Inside the NBA reacts to Grizzlies vs Lakers Game 4 Highlights | 2023 NBA Playoffs

Inside the NBA reacts to Grizzlies vs Lakers Game 4 Highlights | 2023 NBA Playoffs

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Lakers – Full Game 4 Highlights | April 24, 2023 NBA Playoffs


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54 Responses

  1. V says:

    LeBron at age 38 playing 45 minutes with 22 Points, 20 Rebounds and a clutch basket! Still doing at this level!! Respect greatness

  2. Dats a paddlin says:

    Shaqs right Brooks got his 40…22 points+20 rebounds equals over 40 😂👌🏾

    • Larry Keys says:

      @macho nor do you

    • Raz Carsey says:

      Brooks is such a goofball. He looks like a generic enemy in a beat-em-up video game – where you quickly figure out he goes down with a single roundhouse kick. Or you can throw a barrel and take 3 of him out in one fell swoop. The only threat he poses is when you get to the level 1 boss and there’s still a couple of Brooks’ lingering on the screen, distracting you while you’re trying to take down a ‘real’ enemy.

    • Shakiem Jean Joseph says:


    • Emmett Mombo says:


    • Vanessa Trotter says:

      Well Damn, AD is gettin double n triple team. Jackson can’t defend AD one on one. Lakers need more consistent outside shooting to open the floor for him, than he will score more. As long as the BROW protects dat rim wit his Def💪🏻 n rebound, itz all gud💯 💜💛

  3. Jayden Sinclair says:

    Shout out Bron year 20 playing 45 minutes is the true definition of a legend

  4. azalikmar2 says:

    The fact lebron took like two solid charges, and sealed the game in OT was mad impressive.

    • Mike Robinson says:

      @Dylan well then everything I was taught, told by officials while playing, seen on YouTube by officiating crews, searched on Google is completely wrong then. 🤷

    • Dylan says:

      @Mike Robinson I don’t need to look it up, I was a basketball official for years. Once the defender has established legal guarding position (set feet and squared torso), they are free to move. You can be moving side-to-side, backward, or vertically and still draw an offensive foul as long as you established legal guarding position first. Feet do not have to be set to draw the charge, but they have to be ONLY to establish legal guarding position.

      It’s inconsistent because the rules in the NBA are set to favor scoring. That’s why we don’t see travels, carries, moving screens, proper offensive foul calls, etc. That’s the reason for the “charge circle” in the paint. Charges won’t sell tickets, but poster dunks will. I hate it just as much as you do, trust me.

    • Mike Robinson says:

      @Dylan no the defender cannot move in any direction, not forward, backward, side to side. They have to be feet planted, which means the entire foot and standing straight up. Look up how to pick up a charge on YouTube and they will say the same exact thing. Like I said the inconsistent call of the charge is the reason its so hard for people to understand how it should be called. And his feet cant be set if hes doing a calf raise while trying to pick the charge up.

    • Dylan says:

      @Mike Robinson Both feet on the ground and torso facing the opponent is the requirement for establishing legal guarding position. After legal guarding position is established, the defender is free to move. As long as the defender isn’t moving forward (toward the offensive player), they can draw a charge.

    • jake rojas says:

      @Mike Robinson you think high speed, 3point shooting, ft shooting, no 24 second reset — benefits him? It does the opposite. The game is called for other players to look better than they are and to Limit him.

  5. Money Batala says:

    LeBron’s half court shot could’ve been an all timer!! Whatever was needed, he met it. For an “old guy” he’s a beast!

    • Sean Pule says:

      ​@calcham1 yep. I noticed that. He looks for putbacks, off-ball cuts, etc. He lets Reaves and D’lo facilitate more.

      I cringe when Schröder has the ball tho. I get legit worried in crunch time. The bonus with Schröder is he can hit his free throws and he hustles.

    • gamechanger11 says:

      Pretty sure he had another near buzzer beater against Detroit around 07, he hit contested double-teamed fadeaway near half-court. When it happened, I remember thinking that it would’ve been one the best buzzer beaters of all-time, but it went to the officials for review and it left his fingertips about 0.2 seconds too late. The crazy part was it was literally a fadeaway from very deep, I didn’t even think anyone had the strength/range combination to make a fadeaway shot that far lol

    • heyitsbranden says:

      If only he had like 1 more second the arena woulda went crazy

    • Kapri Rush says:

      @Auntie Z people don’t speak on that, he’s been doing that since the last year in Cleveland after Kyrie left. He picks times in the game 5 minutes bursts all out. You can actually see it.

    • Franklyn McGrady Calderón says:

      He’s a beast overall not only for an “old guy” 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. H MM says:

    LBJ, AR, and Russell were excellent tonight. Imagine 20years in the game and LeBron’s still playing like that, Amazing.

  7. Jullia Capybara says:

    What a night. Jimmy F’in Buckets and Bron outgrizzling the Grizzlies. Great night of basketball.

  8. Boss Killa says:

    This has been the most satisfying series I’ve watched in YEARS

    All of that talk, allll of that drama and the Grizzlie’s achilles’ heel are the f-cking LAAAKERS

  9. Brendan Toungate says:

    I’m surprised at how much I enjoy watching LeBron play well. It’s weirdly comforting. Dude’s been dominating the NBA for 20 years. That’s almost 2/3rds of my life.

    • Dinghat says:

      @Julian yeah you can tell, he shoots way more threes than he used to and plays more bully ball now compared to when he first got to the league.

    • Julian says:

      It’s cuz he’s adapted his style and learned and evolved and he’s never looked out of place. Like, Bron has been thriving thru different eras of basketball. Early 200s had a lot more post and inside play, was a bit more physical. And now the league is all about spacing and running and deep shooting yet he’s STILL getting it done at both ends.

      Mans is truly a basketball savant

    • Lakers18Quest says:

      Right! It’s like home cooking!

  10. Yoshihiro Itabashi says:

    LeBron just set his career high rebounds at 38, unreal.

    • cam says:

      @foursup313 In a series when both teams are missing shots this much obviously having 2 people who combine for 16 boards a game would make a huge difference. WITH adams and clarke we are a top rebounding and defensive team.

      You can definitely compare us missing 2 starting centers to you guy’s missing AD. Grizzlies have the ability to rotate third string guys only because their organization and development is good and lakers just depend on being healthy and signing super max’s.

      Xavier tillman is doing well because he’s scrappy and plays his heart out every game, dude is 6’7 and small compared to EVERYONE out there on the floor for lakers.
      RUI/AD/Lebron/Vanderbilt all taller than 6’8.

    • cam says:

      @Sean Pule Yes you can. Both steven adams and Brandon Clarke start games and contribute A TON. Great defense, good screens and pick and roll, GREAT rebounders. They make us a top rebounding/defense team.

      When both teams are shooting poorly (like in this series) grizzlies would obviously be much further ahead if they had their rebounders. Rebounds wins you games in a series like this.

      With Lebron, Vanderbilt, AD, Rui Hachimura your guys’ average player on the floor is taller than 6’8. Our only tall guy is JJJ at 6’10 and he is skinny for 6’10 if you compare to AD.

    • Jerelle Bowens says:

      As a lakers fan they are definitely undermanned

    • Sean Pule says:

      ​@camThe Lakers aren’t as balanced as the Grizzlies. Grizzlies have a cohesive unit, the Lakers are like four playmakers and five off-ball players in the rotation. Lotta awkwardness and iso ball in their game.

      One man down is essentially the end of the Lakers, while the Grizzlies can recover.

      AD especially then was crucial to the Lakers being dominant. Being up 2-1 to Phoenix and dominating Game 3 was enough. Games 4-6 was a completely different story. AD is essentially the 2nd best if not best player on the Lakers.

      You cannot compare him to Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke COMBINED.

    • foursup313 says:

      @cam missing player? AD and Lebron are the two best players on the lakers it’s not the same as missing Brandon Clarke and Steven adams and still making the playoffs. Your point about rebounds was just common sense of course no adams and Clarke hurts the grizz on the boards but them getting injured post allstar break when you already have a great record isn’t the same.?

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