Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavericks Being Fined $750k by NBA

Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavericks Being Fined $750k by NBA


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37 Responses

  1. Drewski says:

    “They got fined because they talked about it” perfectly said.

    • Cee Lo Brown says:

      @Frozen Pizza that would be a valid point if it was ONLY them two to carry the team however long going forward in the future. I think Dallas is gonna take their lottery pick and trade that with a few players to acquire another superstar. They could possibly trade Mcgee, but if their smart. They’ll keep him and make a move such as signing Zion Williamson, an offensive *post dominance, who doesn’t have to deal with the pressures of carrying his whole team. Who just so happens to be at the end of his contract, and in a very questionable place with New Orleans as the front man. Whatever the case, Dallas is bringing in someone else to take the load off of Doncic and Irving. Their paying them too much money to let it all cave and collapse over frustration and unsuccess.

    • Frozen Pizza says:

      @Cee Lo Brown Their value together as teammates is what’s in question, not as individual players. Two big egos don’t blend well.

    • Frozen Pizza says:

      @Leonkro The team reflects leadership and chemistry. Kyrie is very moody and wishy washy which resonates to other players. Luka is also a bit of a crybaby. It makes the team less effective in multiple people are in their feels instead of putting that aside to win. It’s one reason why Lebron wins so often, because he actually is a guys guy on the bench and pushes his team to have fun, most of the time. Kyrie can do that, but it’s way trickier for him because he’s not as dominant physically. So he’s not a safety net for his teammates, he’s just another scorer.

      The team needs to be better absolutely. But the best teams have great bench players led by great players willing to lead. Kyrie has done this before, but I don’t think he can lead if he’s alongside Luka unless they, like you said, have a good center.

    • Frozen Pizza says:

      @Austin Fischer To be very clear, Kyrie is an amazing player and does his part on the floor and works with what he has, so from a purely basketball perspective there’s no question you’d want him on your team, most of the time. I think the main problem is how his personality fits with Luka which I don’t see turning out too great unless they both can dial their egos back, and honestly Luka more so now because I do believe Kyrie has been humbled the past few years due to the media nitpicking his every move and dealing with bad fans and bad management.

      At the core, I just think the Mavs Organization is at fault. On paper they are two great players, but the Mavs needed more dynamic and depth and security, not something so risky. If they had gotten a Forward or a draft pick, I would be all for it. But they gave up a tremendous amount of backseat talent that keeps teams together, for someone who could be one and done based on his feelings at any given time.

      All in all the biggest disappointment is absolutely the Mavs Organization and not the players. Kyrie is amongst the best to ever play.

  2. Steve says:

    Never let Charles leave this show! He really makes it worth watching

    • MARQ101HVC says:

      ​@Jordan He stated in an interview that hes not doing the whole 10 years. He has an agreement with TNT that he can choose whenever he wants to retire. You really expect chuck to be there until hes 70?

    • Jordan says:

      @Gunkanjima Charles Barkley recently signed a 10-year contract, thus those comments are out-of-date.

    • Gunkanjima says:

      @Steve He has previously stated he’s got about 2 years left at TNT

    • Steve says:

      @Kyle Ritchie you don’t understand the context of my comment. This is more so a appreciation of what he brings to the show. No duh he can leave when he wants to but he will be missed

    • Kyle Ritchie says:

      The man has a life he wants to live! Let him retire if he wants

  3. Mr. AAB says:

    Shaq is a child he couldn’t hold his laughter in when EJ asked “what kinda balls were they again” 😂😂

  4. Anthony Carr says:

    The one ball per team is how they started. The first year there was the lottery (7 teams), it was the Patrick Ewing draft – The warriors had the worst record in league, Knicks had 7th worst. It worked out that Knicks got 1st pick, and Dubs got 7th (Chris Mullin).

    • Chris Schwartz says:

      @Tabe8 8 thank you! These boys are so lazy in the easiest age, the digital age. Like y’all still can’t do a simple google search?
      I’m a warriors fan. Born in the 80’s I know how bad we’ve been at drafting

    • Chris Schwartz says:

      @Reggie smoka damn there goes another lame fan. Nope just be alive and old enough to use a computer or actually watch the games in the 2000’s. I’ll make it easy
      Ike Diogu, Patrick O’Brien , Anthony Randolph (missed Roy Hibbert Serge Ibaka Nic Batum, George Hill Deandre Jordan)
      Andreis Biendris who I liKe but we passed on Tony Allen, Kevin Martin Jameer Nelson JR Smith Josh Smith and Al Jefferson

    • Tabe8 8 says:

      @Reggie smoka – the poster implied that the Warriors draft well going back to 1985. A little wiki search would tell the real tale of how awful the warriors were between the “Run TMC” days and the Curry dynasty.

    • Reggie smoka says:

      @Chris Schwartz was he supposed to be born in the 70s to see the warriors draft bad?

    • Rich Stacks says:

      Chris Mullen was a good basketball player. He was on the dream team. Lefty, good 3 point shooter. The warriors had some decent teams before steph, klay and dray got there

  5. Neil Manansala says:

    The thing I’m curious about: Most (if not all) players have stipulations in their contracts where they get bonuses for certain things (making All-NBA, making the All-star team, etc), one of those being: playing in X number of play-off games. If your team has a chance to make the play-offs, but then your GM tells you to purposely tank, then the GM is intentionally taking away an opportunity for you to get your bonus. Shouldn’t that be illegal/against the rules? Now I’m sure there are (illegal) ways for GMs to make it up to the players by paying them a little extra under the table, but I still think it’s something that should be discussed. I don’t know; what do you guys think? I’m willing to be wrong on this

  6. snorlaxTACO says:

    Love u Chuck for always being a Sport and making us LOL 🤣

  7. Elliott Kimball says:

    THIS SHOW DONT MISS!!! That is the most amazing ping pong ball prediction ever

    • CQNova says:

      ​@Outlandish World 🙄 you realize the Pelicans, Sixers, and Clippers are all franchises with rich white owners

    • Kenneth Holmes says:

      ​@robbbietheim2 yeah, he knew, look at the slow motion capture!!!!🎭🎭🎭!

    • Bob Franke says:

      ​@Outlandish World – an arrogant Cuban is why the big fine was imposed.

    • Outlandish World says:

      So when a player like embiid right chooses not to play in a match up or for personal reasons why ain’t they messing with the integrity of the game ??? This only news cause mark cuban is white…this shouldn’t even b news it’s part of the game he was protecting his team and trying to make it better so Zion dunks in practice looks fine but the pelicans or he didn’t get fined for sitting a healthy player kawhi been fine but nobody cares why??? Lmao when you getting paid millions and you choose to sit out your directly messing with the integrity of the game but no one says nothing why??? Exactly it’s only cause he’s a white rich owner lmao

  8. Arrest Hillary says:

    At 5:25 Shaq looks at the producer and gets the wink and the nod. Shaq knows the game is afoot and he can barely contain himself.
    Of course, Ernie is the maestro, baiting Chuck and orchestrating the entire gag😂😂😂😂

    • HighTolerance says:

      I had to rewatch it bc I didn’t think Shaq was in on it, but that just made it even funnier, these guy are national Treasures

  9. Jacob Veu says:

    I know the crew was dying laughing as soon as he first mentioned ping pong balls 😂😂😂

  10. tclass99 says:

    Gilbert Arenas had the best idea that I’ve heard to fix tanking… “Make the last place team ineligible to land a top 3 pick… so the best they can do is #4.”

    Bet you’d see teams fighting right til the bitter end in that case.

    • eriktatos says:

      @Bee Kay lol someone’s always got 2 make some political remark ….you happy now buddy for your original burn 🐑

    • Geoff Lepper says:

      This season last place Pistons had only 17 wins.

      The second last place team in the east Hornets had ten more wins with 27 wins and they would
      have had far more wins if they hadn’t been devastated by injuries
      (watch out for them next year if they are healthy – they have talent).

      The third last place team in the east were the Magic with 34 wins – twice as many as had the Pistons.

      Even if the last place team was not allowed a top draft pick it wouldn’t have changed anything
      that the top 14 teams in the east did and certainly wouldn’t have changed what Dallas did.

      Maybe such a system would have caused the Pistons to try to catch the Rockets and Spurs
      who finished with 22 wins instead of tanking but it’s not clear they would have succeeded.

      Such a system might have saved Detroit fans from watching poor performances
      but other than that wouldn’t have had an impact on other teams because
      the Pistons were so far behind everybody else.

    • PGO Gaming says:

      @Jackie Yo No owner would take on the risk of a newly promoted team, knowing that the team could be relegated by the end of the year. It works in football (soccer) because the fan bases are established. The clubs are local, and the fans are diehard. The potential loss of investment alone kills the deal. I am always in favor of relegation, it just isn’t feasible in American franchise sport.

    • hyperbomb02 says:

      ​@Jackie Yo I don’t think you realize how bad a G league team is vs the NBA. It’s not even a proper feeder series.

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