Inside Politics 9:41:48 AM – 9:42:31 AM

Inside Politics 9:41:48 AM – 9:42:31 AM

Donald Trump tells Building Trades union members they supported him, gets booed.

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20 Responses

  1. Luke Cuddy says:

    “Oh, hey, you don’t like it? Huh. Nice jobs you have there. Would be a SHAME if something happened to them.”

    What a classless thug.

  2. Steve Guilford says:

    What a petty snowflake. Threatening to take away their jobs because they don’t worship him?! Get this bozo a safe space!

  3. Kasey Moore says:

    still going on about the election…

  4. Barricade says:


  5. Dan Walter says:

    Donald Trump is an asshole.

  6. Chuck Norris says:

    Lol. The electoral college makes is harder for Republicans to win? Is he retarded?

  7. Tyche says:

    Why does he say the same words/sentences over and over?

  8. Millanstar says:

    “Oh sou you dont support me, well, then i guess your jobs wont last long” such an inmature with complex of dictator

  9. Boni says:

    Lmao electoral college if anything makes it harder for democrats to win… is he still talking about the election??? Jesus Christ.

  10. v z says:

    Why is this asshole still POTUS?

  11. andythefork says:

    Forget the boos, did you listen to that threat at the end? Basically saying if he’s replaced, their jobs are gone.

  12. may h says:

    Mr. Tremendous is mentally and intellectually ill.

  13. Timothy McCaskey says:

    He had support from everybody in the room…. plus Putin, the Russian Government and Russian Trolls.

  14. Mario Castillo says:

    Trump will go down as the worst President ever… its sad how many he fooled….

  15. Regina George says:

    Trumps a boss? Liberals be triggered❄️

  16. X-man says:

    This video was both clickbait and cut short as soon as he said “because”. So you cut it to prevent us from hearing him explain himself

  17. Platano Yoda says:

    People still saying “trump is great”, lol you guys are delusional he has done nothing good since he has been elected, you guys really can’t accept that he is the worst President ever

  18. adan alvarado says:

    Dick of the century. His ppl thought he could change. He is worse than the swamp. Hope they turn on him and the republicans. #GetThenOut2018

  19. Barrobroadcastmaster says:

    Better than Obama and Hillary still. Bunch of disrespectful idiots in the audience heckling just fuck ’em.

  20. Ryan Loeffler says:

    for all you Trump supporters.

    Trump 2020!

    yup I believe in the Constitution, own a gun, believe in personal freedom and love capitalism! call me a raciest and the alt right, but really I’m an American.

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