Inside a Kangaroo Pouch – Smarter Every Day 139

Inside a Kangaroo Pouch – Smarter Every Day 139

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I still don’t know if male kangaroos have nipples. Seriously… the internet is rather ambiguous about male kangaroo nipples.

A big thanks to Chris, the owner of Science Alert for taking me and my family to Australia for National Science Week. Check out his website here:

If you’d like to donate to the Kangaroo Orphanage in Coober Pedy, click this link:


Watch this… just do it.

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20 Responses

  1. Melvin Malave says:

    Loved the video Destin!! You have a beautiful family :D

  2. roundingcorners says:

    As part of learning, human males can feed babies in extreme situations and
    is a hormonal response when around your own newborn. While this is not
    highly popular in the modern world, you have enough to keep the baby alive.
    It is also not guaranteed but studies have shown that some men are able to
    lactate under duress. Ask your Biology friend.

  3. TrinSpace says:

    Omg that face ????

  4. Scheefinator says:

    So Kangaroo pouch=vagina opening. Got it.

  5. Jimmy Strudel says:

    That thumbnail is gross, like my profile picture.

  6. MarCuseusFX says:

    sexual harassment much?

  7. Isaac Freeman says:


  8. Friar007 says:

    thanks didn’t know that

  9. Mark F (CommanderPYE) says:

    Is anyone else reminded of a more family friendly Mr. Sark??

  10. stockjonebills says:

    No need to worry dude. I’m just feeling for your pouch..

  11. Toxic Tantrum says:

    If you only came here to see the pouch, feel free to skip to 6:30. You’re

  12. angelo says:

    awesome. a tip? the pink shirt :p burn it XD

  13. Brian C says:

    Hah 1st kangaroo was all “don’t touch my junk”

  14. LifeLikeSage says:

    Fondling kangaroo balls for science.

  15. Эльдар Мухаметзянов says:

    Man, kangaroos are cool!

  16. fimbles101 says:

    Hey destin, Did you know that in some circumstances men can produce milk..
    weird but true. Nope this is not a euphemism or a joke :)

  17. PKudu says:

    I can only imagine what Australians were thinking during the filming of

    “Those american mates are giving our roos hand jobs.”

    Awesome video. Thanks Destin!!!

  18. Cassytava says:

    I’m shocked the kangaroos didn’t kick these people in the face

  19. Path in AZ says:

    Great vid. One thing I thought I’d never hear you say was “I though it was
    like that because that’s the way it is on the cartoons.” I actually
    remember seeing (Discovery Channel or something like it), about 30 yrs ago,
    a documentary showing the 1″ baby crawling up and then into the pouch. Was

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    Can you put stuff in there? Like skittles