Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

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The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing Youtuber’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.

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38 Responses

  1. Loop'n'Mix says:

    *I’m just curious to know how Jake felt off camera when he found out Erika new about the therapist since he has now all these trusts issues*

    • Monica Lozano says:

      Loop’n’Mix ??? but I feel like this one wasn’t THAT bad. It was almost like the pranks he did. It wasn’t on the same level as sleeping with his brother.

    • Karoline Sidenius says:

      That was just for one day though and not really an actual lie. Like that was a lie to help Jake.

  2. GoldPranks TV says:

    Listen how many times Jake says like and um ??

  3. Lily Martin says:

    In conclusion:
    LOGAN is the sociopath

  4. Nguyen Dinh says:

    31:25 It would have been nice if the neighbors had talked to Jake about their problems with him before going for the media. However, there’s also something called common sense. I tolerated my neighbor’s loud music once a week because I think they deserve the weekend party after working all week, but if I can still feel my brain rattles when I hide in the most quiet and noice isolated room in my house, then cop will show up at the front door.

  5. tatum kate says:

    i honestly never thought i would feel bad for jake, but i do

  6. Kaaam G says:

    *I feel like everything is out. The only thing I wish is that Jake and Nick Crompton made up*

  7. Awesomeboy131 says:

    I’m ready for a *conspiracy video* since he’s done with this series ! Who else wants another conspiracy video since he hasn’t posted one in a minute ?! Btw, loved this series !

  8. FluffyBunny 123 says:

    Who else thinks shane should do a docu on jojo. That would be great tea.

  9. Arctic Rebekah says:

    It bothers me that he forgave his brother so easily tbh

  10. Tommy says:

    Every time the camera went out of focus, I imagined all the ghosts in Shane’s house gathering to listen to Jake ?❤️ Miss my spooky boyssss

  11. Andrew Edwards says:

    if we’ve learned ANYTHING from this series, it’s that Andrew can work a camera

    and not just because we share a name

  12. Kendall St. Clair says:

    I died when he had the clips of the three Paul’s dabbing

  13. Deyanira Vidal says:

    Well oof ?

  14. LaurenCookie26 says:

    Everyone coming into this series- JAKE PAUL IS A SOCIPATH

    Everyone leaving the series- LOGAN PAUL IS THE REAL SOCIPATH

  15. J DEVINCI says:

    spongebob square buy my merch aahahahah pants lol Shane you funny

  16. Wavy Osvaldo says:

    *After watching this, I feel like Logan is more of the sociopath and Jake is just a victim circumstance!*

    like if you agree!!! btw Shane inspired me to create my channel, I’ll appreciate any support!

    • eh canadian says:

      *AfTeR WaTcHinG ThIs, I fEeL liKe lOgAn iS mOrE oF tHe SoCiOpAtH aNd JaKe Is JuSt A vIcTiM cIrCuMsTaNcE!*

      lIKe If YoU AgRee!!! bTw ShAnE InSpIreD mE tO cReAtE mY cHaNnEl, I’Ll ApPrEcIaTe AnY SuPpOrT!.

      If i see your comment and found out you deleted it again ill copy and paste it for the last time.

    • Vold of nothingness says:

      he created some of the circumstances. nobody is innocent.

    • Trithien Tran says:

      Wavy Osvaldo Maybe Jake Paul is someone who needs to find their own path.

    • Alden Needham says:

      Why would i sub to you if you’re holding you’re middle finger at me

  17. JP says:

    I kind of agree with Jake on the whole merch thing. Even if children are manipulated by it, parents should have the common sense to simply deny the children the merch or filter his content among the things their children watch. The power and money is in the parent’s hand, it’s their responsibility to halt anything they feel is manipulative. Jake is just advertising efficiently by making sure it isn’t forgotten.

  18. kayla chumpornsiripa says:

    jake really seemed so broken inside before this series but after this series I have seen the changes to being soft and happy. The fact that one person (erika) can change a person lovingly is insane, I love how she just is like his monitor, she loves, adores, tells from right and wrong for him. I love that for them. Shane you nailed this series it made me feel like jake just needed help and understanding and you did it, you fixed him. i love them all.

  19. yo 1112 says:

    An interview should be guided by the interviewer. It’s frustrating to see Shane be so passive and not ask him the tough questions and pry for real answers and specifics. Shane should have pressed harder and not have been so emotionally involved himself.

  20. Amanda Rose says:

    i’m kinda surprised alissa and jakes story’s actually kinda match up

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