Inside the NBA reacts to Pat Beverley’s Postgame Interview 😅

Inside the NBA reacts to Pat Beverley’s Postgame Interview 😅

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46 Responses

  1. John Linch says:

    Charles is right that D’lo and Ant won the game tonight. But Pat Bev made some great defensive plays that changed the momentum entirely. He was the 3rd best player for the T-Wolves tonight.

    • chemistry physics says:

      All Pat beverly does is foul people and because he is known as an ‘aggressive’ player gets away with it.

    • Swimfan says:

      Nope it was defo naz Reid. Guy stepped up big time when kat couldn’t stay on the floor. Only 8/4/1 but +17 and he was much much much more efficient than Beverly. Beverly just is loud and celebrated more

    • joel rojo says:

      @Landon Peacock he is looking only for the score….

    • nick jones says:

      @CHR1SPY both have high ceilings imo

    • Landon Peacock says:

      @Michael Washington he gets his team hyped up and he doesn’t make dirty plays like some players he is a great player to have on the court lamelo makes just as dirty plays but there just hustle plays

  2. IrvSauce says:

    “In order to beat them, you can’t let them win.” Shaq always comes with the high quality analysis.

  3. Zino says:

    They can joke all they want but this was a big w (and season for the Twolves) and for Pat Bev and them to lock in a playoff spot by beating his former team that basically said he isn’t worth the money he’s asking for is icing on the cake I can understand why he was so emotional for him it was validation.

  4. SportNut says:

    I get Pat Bev. He deserves his moment for revenge on the team that doesn’t want him. I am sure a lot of us who play sports has teams or people that we want to get back at. That feeling is too fulfilling not to celebrate hard

  5. Jeffery Whitfield says:

    As an NBA fan I’m super happy for Minnesota! Can’t wait to watch the next series! Every team needs a guy like Pat Bev, young guys trying to make the league should take note: playing great defense and bringing energy and passion to the game might get you on a NBA roster

  6. Ben Aldridge says:

    The celebrations may have been a little corny, but honestly if it meant that much to the Twolves to get into the playoffs, then more power to them. I mean I’ve been a warrior fan since we almost broke the record for most seasons without making he playoffs. I still remember the excitement of obtaining the 8th seed. I was 19 years old having watched the warriors since eight after the run TMC era, and for me it was like we just won the championship.

    Good luck to the twolves in the playoffs

  7. Bubba Gray says:

    Inside of the NBA is a National treasure to me😂😂 They keep it so real

  8. ONO says:

    Shaq holding back his laughter the entire segment is GOLD.

  9. Cheese-Brawl Stars says:

    Great to see Pat getting his first ring!

  10. What what says:

    These guys have no idea what its like to be a Minnesota fan. We haven’t even had a team from any sport in the final championship round since 1991.

    • CorporalGrievous93 says:

      Try being a Kings fan. The last 16 years of futility are made so much worse when you consider the fix was literally in with Tim Donaghy gifting LA a championship being the last really positive moment the franchise has had.

    • JayB says:

      @nneely613 Actually…. I think I’m off base because I don’t totally agree with the original post anymore after seeing the post game. lol🤣😅 I didn’t realize T’Wolves players were acting like they won the title… confetti, all that.

    • Aaron H says:

      You are acting like this puts them into the final championship round …..

      This is just the play in tournament to see who the 7 and 8 seed is for the playoffs. This wasn’t even a playoff win lol. They wouldn’t have even been eliminated if they lost. They would of still played another game.

      Clippers still play another game. Soooo …. yeah it’s a very weird thing to celebrate so hard. Imagine if teams did this when they locked in the 7 or 8 seed for the playoffs each year lol

    • Jae Capers says:

      @Shahiin Allah nobody watches the wnba

    • Jae Capers says:

      @Eezo The Chezo at least y’all have one

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