Inside the NBA reacts to Nets vs Celtics Game 1 Highlights | 2022 NBA Playoffs

Inside the NBA reacts to Nets vs Celtics Game 1 Highlights | 2022 NBA Playoffs

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics – Full Game 1 Highlights | April 17, 2022 | First Round, 2022 NBA Playoffs
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46 Responses

  1. Chris B says:

    Smart with the smart play. That spin by Tatum!! That was one of the best game winners I’ve ever seen. Boston was so in sync

    • Rw Ds says:

      @sccav How often does the number 1 ranked defence allow an opposing team to outscore them by 10 points in the most important quarter at home? How often does 22nd rank defense in the league keep the number 2 seeded team to just 19 points in the most important quarter at home?

    • RIP DOSI says:

      Be honest my music slappin or nah ? 🤔

    • B. Aull says:

      By looking at the responses to your comment, you would swear people who watch the NBA just straight up don’t like basketball lol. Like ok be joyless somewhere else if you don’t like exicting hoops. I agree, one of the best game winners I’ve ever seen too

    • Pr Fifty says:

      Looks like he traveled lol

    • UnderratedSZN says:

      It was a layup lol 😂

  2. SosTdm 617 says:

    This is going to be the best series in the eastern conference watch

  3. Quijano Laure says:

    The ending was like a script in a movie. The timing was just perfect. Like a poetry in motion. Just wow.

  4. Ayo Easy says:

    The physicality really affected Durants play plus they really must have scouted tf outta kd it seemed like all his moves were too linear .. he got swiped several times

    • The black bolt says:

      @Chris Wright who is yall I I’m not a nets fan

    • Chris Wright says:

      @The black bolt y’all got away with poking jb in the eye

    • Liam Milne says:

      @Homeless Partridge If questions like this are going to affect you that much you lack mental toughness. It’s an 82 game season, there would still be this much talk if Kyrie just had a season long injury. Reporters would still talk about brooklyn’s chances in the playoffs… When would Kyrie return? Etc etc. Not to mention, it’s been weeks since restrictions lifted and he’s had no problem to play any game. I think it’s a poor excuse to say you’re gonna perform poorly due to that when he (Kyrie) is pulling his weight and more since missing time.

    • Liam Milne says:

      @Homeless Partridge so you’re blaming Kyrie for them losing? I’m sorry did you watch this game? Without Kyrie the nets had no shot tonight… Kyrie can’t catch a break anywhere lol. I’m a celtics fan, idk why most boston fans hate him so much tbh, but anyway, he played very well, there’s still more games to go and I’m sure KD will bounce back. It’ll be a great series!

    • Rw Ds says:

      @The Chopboard That was a lucky win buddy. There is no momentum in lucky wins. This team could only score 19 vs 29 against the 8th worst ranked defense in the league.

  5. Puck says:

    So glad this series is living up to what we all thought it would be. Hope it goes 7 games. BKN-BOS, DEN-GSW, and MIN-MEM are the must watch 1st round series’

  6. Aaron B. Eaddy says:

    Best game of the playoffs so far

  7. motaz1975 says:

    this is exact kind of game i wanted to see the Cs win. they did not have much luck in real close games throughout the regular season. this is the next step in the teams progression.

    • Chris Wright says:

      @gdc615 because we let him duh it doesn’t matter if ky drops 60 if everyone getting locked up and clamp

    • Chris Wright says:

      @Derrick Mason y’all really didn’t we had an 15 point lead y’all never had more than 5 if we didn’t get sloppy then yeah

    • Elex says:

      @Young SA 9 KD shot 50% in the 2nd half…my point is ppl are acting like the Celtics played excellent and barely won but in reality Boston was unusually subpar while Brooklyn as a whole played great and Cs still won

    • Young SA 9 says:

      @Elex thats what im trying to say kyrie Will not need to give 18 ina Q if Kd plays good

    • Elex says:

      @Young SA 9 JB shot 37% and 50% from FT in the first half and Brooklyn still shot 53% overall and 10% better from 3 than Boston….Kyrie is not giving you 18 in the 4th every game and Tatum only made 1 shot in 12 minutes

  8. imded says:

    So proud of the Celtics. Not only their defense but the ball movement and decision making in crucial situations have vastly improved. Amazing! I imagine how their practices are.

  9. Tyler k says:

    Just a heart breaking loss for the nets and you look at what they can do differently and there’s not much else they can do. The offense is KD and Kyrie you know it’s bad when the only other guy giving them some type of offense is Goran Dragic. This is probably first time I agree with Chuck. KD and Kyrie are both gonna have to be perfect for them to win games. Nets have no depth. Celtics are beyond deep and there size too is just too much for Brooklyn. Celtics are also looking at this game and realizing this shouldn’t have even been a buzzer beating win. They were up by 15 points in 3rd and 11 points going into 4th quarter and they were at one point being outscored 22-6 in fourth quarter. I’d imagine that won’t happen again. So the way I look at it is Brooklyn really needed to win this game the fact they lost says it all.

    • DaGran Masta says:

      @GodofRetards I agree, Celtics bullied them all game and Nash didn’t try to stop them by playing Blake or Alridge both stronger then Claxton. Nets starting 5 against Celtics as long as Theis and Hortford starting, should be Drummond, Alridge Kd, Brown and Ky.
      plus Blake need to be in rotation.

      They should never have Claxton and KD playing together at Center and Power forward unless Celtics plays small ball with nets but that’s it.

      Claxton can’t handle Celtics bigs that’s why they need to play Alridge or Blake alongside him with Kd. Plus when they bring in Claxton he needs to be on Jaylen whenever possible. i think Claxton can stick with him. Kd to thin as well, Nash going to mess around and get him injured having him battle with all those bigs like that.

      Nets need to play 2 bigs at all time like Celtics either Drummond with Alridge or Drummond with Blake and Kd at the 3/Small forward position, in order to battle on the boards.

      Plus i think this makes Nets a bit more physical playing 2 bigs especially when setting screens because those small ball screens was getting man handling by the Celtics.

    • DaGran Masta says:

      @suiken 酔拳 Nah it’s easier, you don’t have Claxton in the game under 2 mins when Hortford or Theis is in period.

      You don’t play 3 guards in the 3rd and go down by 15 putting pressure on your stars to dig you out a hole when you have the size to match. Especially when one or both Nets bigs are in foul trouble.

      They out rebounded nets 15 to 5 in the 3rd because of that small ball sh**. Hortford had 4 offensive rebounds in the 3rd and played almost 10mins in that 3rd. Theis played almost 9 minutes in the 3rd and Alridge or Blake wasn’t in sight.

      My question is why not, Celtics bigs are not fast it’s a good match up for the Nets bigs who didn’t play (Alridge/Blake).

      Plus those Nets bigs can actual shoot free throw and make 3’s. and they can rebound better then 3 guards and 2 thin bodies (KD/Claxton)

      They hurt us with second chance points and hurt us with points in the paint. They played more physical then Nets because of that small ball offensive Nash running.

      Yes we lost by 1 but we didn’t have to fight our way back if small adjustment was made when they was needed. Nash can’t coach and Kd and Ky saves him by winning games for him. If Nets didn’t have the size I wouldn’t complain but they do.

    • GodofRetards says:

      @DaGran Masta *it might just be me but I noticed the celtics were scoring way too many easy buckets. Like the Nets players were straight up weaker the Celtics players. I dont know. I havent watched much basketball this year.*

    • suiken 酔拳 says:

      @DaGran Masta Easier said than done. Drummond was in early foul trouble because he was an easy target for pick and roll.

    • kbreboot says:

      Yeah except for the part there was a chance they nearly lose at home. Remember that part. Unlike the other teams who dominated thier opponents the fact they were down at home. I would be nervous for game 2. I say celtics lose game 2

  10. Monkey Baby Ni says:

    A very exciting and great basketball game

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