Inside Errol Spence Jr.’s locker room after his win over Mikey Garcia | PBC ON FOX

Inside Errol Spence Jr.’s locker room after his win over Mikey Garcia | PBC ON FOX

Errol Spence Jr. was clinical and dominant in his pay-per-view victory over Mikey Garcia live from AT&T Stadium. FOX Sports takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey into Spence Jr.’s locker room after the fight.

Following his unanimous decision win, the hometown hero talked about Manny Pacquiao, his strategy, and much more.

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Inside Errol Spence Jr.’s locker room after his win over Mikey Garcia | PBC ON FOX


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80 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    What did you think about the fight?

  2. Paul Garcia says:

    Definitely showed he’s more than a knock out artist..definitely showed boxing skills and ring IQ.

    • 101Yomitsu says:

      +Imran Khan, where did you get your PHD from? One broken eye socket doesn’t make the other side softer. You should at least use Google a little better. Its called trying to brawl and smother someone leaving your face open to clean bombs.

      Mikey on the other hand got hurt here and there, but he covered up mostly and thrown minimum to last to the 12th round for a moral victory. He knew Spence was to much for him.

    • Milton English Sonny Jr says:

      I felt so bad I couldn’t afford to order this great man’s bout. I prayed for both though. I knew what both could do.

    • bob saget says:

      +Marquis Taylor i think ggg broke kell eye socket and Errol just re broke it

    • Cal D says:

      Errol is the Truth…. but…. he couldn’t stop the smaller man like GGG or Canelo

  3. D'Allan Rixx T.V. says:

    Spence should definitely bring out the O.G. Scarface or Geto Boys for the Manny Pacquaio fight if they fight in Texas…

  4. K B says:

    We all know 80% wouldnt be there if he lost #teamspence

  5. AN OUTLAW INLAW says:

    Its kool seeing him all natural with his close friends and family.

  6. Shawn The Icon says:

    love this new thing behind the

  7. Naruto Fox says:

    Anybody else get an Amber-alert message with Thurman’s name in it?

  8. Blessing Ogbe says:

    Winning has so many fans and family members.

  9. ch1ngons1mon says:

    No excuses the better man won, Mikey was completely outboxed

    • Who Killed Me? says:

      Spence used his reach and height, which is a size advantage. Spence didn’t outboxed Mikey. Just outworked from the outside.

    • Justin Dakota says:

      +Who Killed Me? Casual fan review. Definitely know you have never boxed before either.

  10. Ricky Queen says:

    Spence locker room is LIT!!! THAT’S on me baby!!!

  11. Jon M says:

    First time I’ve seen a champion in the Cowboys locker room in a long time.

  12. Darryn Bellamy says:

    At the end of the day this it’s what it’s all about. Family and good friends congratulation champ..Bless up

  13. nash rodz says:

    When there’s money and fame, everybody wants to be around you, but how many of all those suckers would actually be there if he didn’t have anything. Keep your circle small ☝️

  14. Binishio Delgrado says:

    An Estimated $8 Million or more for this fight. He’s always so calm and relaxed, ya know Spence knows exactly what he wants to do

  15. shermaine callahan says:

    Damn, this video looks like a before the fight not after…Easy Work!

  16. hwilliams790 says:

    Errol daughter in the back knocking down them pull ups

  17. Con10der Regime Boxing says:

    “I need a fight date by next week.. while I’m in shape” EJ focused on his craft!!! Lol already thinking about his next training camp/fight tryna stay active

  18. TAB 805 says:

    Spence is so chill and humble!!!?????????

  19. Lawrence House says:

    Thurman definitely is going into injury mode now

    • Who Killed Me? says:

      +PAPERGATORZ TV I agree. Thurman brings more into the ring than Garcia. He possess speed and welterweight power in both hands, he’s athletic with mobility, can box, etc. I would pick Thurman to beat Spence if he had Garcia’s durability and chin.

    • Who Killed Me? says:

      Keith is the most obvious ducker in the sport. He should grow a pair and give the fans a meaningful Welterweight match-up.

    • 101Yomitsu says:

      +Who Killed Me? I would pick a lot of fighters if they had this & that like another fighter..LOL!

      Keith would eventually stop swinging and go in a fetal position and cover up like Mikey to last at least to the later rounds for a late stoppage or to at least go to the 12th round.

    • mp4vids says:

      LOL!!! I was thinking “hibernation mode”. Good one!!!

  20. Chauncey Edwards says:

    We need more behind the scenes videos like this ?

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