Inside Amy Schumer – Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup

Inside Amy Schumer – Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup

A boy band encourages Amy to dispense with her beauty regimen and embrace her inner glow.

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20 Responses

  1. David Kwiatkowski says:

    There was a missed opportunity with not having the guys end up in a four

  2. Miss Malevolent says:


  3. Anna Banana says:


  4. Le- Minh says:

    Amy Shumer is changing women s lib and feminism all by herself with her
    humour. gotta love how this woman is able to take on issues with her humour
    and wit

  5. Emely Gonzalez says:


  6. GoodAssCoffee says:

    I feel like Girls have pale faces like that cause they frequently put
    makeup on and started at a young age… You Girls need to let your face
    breath… I know that Amy’s face had makeup to make it look even more paler
    then it normally looks.. So not all girls look like that..

  7. Hank Hill says:

    did she get fatter?

  8. CoonShoot says:

    Girl, put down those donuts.

    Your head is bigger than your torso,
    Put down that plate of orzo.

    Your ass is getting bigger,
    Are you dating a nigger?

    Those arms look like sausages,
    No wonder there’s food shortages.

    Go ride your bike a bit,
    Pass on that banana split.

    For fuck’s sake lose some weight,
    I can’t watch you and masturbate.

  9. patrick82895 says:

    Oh there are going to be some butthurt women in the comment section! Most
    likely those who wear too much make-up/ are ugly.

  10. Magali Secilio says:

    I’ve never worn make up. I’ve used eye liner a few times in my teens and
    that’s it. I hate how oily foundation feels, I would never put that on my
    face. Plus, it ruins your skin. Why do you think a lot of people have break
    outs under all that? They keep drowning their pores in make up.

  11. Sarahnessoyeah says:

    Makeup? Ain’t nobody got time for that. “Get the London look” Nah Ima get
    the lazy look.

  12. Sarahnessoyeah says:

    This song is catchy. Time to watch it on repeat ’til I hate it.

  13. Sarahnessoyeah says:

    And cue the over emotional fan girls freaking out over the fact that there
    are only 4 members of this boy band.

  14. Hannah May says:

    It must hurt some people that there’s only four of the guys in the video

  15. Scorch428 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Amy looks even hotter without makeup?

    ~Philip DeFranco sent me here

  16. Mami Maravilla says:

    This is hilarious!! lol

  17. Megan McCandless says:

    This was hilarious and kind of depressing at the same time :/ smh

  18. Karly Deaton says:

    I rarely wear makeup and my boyfriend loves me and all my imperfections.
    But then again since I don’t wear it people don’t get used to me in makeup.

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