Inside Crew Reacts To Nets Going Down 2-0 To Celtics

Inside Crew Reacts To Nets Going Down 2-0 To Celtics

The guys give their take on a huge comeback win by the Celtics in Game 2.

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53 Responses

  1. Marty Emmons says:

    I really like Shaq’s observation, “on defense, touch’um up”.

  2. West Baltimore says:

    “I could never be in a religion where I can’t eat.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Chuck has to be stopped.😭

  3. ɢᴏɴɪx ツ says:

    bro, its time for these crew to host The Finals! Please make it happen!

    • Terence Jess Macapulay says:

      Would love for this to happen!!

    • Antwane Parks says:

      ABC owns espn the inside crew works for Turner there is no way for it to happen unless big money is spent….Due to the fact that abc is a free channel and more people will watch it…..Everyone can’t afford to pay to watch tnt just to see who’s talking on the pre show halftime and post game

    • d3v p says:

      @1999Supercooldudeman but the pre, halftime, and post game ABC/ESPN is awful.

    • The King says:

      This crew needs to host don’t wanna hear excuses, just get it done.

  4. ali tamim says:

    “I can’t be in a religion where you can’t eat”- Charles
    As a Muslim, i can’t stop laughing 😂😂

  5. travis hyman says:

    Thaddeus Young look at his hand every shot, and he left handed😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. leathal kizzle says:

    Size of Shaq next to his team!! You forget how huuuge and unstoppable Shaq was compared to other players !!

    • Claude V. says:

      I never forget, probably the most physically gifted athlete along with Wilt.

    • Trust 151 says:

      Shaq is so huge that when he was skinny (LSU & Orlando days) he was 300 lbs.

    • Ac Ndubizu says:

      @Florian Renner to the untrained eye and people that don’t know basketball he was just big. His touch around the basket, coordination, altheticism. and shoot blocking and rebounding were spectacle. He was far from just big. Also keep in mind that he dominated all the big guys.. not small guys! And I mean when he was on the lakers and Orlando.

    • Coby says:

      @Florian Renner shaq is literally known as one of the best passing big men

  7. Joseph Broadnax says:

    That Celtics defensive effort last night reminds me of some of the 90s and 80s defense in a sense! Great job 👏🏿

    • Joseph Broadnax says:

      @PTYTen nope your wrong

    • Missy Skeeter says:

      Tied at 8 minutes 92-92, Great Boston hustle defense: Durant loose ball turnover, Irving loose ball turnover, Tatum blocks Durant jump shot, Durant misses 18 footer, Irving misses driving layup, Irving misses jumper, Durant mises jumper, Durant misses 3-pointer. . .Celtics up 108-96 with 2 minutes left. Great defense: Durant shoots 4-17, Irving shoots 4-13

    • ANJR says:

      @Israel Doe 90s and early 200ps were very physical

    • ANJR says:

      @Arron Frazier nope, good physical defense clean defense

    • Arron Frazier says:

      You mean clutching and grabbing!

  8. Dee Lee says:

    “Imma leave that one alone”–Chuck 😄

  9. zach desfeux says:

    I’m glad people are finally talking about Pritchard, probably one of the best rookies the Celtics had in a long time, he has a bright future

  10. Nephro Doc says:

    I don’t understand how KD can’t just be a facilitator. They’re waiting until you take your jump shot to double you..why not bait them and then fake the jumper and pass it. At this point all his offensive moves are becoming predictable

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