Inside Guys React to Austin Reaves’ 4th QTR Takeover in Game 1 | NBA on TNT

Inside Guys React to Austin Reaves’ 4th QTR Takeover in Game 1 | NBA on TNT

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57 Responses

  1. V says:

    AD with 7 blocks; LeBron with a double-double; Reaves with 23 in his 1st Playoff game; Hachimura with super efficient 29 Points. Lakers can win this series if they continue to play like this 👏🏻👏🏻

    • Standard Waters says:

      Proud of Austin Reeves. Lebron was open and calling for the ball and he went and took the shot himself. That’s boldness I like. Keep it up AR. Hachimura great game. Like like. Go Lakers in 5 👍

    • King Johnson says:

      Series already done Lakers in 5 depending on Ja injury

    • puhoyz zee says:

      @s3 dGhostwhat’s wrong with hachi

    • Kobe A says:

      I don’t think there was if lakers should win this no doubt

    • K. R. says:

      The Grizzlies season was over after Adams’ season ending injury. Clarke’s injury just ensured it was over. Adams’ stats don’t nearly reflect what he brought to the team. If Ja’s hand isn’t ready to go then this series is over.

      Also, Ja’s comments along the lines of, “… especially with everything I’ve been through this season…”?! Yeah it’s a shame you were a victim in that whole thing.

  2. Rorschach 0007 says:

    Chuck changed his mind on the Lakers faster than when he gained weight before Philadelphia tried to draft him 🤣

    • Jiovany Soltero says:

      It must be the white Laker Jerseys that persuaded Sir Charles.

    • Q | Guides says:

      @FEAR No More 😂

    • Pharaoh says:

      @FEAR No More you guys have to be trolls. The quote is the exact opposite. He says “nobody picking the grizzlies to win this” and ernie immediately says i did. Head to their channel and look at the video where they rapid fire through their first round picks. You guys are delusional.

    • Scar 17S says:

      Didn’t chuck said the happiest team in the NBA is the Memphis when lakers beat Minnesota in the the play in ?????? 🤷🏻

    • BlackJesus says:

      Funniest comment I’ve read this year. I’m dead

  3. D Medilicious says:

    seriously, how did the Lakers get so many good role players in the trade deadline

  4. Jamal Green says:

    Charles just said a few days ago that Memphis should be so “happy” to face the Lakers, and picked Memphis to win the series. Now, all of a sudden, “nobody picked Memphis to win”? Really?

    • Standard Waters says:

      Chuck is a pregnant grandma. Too heavy inside. Lakers in 5👍

    • NeighborhoodCam says:


    • JP says:

      @sirf4ce bro Adams been injured since January. For like a month now they said he would be definitely out of the 1st round. The only thing that changed was that like 9 days ago, they also said he would be probably out for the remainder of the season. But guess what? Lakers is the 1st round matchup. Chuck knew Adams wouldn’t play the 1st round for a long time.

      Also Clark is done for the season since March 4th with a torn achilles. More than a month ago. So no, he just changing his mind now to fit his narrative that the Lakers got an easy 1st round. Already constructing his narrative. If the Lakers lose they trash, if they win they got it the easy way. Straigh bs.

      Chuck is a funny guy and I kinda actually like him. But as a Lakers’ fan it’s so obvious he hates our team for a long time now. And when we actually win and play good, he always comes up with some type of excuse.

    • powerbad696 powerbad696 says:

      @Trey Mitchell I made a mistake with my last post,forgot the Lakers have home court advantage ( OOPS, LOL )Memphis will have to regroup at home if they lose the next game.

    • Trey Mitchell says:

      @powerbad696 powerbad696 And JJJ aint droppin 32 every game either. Memphis better find some scoring because AD and Lebron didn’t even go off like that n the Lakers still whooped em

  5. Brendan P says:

    I love their style of highlight packages. I’ve watched one after another…Ernie, Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck all sound like they are having a conversation about the game rather than telling me it like the traditional, sports news-type narration. These 4 make basketball for someone with little interest in it engaging, informative, and entertaining.

  6. Holden Barlow says:

    i like how shaq looked at chuck to make fun of Ja😂

  7. Alec Sommerhauser says:

    “I know your name Rudy Hachimura”
    – Shaquille O’Neal

  8. Mar Like It says:

    Shaq reppin IcyHot til the grave! lol

  9. Sauce Mandela says:

    I love when shaq laughs outta no where for nun 🤣🤣

  10. Blake Ray says:

    One playoff loss and Ja went from “I’m not worried about anyone in the West” to “I’m numb to all the pain. It’s one thing after another” 😂

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