Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavs-Lakers Double-OT Thriller | NBA on TNT

Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavs-Lakers Double-OT Thriller | NBA on TNT

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48 Responses

  1. Davincerica says:

    Kenny is right about transition! Everyone looks like an Allstar if you watch him in transition, and some guys made a living out of it

  2. Wesley Orlowski says:

    “Luka thought it was a travel.”
    “He only thought that cuz it was.” 😆

  3. Nation of domination says:

    Kenny is fighting for Ben Simmons life on the show tonight 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Patrick says:

      Not true because everyone else had negative plus minus

    • Israel says:

      @Patrick +/- is the worst, most casual fan stat…especially in a vacuum. That stat means nothing if you don’t actually watch the game to see what’s happening. For all we know his plus 10 could be directly related to being on the court when others were balling out.

    • Patrick says:

      @Kevin C
      Aaron Gordon and the other Nuggets virtually have the same plus minus as Jokic so they should be MVPs too right?

      And plus minus does matter game to game shhh stop picking and choosing

    • Raymond Ford says:

      Kenny make a lot of excuses for NBA players.

    • Kevin C says:

      @Patrick +/- means nothing when looked at in a single game, casual. You could have been in the game when some other player got hot from 3. Looked at for an entire season, it’s meaningful.

  4. Solofa Jimmy Toailoa Jr says:

    Ernie: they trailed by 19 in this one.
    Charles: they made it close America 😂😂

  5. RIM03 says:

    Shaq: “We should talk about your suns with the same disrespect”
    Chuck: “I told you they’re in trouble”
    Kenny: “My Rockets, I’m not….” 😂😂😂

  6. 12 PackersFan says:

    I know Kenny ally oops to Chuck to make jokes but Ernie annihilating Shaq over his lack of basketball knowledge was pure iso shot creation

    • James Pete says:

      @Israel I never thought of that, but I 100% agree. The only times Shaq is ever memorable or adds to the show is when the show isn’t talking about basketball. The hot chip challenge, him falling (which is a dead horse they need to stop beating), when he shows how superlatively low his IQ is (aka which is farther LA or the moon), even Shaqtin’ a Fool, his segment that has the most direct connection to the NBA, requires easily the least amount of actual basketball knowledge and the appeal of it is Shaq’s showmanship/charisma while he’s commenting on it. I still love watching the show, but Shaq is only on to be the, as you say “court jester” and because the four of these guys have great chemistry together.

    • Israel says:

      @James Pete not to mention Shaq isn’t funny at all…even when they hired him I thought it was dumb just cuz they already had Chuck who’s way funnier and has way more insight than Shaq who’s basically a 7’1″ court jester that occasionally speaks seriously only to brag about his 4 rings.

    • James Pete says:

      @Ken Clarke he’s 50, not 90. Ernie is also what, at least 10-15 years older and always has his facts ready and comes to every show completely prepared. Shaq just refuses to put in any additional effort than he needs to, and then does his best to make his goof ups look like it was anyone’s fault but his. He showed that throughout his entire NBA career after he won his first title.

    • Israel says:

      @Ken Clarke an “old geezer” at 50?? He’s the youngest guy up there and they all know the new playoff rules/format which has been in play for 3 yrs now.

    • Ken Clarke says:

      @James Pete he’s an old geezer, give him a break

  7. Damon Goldstein says:

    I was at this game. Luka was absolutely sensational. Extremely good shot at MVP this year

  8. Cryptidian says:

    How is a wide open 3 a tough shot? Thank you, Shaq, for pointing out that only Spencer can create his own shot.

    • Cryptidian says:

      @Mega MyOwn The Mavericks roster isn’t built for fast breaks. Someone else would need to be the main ball handler for that and Spencer is the only player on the roster outside of Luka, who can create his own shot more than once a game.

    • Joe Sutherland says:

      @Herbalizer28 Luka is the most doubled player in the NBA that’s the whole point of us Mavs fans saying he has no help. Nobody outside of Luka on the roster is a playmaker. Dinwiddie is a shot creator who is ok at passing to an open guy but can’t run an offense to save his life. He’s a SG not a PG.

    • Leo Leo says:

      @Collin Mariba So you didn’t watch Luka in the playoffs in the last few years?? No defender can guard him. All they can do is double and triple team him.

    • Herbalizer28 says:

      At one point, teams will just double team and blitz Luka and this team will go down..

    • Mega MyOwn says:

      It’s about keeping the defense honest and getting cheap baskets when you can. Those fast break points and even just the attempts add up and they will pay dividends eventually. Simply just trying to work half court sets tho an entire game is tough, you’ve gotta get other players involved and you’ve gotta also give Luka some help with what’s on the roster by yourself, and you do that by running your transition game and that’s what Kenny was saying, everyone in the NBA can look like an all-star in transition, so let them go and earn their own shots every time, and Luke doesn’t have to touch the ball *EVERY* possession, especially if you can generate wide open looks with the fast break game.

  9. williecatch9 says:

    Chuck was spot on with that “foul him!” about the Lakers. That’s where HAM is having some growing pains as a coach. Other than that, lakers gotta make a move. As great as Lebron is, he ain’t no 3 point shooter!

    • Diego Solano says:

      The fact that a guy as useless as Gabriel is playing crunch time minutes against a direct rival shows you how bad the lakers are😅

      Both centers are afraid of defending the paint

    • The Junior's says:

      Health is killing them, if AD & Reeves played they win that game. Bron should have won it in first OT. Just go class on the pull up to finish it.

  10. ingmar van der hoek says:

    I love listening to these guys all the time. May not agree with them all the time, but it is always refreshing and funny.

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