Inside Crew Reacts To Ingram & the Pelicans Shocking the Suns In Game 2

Inside Crew Reacts To Ingram & the Pelicans Shocking the Suns In Game 2

The Inside the NBA crew discusses New Orleans stealing a win in Phoenix in a thrilling Game 2.

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52 Responses

  1. Shadrach Daka says:

    Gotta side with Kenny this time. Pelicans played good ball and kept the momentum before that injury. Respect that

  2. AJ says:

    “If you had all your kids you’d have like a whole section” outta nowhere chuck 😭

  3. xLiinkzz says:

    Kenny always got the great takes you can tell he actually watches the games

  4. stranger says:

    BI scores 37 pts. 11rbs, 9asts, 8/8 from ft, 3/3 on threes. They should’ve been talking about that more than anything.

    • Weegeeman 15 says:

      @Gapper Gob I think he is proving it other wise u don’t go into enemy territory against the 1 seed and drop 37-11-9 as “empty stats” he just had a struggling team at the beginning of the year

    • Luke Eden says:

      @Gapper Gob you are a clown who doesn’t watch the pelicans. After our 3-16 start we played .500 ball the whole season, even before Cj came. Brandon Ingram was injured for almost all of those losses. We are actually 29-25 this season when Ingram plays, and 20-20 with BI and without CJ. He is our best player(behind Zion) and just needed to stay injury free and get a little more help from someone like Cj.

    • Swimfan says:

      @Jayna Richelle you know they’re an 8 seed right

    • Balázs Balogh says:

      @Gapper Gob Do you joke?With ingram 32-26,without him 7-20,before CJ with Ingram on the court top 10 offense,without him bottom 5…and defensively also +1,8…

    • Grim Kreaper says:

      No they shouldn’t have. Booker scored 31 with 2 quarters to go

  5. Brandon Cruz says:

    Love the culture Willie Green has instilled in this NOLA team

  6. Bitcoin Ethereum says:

    I would like to see a game of *SHAQ’s SONS* vs the Phoenix Suns …. make it happen NBA

    • JaylaSuburbs says:

      @Tim Powell Issa joke. It’s not even about unclaimed kids he just has a lot of kids in general that’s why chuck started it. I remember one time chuck made a joke of shaq having 10 kids shaq said no I only got 6 and then he said that’s cus he doesn’t claim the others 😂

    • Swimfan says:

      @Tim Powell you don’t even have to talk about u claimed kids. He’s got like 10 claimed kids he could field a roster

    • Edward Kibirige says:

      @Tim Powell He does really have a lot of unclaimed kids. Women are suing him for child support all the time

    • Andrew Cook says:

      @Tim Powell Agents in the NBA spend more time handing out NDA’s, abortion and hush money than actual sponsorships for their clients. Real MVPs

    • Edward Cordova says:

      @Jason Lashley don’t mention kids to Karl Malone. He bout to act up around kids.

  7. XL says:

    The Pelicans really got a blessing with that Portland trade. They got McCollum and Nance Jr who both are gunna pay dividends for them in this series. I can see them taking this series if Phoenix ain’t careful.

  8. Parkes Shower Stone says:

    *everytime when Chuck makes fun of Shaq’s unclaimed kids* 😂

  9. Lonelyguy15 says:

    Gotta give Willie Green his props, did a great job with this team without Zion

    • Jesus Saves! says:

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!

      Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤

    • Brrrrr says:

      It’s not like zion has been playing like an elite player. If he was playing now he wouldn’t be doing any better for the team

    • Hawt sauce boss says:

      @A Lil’ Mighty Hero overrated y’all thought we was getting swept

    • Mongo Slade says:

      @Dionshae Wishum That’s what happens when you give a lazy injury prone person millions of dollars

    • Mongo Slade says:


  10. Tiger Hoods says:

    Playoffs are all about moments and Brandon Ingram just had one against the best team in the league

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