Inside Guys React to Thrilling Clippers-Suns Game 1 | NBA on TNT

Inside Guys React to Thrilling Clippers-Suns Game 1 | NBA on TNT

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56 Responses

  1. V says:

    Offensive rebounds, game saving block, clutch free throws. That was a remarkable game by Russ. PLUS Kawhi outscored KD, Booker, CP3 combined in the 2nd half 🙌🏻👏🏻

  2. Grey Klopstock says:

    If Russ takes less shots, plays defense, and rebounds like THAT, he can absolutely contribute to the clippers in a big way. He was stupendous on defense and on the boards

    • Len Smith says:

      ​@Salty Veteran ong that’s why I know that lakers can beat the suns its the clippers I’m worried about

    • CPGoat #3 says:

      @Yusuf Jama this is basketball. Doing whatever it takes to help ur team is NOT disrespect. Anyone who says that doesn’t know the game or know what it takes to win.

    • Art Of Martial Cinema (AMC) says:

      @juanio nah I think he should be 12-14 or so, but players like Kawhi, PG (when in), Mann, Powell should all have more shots than him basically every night

    • Art Of Martial Cinema (AMC) says:

      @panner11 Russ has never shot anywhere near 49%fg unless we’re picking out very specific stretches for his career, like those 15 or whatever games with the Clips which is exactly what that guy samples from without context. He’s still Westbrick at the end of the day. His defense was great but they were still lucky Kawhi rests all regular season and can be free to explode now on offense in the playoffs.

    • Art Of Martial Cinema (AMC) says:

      @Jake Um stop the cap please. He’s shooting 49% *with the Clippers,* which is what, 15-20 games? He shoots 43% fg for his career, maybe even worse in the playoffs & got off to a horrible start in this playoffs in offense. He needs to take less shots because there are like 3-4 Clips players that can score better and more consistently than Westbrook at this stage of his career.

  3. Hanson Lee says:

    Really heartwarming how Lue handled Westbrook’s emotions by telling him that he can contribute in other ways. Looks like Westbrook has finally found the right coach who can utilize his strengths to the max.

    • SilentMovement 305 says:

      @Erik Dayne  you not winning games wit a certain superstar scoring 30+ every night on garbage time either. Defense wins championships

    • Len Smith says:

      ​@Aeraxel had to mention lebron huh

    • powerbad696 powerbad696 says:

      Lue has to baby Russ mentally when the shooting/scoring is off or he’ll just POUT the rest of the game. Would someone please change Russ’s diaper ??? LOL.

    • Renzo Liban says:

      Lets be honest.
      Russ don’t need to shot a ball in this team.
      Russ can take a maximum of 10 shots and this team can still win by double digits.
      He just need to defend the ball and make hustle plays, let PG and Kawhi do the offensive role.
      Not to mention that they have 3 pt specialists like Batum and Gordon.

    • WhatThaFlocka says:

      @Aeraxel what about KD? Was he an egomaniac too or are we gonna refuse to hold Russ accountable for any mistakes he’s ever made?

  4. JerseyStef says:

    Westbrook is mentally the toughest player I’ve ever seen dude just keeps going gives it 110% effort no matter what.

  5. PurebreedFLA says:

    Coach Lue was so real for that . That is just what Russ needed and we all know what he can bring to the game when he is playing with maximum confidence💪🏾

    • Cole Lee says:

      ​@PFP Chad that makes no sense because he shot like this AND they still won THIS game

    • Enter Password says:

      @Jake ft is a part of scoring efficient bro

    • Jake says:

      @Enter Password A stat strictly determined by his free throw percentage at 65%, it doesn’t determine the difference between a good shooter or a good scorer.

      Keep prodding kiddo

    • Verde Lane says:

      ​​@PFP Chad And as the pros always say, those who solely focus on stats don’t know the game! There’s so much happening on the court.

    • Enter Password says:

      @Jake you are trying too hard to ignore hes not an efficient scorer and never has been, least efficient high volume scorer in history, right next to ai- fact, sorty that triggers you. Ts% is the best measure of scoring efficiency, you tried to prove your point using only fg% claiming he was efficient, but he was still below league average ts%.

  6. Sports311 says:

    This is gonna be a fun 7-game series b/w these 2 teams. If the Clippers beat the Suns, this will be as big of a busted season for the Suns

    • NVBR says:

      ​@Infamous BarzThe Clippers are bigger Underdogs by name.

    • NVBR says:

      ​@Scott GKD is 8-0 with the Suns in Regular Season. The Clippers started 0-4 with RW

    • NVBR says:

      Let’s go Clippers, let’s take these frauds out

    • Jordan_64_Games says:

      I wouldn’t say busted. That’ll just add fuel to the the empty tank they created. The bench points were clear. PHX doesn’t have a good bench. That will hurt them this post season. I still have PHX winning the series. But now it’ll go all 7 games I think.

    • Anthony Trevino says:

      There’s arguably more pressure on clippers. Suns core expect to make a deep run but Durant barely got there. Even with cp3 a year older they can rationalize they needed more time to gel. While clippers have been dealing with current issue (either kawhi or Paul George out) for last 4 years where they have accomplished very little. Another first round exist would be really bad.

  7. davidly says:

    You gotta comment on the remarkable fact that while Booker and Paul were whining for a foul call, Westbrook was still hustling to make the unreal play to knock the ball off Booker.

    • Eru says:

      classic suns switch off – if they learnt not to do that they’d win a chip (in the last couple years, maybe too late now)

    • jonyboi21 says:

      Made no sense why booker would go when Eric Gordan was guarding KD…He literally could’ve shot right over him nobody wants to see that stupidity and reward it with free throws down 3

    • KD better says:

      his shot wasnt going but literally everything else was great, probably the best game ever on that FG% lol. shoutout to russ for contributing no matter what, i like him on this clips squad

  8. BennyGQ says:

    These 4 gentlemen are a national treasure and should go to the NBA HOF as a squad. That cricket sound at the end had me dying! 💀 😂

    • Ramon Sanchez says:

      @Craig Borjeson “10,000 to your favorite charity if you can spell contributions” 🤣 Kenny is funny

    • powerbad696 powerbad696 says:

      AGREED.I haven’t watched a single nba game this season,but,will watch this squad anyday !!!! LOL.

    • Craig Borjeson says:

      @John Nguyen no he’s a good balance and sets them up for jokes i love Kenny

    • Samson Ight says:

      John Nguyen I don’t necessarily watch the show to hear Kenny talk but it would be boring without him. Chuck and Shaq just aren’t as entertaining with him gone.

    • John Nguyen says:

      They should have replaced Kenny smith a long time ago. He does not belong with that group, he is a nobody. TNT tried to give him his own show and it lasted one episode because he had fifty viewers total. Chuck is right he can go anywhere and virtually no one would recognize him.

  9. Malcolm_Rising says:

    Russ tonight: 9pts, 10rebs (5offensive), 8AST, great defense, great pace, great ball movement, 2stls, 2 clutch free throws, 3blks(clutch block on Booker) … that’s called impact!

    • SilentMovement 305 says:

      @Karl Malone  point guard meaning he dictates he ain’t no sg clown

    • ZTHEGREAT _716 says:

      @Dylan Boyd hating

    • Rohan Gupte says:

      @Karl Malone he still had a good game . Shooting was horrible for him but defensively he played well and got second chance rebounds that shifted momentum

    • kay9ine says:

      ​@Karl Malone It does though. You have to remember as well, with PG out, someone has to take those shots. Besides Kawhi, most of the Clippers were passive when it came to shooting

  10. D.K says:

    I’ve been really surprised how a lot of analysts think this is an easy series for Suns without PG. Clippers have the chemistry and Klaw one of greatest in the playoffs

    • Jarvis Austin says:

      @slightexag basketball is a mental sport. It takes passion and dedication to win. Analytics does describe that

    • slightexag says:

      I don’t know how this Clippers team has chemistry. To me, it looks like they have 5 guys on their team who think they’re that man and would gladly iso chuck up 15 shots a game on 32% efficiency. They won this game by wanting it more, but I don’t think that equates to chemistry.

    • EXPOCRAFT says:

      Kawhi da goat

    • Jarvis Austin says:

      ​@Just That Guy I said the same thing. Just imagine if Robert Covington play n get streaky from the 3pt line. Good God. And let’s say Russ make 12 of the 19 shots that’s a blowout.

    • Deshawn Dodd says:

      ​@Just That Guy HE HAD 14 NOT 23

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