Inside of a Tractor Cab

Inside of a Tractor Cab

You guys asked, I delivered. Here’s the video uploaded to Youtube!

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51 Responses

  1. whycuds says:

    TIL Blake Lively’s little sister is a farmer.

  2. acerhen somerhen says:

    You didn’t show you starting it, did it require 4 people putting in keys, turning at same time, saying “go” or “no go” before turning keys from mission control?

  3. Tvattt says:

    This looks fun, I wish I knew how this work to play with all the different settings.

  4. Brett Lemoine says:

    That’s insanely impressive. The amount of telemetry being collected is really cool.

  5. TODR34M says:

    Very interesting, more info about the data logged would be great to hear.

  6. Dekoth-OGN says:

    41 years of driving just about everything including heavy equipment. I can drive anything.

    Two minutes inside a modern tractor cab. Except that.

  7. FictionalCookie says:

    Bloomberg: “farming is easy you just put stuff in the ground and watch it grow”

  8. Jon says:

    Why didn’t your rocket ship fly into space though? Did it broke?

  9. Cahnis says:

    Which screen do you guys use to play Farm Simulator?

  10. Craig Cooper says:

    Damn, didn’t John Deere watch Interstellar???!!!

  11. Ian A Boyd says:

    Dude my uncle farms. I’ve been around tractors my whole life. This setup is fricken insane.

  12. Thomas J says:

    Have you guys had issues with the whole “OnlyJohn Deere can repair your equipment” ?

    • DumbOhioFarmboy says:

      @Steve Wilmes tools and parts are available for purchase in a lot of cases you pay about what the dealers pay. Also 99% of these codes and such arent bespoke to deere it’s a SAE standard j1939 code set. You can easily work on your machine if you have some know how.

    • Amoun*Rah says:

      @Steve Wilmes if that’s the case then I completely misunderstood. To clarify, if you make no modifications and have a breakdown due to faulty and original manufacturer part, they will *still* not honor the warranty??

    • DumbOhioFarmboy says:

      @MrIkesimbaokay now you’ve pissed me off. I grew up on a 300 cow dairy farm I still keep ownership of today, I’ve spent more time operating and working on machines than 99% of the people on this fucking thread. Just because I went to get a job off the farm so I can continue to grow the farm means nothing but I’ve got experience from both side of the argument, thank you. Now shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself.

    • John Doe says:

      I’m no farmer, but folks I can fix this problem lickity split! All you do is point one of these here➡️🖕 at John Deere! AND THERE YOU GO!!

    • DumbOhioFarmboy says:

      @John Doe I am a farmer

  13. Rcham says:

    Never thought I’d find a video on driving a tractor this interesting

  14. J T says:

    My dad is the greatest driver i know and wont drive a tractor because of too many “beep boop buttons”

    I now know what he means

    • Tom Keehn says:

      Even old tractors without electronics have a lot of buttons and levers. Hand throttle and foot throttle, diff lock at the feet, front loader hydraulics ( two levers), 3 point hitch hydraulics lever, range shifter, gear shifter, clutch, left wheel brake, right wheel brake, kill switch, power switch, ignition, and probably one or two others I’m forgetting.

    • J T says:

      @Tom Keehn i know absolutley nothing about tractors and have always lived with the asumption you just turn the ignition and go.
      Affter seeing this and your explanation i have grown a new appreciation for all people who drive tractors. Deffinatley not as easy and someone would think…

    • Drunken Master II says:

      J T It’s really not that hard tho, if you can drive a car and play video games driving a tractor only need some time to adjust. Tractors have the easiest clutches in the world so even if you can’t drive stick it’s not a big deal. Most of the controls you don’t use unless you’ve got some attachments on it.

  15. TrasherBiner says:

    [f]irst time [f]armer , pls be nice ♥

  16. Binesh Thoppil says:

    A tractor in developed country has more tech than my broke ass family combined.

  17. w / v says:

    I just signed up for

  18. olliefraga says:

    Uppity Pilot: There is a lot of technology in my plane and you wouldn’t understand.

    Cool farm girl: Hold my beer…

    • Imkrhn says:

      I didn’t read the title properly and was wondering why this train or mining truck had so many screens.

  19. redmustang04 redmustang04 says:

    The sad part is that Deere is now making it so hard to repair it yourself that it cost an arm and a leg to repair. If you have to take it to a dealership to repair you got to get a flat bed which is going to run 2 to 5K just to come pick it up and bring it back. That’s on top of the repair costs.

    • luvdocumentary says:

      redmustang04 redmustang04 Hopefully states pass laws like the electronic’s right to repair.

    • redmustang04 redmustang04 says:

      @luvdocumentary they have to or you see companies especially car companies make the designs so complicated like you see in German cars that you need a $5000 scan tool to see what is truly wrong with your vehicle or have to take to the dealership where they gouge you for repairs.

  20. Casey Lee says:

    I just showed this to my 13 year old daughter and she was so inspired by you!

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