Inside the NBA Guys React to Nikola Jokic & Markieff Morris Beef | November 9, 2021

Inside the NBA Guys React to Nikola Jokic & Markieff Morris Beef | November 9, 2021

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43 Responses

  1. Andrew J says:

    Shaq Charles and Kenny are 1000% correct on this.

  2. MC TDAWG says:

    This is OG logic, don’t start ANYTHING then turn you back.

    • Marquice Williams says:

      U would be rite if it was a different player… I think Morris just think Joker was a lame and he could do whatever with no worries.. if he did that to Charles Oakley.. would Morris turn his back cuz of the ref.. Hell 2 tha Naw fool.. Facts don’t even try that bra😆😆😆

    • Razor ramon says:

      Morris brothers going see him
      Can’t run can’t hide they going to be
      Disrespectful in his face next time
      The nba can’t protect him
      Morris brothers 💪keep kicking ass

    • Razor ramon says:

      Now he gotta watch his back
      And watch his front
      Here they come fist and elbow
      To joke now he stuck 💯

    • Marquice Williams says:

      Factz.. that’s how I was raised.. step in my square Im lettin em fly straight right left hook.. nite nite

    • Jamaradio DAVIS says:

      What 🌎 are we living in when you hit someone and you don’t expect to get hit back?

  3. Nikolas Diallo says:

    As Jordan once said – “If you don’t wanna play that way, don’t play that way”.

    • Seraphim says:

      @DataPhoenix right…..

    • DataPhoenix says:

      @Seraphim right. just because they beat their wives doesnt mean they can fight

    • Seraphim says:

      @DataPhoenix I bet you wouldn’t say it to their face though. It’s one thing to be right but don’t say something that you wouldn’t say to their face

    • TuMadre ChupaPinga says:

      @DataPhoenix todays nba players would be crying had they played in the 80s-90s NBA. I can tell your very young to even recognize that.

    • DataPhoenix says:

      @TuMadre ChupaPinga no i am old enough to know that isnt true lol if you were you would know they didnt played much defense on the 80’s it wasnt until the 90s when they did. In the 80s they were trying to sell so they had big box scores. You don’t know nothing about the NBA kid

  4. Martti Hänninen says:

    I love how large majority of people are on Jokic side, because Morris twins are known dirty players. In slow motion you can see Morris knee hitting Jokic knee.

  5. Slique100 100 says:

    Ernie: “I’m going to hit you right in the jaw with my SWEAT band”

  6. Mark!E Music says:

    “Don’t hit me and turn around Brad Miller” -Shaq 😂😂

  7. A.N. H.B. says:

    Chuck: “Get him Shaq”
    Me: This just got interesting.

  8. Vi King says:

    Shaq preaching. Never turn your back after starting a confrontation.

  9. Pablo Ramos says:

    I respect Jokic for standing up for himself

    • David Peaston says:

      Basketball rule: Pro, semi-pro, college, H.S… street or prison yard…If you plan to or indeed hard foul anyone do not turn your back and be prepared to square up for anything. Fight, argument or sneaky retaliation. On the court, off the court or with your girlfriend. Lol.

    • Kristopher M Brown says:

      @Sesosisi Gawdii Ohz that was a cheap shot so the first one wasn’t? Every cheap shot deserves a cheap shot back.

    • Maurice Thomas says:

      by hitting someone in the back!?… y’all cowards

    • Redmen Winston says:


    • Carter Ryan says:

      @Ron Artez I hate that Morris did that but joker pushing him in the back is even more of a punk move

  10. Phodisho Ratau says:

    So much for Kenny being a mild mannered, nicest dude in the world. He’s swinging too. 😹

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