Inside the NBA reacts to Clippers vs Timberwolves Play-in Highlights – April 12, 2022

Inside the NBA reacts to Clippers vs Timberwolves Play-in Highlights – April 12, 2022

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42 Responses

  1. Ant Defender says:

    I’ve been down on Russell this year but I have to give him credit where credit is due, he really stepped up for us tonight, congratulations D’Angelo Russell, you had a wonderful game, keep it up!!!

  2. Tj Samson says:

    Give this moment to the team, fans, and the whole Twin City. As much as I’m disappointed to my Lakers, I’m very happy for the Wolves success this season. Hoping for more to come.

  3. Anthony Yang says:

    They don’t understand. Wolves suck for so long, this was a great moment. Well deserved emotions.

    • Swimfan says:

      They made the playoffs 4 years ago

    • UN KNOWN says:

      it was weak

    • Ray213 says:

      @Royal Beggar2489 i took the time to defend what I said when I got replies. I don’t give an opinion then run from it. But you really went through all the comments and decided let me make time to get into a convo between two men, plus you’re celebrating the 7 seed and we’re the clowns huh? 🤣Yeah okay bro

    • Anthony S says:

      So have the Clippers, never seen Patrick crying about making pass the 2nd round

  4. Alec Davy says:

    The wolves hold the worst winning percentage in all of North American professional sports history, not just the nba. The jimmy butler team lacked any chemistry and wasn’t fun to watch/everyone knew they’d get worked by the rockets. In the case of pat bev, he beat the team that dumped his salary last offseason. The wolves also got worked by the clips in the regular season. This is not just another regular playin win. Oh yeah and they came back from being down ten in the 4th. They deserve to enjoy this, they had to watch Andrew Wiggins for half a decade.

    • ecf08 says:

      @Chris Hanson Wiggs avg around 18ppg because 1 he is not the main man to guard there. In fact, it would be steph, then klay then JP then even Kuminga before him. He has the license to shoot so he will make shots with lane open. 2 as you mention with Green, everyone can make shots. But I cannot stress this enough. Wiggins is extremely overrated. the guy in the range of 30-35 m/yr salary are the KDs, Curry’s, Lebron etc of the world. he is very FAR from that !!!

    • ecf08 says:

      @Darius Lukacs Well Westbrook and Carmelo make all star right. Klay makes all star too without even playing enough. All star is voting by fans and media. It does not define the value of a player in their respective team. WIggins is a good role player at best BUT it should not cost GSW 33m/yr. Now they are stuck. Maybe showing him as an all star is ploy to lure him into trading for other to think he has a real value when in fact if you actually watch GSW games, he’s impact in the game is rare. Think about it this way. Klay is somehow overrated in my view too BUT klay even when he is shooting bad, teams will still cover him regardless. That’s value right there. With Wigs, they dont even have to do that.

    • Spencer J says:


    • Chris Hanson says:

      First I want to say that Minnesota is heading in right direction without Andrew Wiggins and saying that I followed Minnesota when he was there you could see the fans divide into two camps. Karl compared to Andrew got a free pass with very little scrutiny. Karl with his immense talent I thought was just a stats stuffer with very little interest in learning how to play defence within fifteen feet of basket. With Andrew contesting the most shots at the perimeter than any other NBA player while he was there you got Minnesota Press saying he was lazy and saying boo about Karl. Sam Mitchell is correct Andrew should of started his career at the shooting guard position because of the extra room you can move around in. The reason Andrew works so well with Golden State is one they both can switch and handle the players. Two Greene can be more of a free safety like in football with Andrew because he handles more of the perimeter duties.

    • Darius Lukacs says:

      @ecf08 wait, wasn’t he an all star this season? like how many players make the all star, 30? I think it’s pretty impressive

  5. Julien R. says:

    Also, don’t go into the “what ifs” like Kenny and Charles are doing with the Clips and Kawhi, there are not “what if” in life, there is what is and that’s it. I am not a Wolves Fan, not a Clippers hater, but Wolves won that game, they deserve to move into the Playoffs. L.A. still has another chance.

  6. SportsAhead says:

    Feel really good for wolves fans. To not even be considered to have a chance to make the playoffs earlier this year. To being the 7th seed. Impressive.

  7. NBA REAL TALK says:

    It’s as funny as it is truly heartwarming. Happy to see them get in.

  8. fortinito06 says:

    I’m a Clippers fan, and I think they DESERVE THIS moment. All that clowning is funny and all but they worked hard!!!

    • Lucky889 S says:

      @kingquestOZ -5, 3 TO, 10-24fg, standing around on D. He scored 17 of 34pts in 3rd, but how many he scored in 4th? Casual

    • JHariz says:

      If clippers was healthy they wouldn’t have won.

    • kingquestOZ says:

      @Lucky889 S Casual. PG went crazy in second half.

    • Lucky889 S says:

      I feel you clips fan. PG again and again folds on big stage. His play in 4th is pedestrian, just like he always does in do or die games. He’s not good enough as the sidekick to kawhi. Gotta let him go soon before kawhi walks again in 3 years.

    • dxtremecaliber says:

      @Big Poppa lol the man just congratulate their opponent your comment has nothing to do with that matter just sit down and enjoy the Playoffs in your home

  9. Catherine Halsey says:

    I love how Kenny likes to remind us how he really carried Hakeem Olajuwon through the playoffs. What a legend.

  10. JayBwildin says:

    I don’t care what you say about the emotions being showed or it being just a “play-in” game. I literally cried after we won this game. If you are not a Wolves fan then you will not understand the passion and excitement of finally making it to the playoffs after years and years of being the worse team in the NBA.

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