Inside Amy Schumer – Football Town Nights

Inside Amy Schumer – Football Town Nights

A small-town high school’s new football coach faces opposition after he implements a controversial code of conduct.

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19 Responses

  1. John Lieske says:

    *Ain’t it good to be the coach?*

  2. Joshua Perry says:

    9 out of 10 people agree rape feels good

  3. Vito Vizzini says:

    Ok this is bullshit, not all football players are the same, don’t let a
    small extremist minority make you think all football players are
    extremists. Most players are good people with families and daughters and
    wives, they’re not like some players who give the sport a bad name, they
    often speak out against it and are like this here coach. Footballs is a
    religion of peace. NY Giants 4 life. Swag bitch.

  4. eeeyooohoh says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the expanding wine glass

  5. John Johnson says:

    As a FNL and Schumer I expected to really like this. But the social
    commentary was very on the nose and the one liners could have been funnier.
    And as far as the FNL parody goes the references and the feel of the sketch
    comes off like someone who’s only watched the pilot. t’s also kind of an
    odd meshing since FNL actually did a rape storyline and in general was a
    very pro-women show. But the wine glasses getting bigger and bigger bit was
    hilarious. And it was an interesting watch.

  6. Evan Gale says:

    Yeh ok,its funny and all. But I can’t help sense a bit of hypocrisy on how
    its fine to just generalise all football players as rapist, but if you were
    to try turning that scenario around I rekon you’d have alot of people
    having a cry. So over this warped feminism.

  7. Manoffriendship says:

    This is disgusting. Fuck this bitch man.

    No doubt she will get the pussy pass on this though. It won’t be long till
    they can say anything they want with total immunity.

    Notice the sign early on ‘We will buck our way to victory!’ or some shit
    like that.

    It’s not even funny, especially when your depiciting a HIGH SCHOOL football
    team. These dudes are meant to be what 17, 18? Fuck that. Nobody will bat
    an eyelid at this either no doubt.

    What she is pushing here is the exact same bullshit blanket stereotyping
    you see everywhere.

    Muslim = terrorist
    Jew = tight, greedy
    Eastern European = criminal

    Blah blah blah.

    And what now we are going to have?

    High school football player = obsessed rapist

    Fuck Amy Schumer and her shitty show.

  8. Manoffriendship says:

    And I have this feeling she’s targeting high school football players
    because in high school she was the chubby loser who chased popular cock
    only to get rejected countless times and this is her way of dealing with it.

    She’s mocking football because what fucking alpha male would ever wed this
    egotistical ham?

    My point is: I’m not necessarily saying that she wants to be an aging wife
    of a football coach and that she wanted to bang high school players.

    But it’s what fuels the logic behind the comedy routines of these gross
    unfunny leftist comedian bitches. They make fun of the lifestyles that most
    would consider ‘normal’ in our society because they know, given their ugly
    appearance and horrible personality, that they could never live that life.
    It’s everywhere today. Sarah Silverman, this bitch, and many others.

  9. Sanders says:

    Maybe a good point but the bullshit takes away from it. “if she THINKS it’s
    rape” – c’mon… that’s some asinine 3rd wave bs right there.

  10. Sanders says:

    So what’s the joke? And what’s the point? That he’s raping his wife because
    she’s always drunk? That all men are rapists? That football culture
    encourages rape? I must have missed something important there because that
    felt like a whole lot of nothing.

  11. AMONAVIS! says:

    I’M DYING!

  12. ninethreefivesix says:

    fucking love this

  13. LibCon00 says:

    is that meant to be clever? because all college athletes are obviously
    rapists lol so hilarious those idiot men thinking rape is ok am I right?!
    not even mad or surprised.

  14. bamafb77563 says:

    So was this a joke or what? This whole thing is retarded

  15. Zombigotron says:

    Guys, I don’t get the increasingly bigger wine glass joke… :(

  16. James Bond says:

    Great, just what the world needs, another unfunny female comedian.

  17. BrokenLifestyleFilms says:

    Jesus. This is funny. Schumer is killing it.

  18. MattVogtProductions says:

    This was extremely stupid….

  19. andersondb0 says:

    Kid: What if she said yes but then changed her mind out of nowhere like a
    crazy person
    Coach: You gotta stop
    Kid: No you gotta stop ( all outraged )