Inside the NBA discuss Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks FIGHT – February 2, 2023

Inside the NBA discuss Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks FIGHT – February 2, 2023

Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights | February 2, 2023 | 2022-23 NBA Season

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45 Responses

  1. David Bagga says:

    Chuck: “they both had to go, they can’t be out here committing a loose BALL foul.”

    Lmao Chuck is a national treasure 😂

  2. Michael Hession says:

    Ever since Ja made that “I’m fine in the West” comments, Everyone in the NBA has circled whenever they play Memphis on their calendar in particular Golden State and Milwaukee. Even a team like Cleveland doesn’t like what he Ja and Dillon Brooks have said over the past month.

  3. Darius Thegr8one says:

    “That play was nuts, Ernie” lol he always says it and I always laugh

  4. Martavious Paul says:

    Someone finally gave Brooks what he deserves

  5. Aj Thompson says:

    Chuck the only who was being real and speaking facts, not beating around the bush, there’s no way you can tell me that wasn’t intentional, anybody with eyes can see that

  6. Racquel Welch says:

    Inside the NBA has the perfect complement of characters! The GOAT of sports talk shows.

  7. Lightskins R Us says:

    Chuck really is the voice of reason between the 4. Called the Brooks situation for what it was. No pussyfooting.

    • Strive For Excellence says:

      @Dnero518 well said

    • Anime King says:

      Word! I hate when people are afraid to tell the truth. No beating around the bush.

    • Dnero518 says:

      @Hugh Janus  he really does, that’s his biggest problem always tryna sound smart or different and then one of the other guys usually chuck will make him sound stupid like he just wasted a bunch of breath. Seems like Kenny just overthinks everything, just keep it simple and he’s obviously capable of good analysis but more times than not he ends up pointlessly rambling on about nothing.

    • John Nguyen says:

      Kenny is not worth it and is completely irrelevant. I remember tnt tried to make a show with him and his family and it got all but one episode. Guy should be replaced by draymond green in the future

    • Zachary Gaines says:

      Shaq needed to slap Kenny upside his bald head for a change.

  8. Craigslist Reply says:

    “that play was nuts, Ernie” such an old joke but always gets me whenever they do it 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Dukjin Im says:

    100% intentional. And the roll onto the ankle was actually more sinister, and gave him Mitchell’s exact location.

  10. sylvio1980 says:

    Grizzlies need to be humbled and they will be. For a team that hasn’t won anything they walk around like they defending champions.

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