerNationn says:

    Run illegal Mexicans run

  9. Blue Murray says:

    Now the bigger question, why was there a semi truck in the middle of the train tracks

  10. Joseph Brenner says:

    Wow, that conductor must have lost his TRAIN of thought! I bet that truck driver was very AFREIGHT. Sorry, I think I’ll just car-go home. Man I really need to get back on TRACK with my puns, I mean, these things take lots of TRAINING.

    Pls kill se-mi

  11. Coreman53 says:


  12. CapnHindsightt says:

    Move it or lose it

  13. Samu Sitake says:

    Trump train

  14. Scott Watkins says:


  15. The Anime Junkiez says:

    The only thing more horrifying and damaging was this being filmed in portrait mode

  16. Levvy says:

    that’s why my pacsun order is late isn’t it

  17. UpshotMusicTV says:

    Sippin on fierrrr

  18. Majimoo says:

    420 like

  19. Weather says:

    My left ear enjoyed this video

  20. DEADPOOL says:

    My left ear enjoyed this.

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