Inside the NBA reacts to Timberwolves vs Lakers Play-In Highlights | April 11, 2023

Inside the NBA reacts to Timberwolves vs Lakers Play-In Highlights | April 11, 2023

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Lakers – Full Game Highlights | April 11, 2023 | NBA 2023 Play-in

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49 Responses

  1. Dats a paddlin says:

    It’s a good thing for the Lakers the T Wolves have mastered blowing leads in the second half this time of year 😂

    • Tom Kurowski says:

      Regardless of what the Wolves did the Lakers still had to perform.

    • OHiWONder Gaming says:

      ​@Puck that’s the NBA today. Reminds me when Murray kicked out the pass for a three instead of using the advantage of the 4 on 1 fast break & getting a basket closer to the rim.

      It was one of the worst fast breaks I’ve ever seen 😅

    • OHiWONder Gaming says:

      ​@Zrayduh AD literally turned around & walked into Conley. That’s 100% a foul & even more so now that the league has placed emphasis on allowing shooters to land.

      It was a careless mistake by AD & could’ve cost us the game after battling back.

    • OHiWONder Gaming says:

      ​@YUNG SHISUI no cap, our defense played great, but the Wolves were also terrible down the stretch. We didn’t even shoot the ball well & we had just as many turnovers as the Wolves.

      We were supposed to win this game. We have the better players & thankfully they showed up just enough. However, if we play like this against Memphis, it might end in a sweep!

    • Alan Fonnesbeck says:

      ​@TheReal704Champ They must have studied Utah Jazz film from last season. Same thing, about 20+ blown double digit leads. Many of them more than 20 pts.

  2. DUBxD3SiNE T T V says:

    Both teams played like nervous wrecks lol😂

  3. Gabe Anderson says:

    “That Wolves team is just dumb” As a Lifelong Wolves fan I confirm this through many heartbreaking experiences last year and this year.

    • Roberto Clemente says:

      Last year too, I remember well. That’s on the coach.

    • Thot A Mas Prime says:

      Dumb da dumb dumb dumb 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Chasen Richardson says:

      Dude I always tell ppl, having your teams as Bay AreaMinnesota is so weird in like every sport. Like being a 49ers fan + Vikings fan and being GSW + Twolves watching both teams all season really makes them look so much more like ass. But the MIN teams are rarely actually bad, they’re usually really talented teams that just fumble the bag for decades. Like this. That is why it is hard…they just never have the true heart that a winning franchise has to have…

    • vargas2k2 says:

      You guys still have a chance on Friday to take 8th seed so one more chance

  4. Dung Nguyen says:

    I did not think I would ever watch a game where both teams tried to lose to one another.

    • black out says:


    • BigKing17 says:

      @Collect2Disconnect Denver is a better matchup for the Lakers. Memphis young and likes to run. Denver plays more half court offense.

    • Bridge Boy SDK says:

      Thought it was just me man

    • Purpleirkle says:

      @Daddy Fuse no dude, the winner of the game automatically gets matched with the number 2 seed, which is the grizzlies. The loser plays the winner of the 9 and 10 seed play in game to play the first seed, which is the nuggets. The nuggets are a way worse team than the grizzlies and I’m sure either team would rather play the nuggets.

    • Daddy Fuse says:

      Lol😂😂😂 “they wanted denver”. Both teams were trying to win their game to even make the playoffs. You just watched two nervous ass teams play bad

  5. Harry Garris says:

    Good on the Lakers for making it into the playoffs, but man they’ve really got to step it up and play better. The Grizzlies will make quick work of them if their offense remains as sluggish and sloppy as it was tonight.

  6. leon scott says:

    Dennis is a crazy player. One day he’s playing like a decent bench player. Then he’ll go on a stretch looking like a top 5 PG in the league 😂😂😂

    • Roberto Clemente says:

      He’s explosive and not consistent, that’s how you get performances like that. At least he can turn it on in big moments.

    • Bankroll Ken says:

      Facts 🤣 that’s how Jr Smith used to be

    • DoJoStan says:

      @Jay Cee34 Going from a potential $20 million dollars a year (4 year/$80 million) contract to a $3 million – 1 year contract is fumbling the bag LOL.

    • Muneerthepioneer says:

      @John Thonig schroder steps up when some of the starters cant while being a backup so it makes sense if he doesnt drop 20 every night while d’lo on the other hand is the third option and a starter so he needs to step it up

    • BigJuni210 says:

      @ANUBIS not for the Celtics 😂

  7. DGosu says:

    Shaq’s expression while googling “dismantelization” is hilarious. 😂

  8. Jacob Shaw says:

    Dennis played out of his mind. He had the wolves’ backcourt clamped that entire second half.

  9. JuiceboxNine says:

    TWolves offense in the 4th was standing still and waiting for the guy with the ball to make a move. Completely different from the 1st half.

    • alb says:

      Kyle Anderson touched the ball every possession. That’s why wolves choked

    • pelican hill says:

      They always do that. Same thing against Memphis in the playoffs last year. They had the lead in the 4th in almost every game they lost. But then they went to the stand around and look offense and blew the lead.

  10. CoolMoon says:

    Didnt know the Lakers could have 6 men on the court at once. Give Anthony Edwards the 6MOTY award 🔥

    • A.K says:

      @Johnny D to say a team has shot more free throws without watching a game to see why (they were fouled) or put any context on it is being uninformed and a follower. Then to ignore the obvious fouls or the two minute report or the NBA’s further acknowledgment of the missed calls you’re bias.
      They can add as many players they can to fill a roster just like an other team. You said he’s not an All Star, what does that even have to do with anything? He’s a player. Can they only sign All Stars so y’all can say LeBron needs All Stars to win? LOL
      I’m a fan of basketball. For you to include LeBron means you dislike LeBron and wanted a conversation on that. You have a good day.

    • Slade the Supreme says:

      @Johnny D you’re a conspiracy theorist obviously. Business wise it doesn’t even make since to fix for the Lakers when LeBron has been saying he’s going to retire soon. They’d prepare for the next star and fix for him… Steph, Tatum, Ja, Luka would be who’d they fix the game for. Hell Luka isn’t even in the play in and he’s the NBA’s most coveted new star.

    • Johnny D says:

      @A.K Ok. You must be a LeBron fan? NO TEAM has shot more free throws than the Lakers over their past 10-15 games. It’s not even close. Didn’t they just sign T. Thompson? He’s not an all star but how many players do they need? The league has been carrying the Lakers the last 2 months. Wake up. The fix has been in.

    • A.K says:

      If you watched the game and you’re still saying the Lakers got help from the refs you either just need attention or you just don’t like the Lakers. Then, to say it’s been all season when the lost at least 3/4 games because of bad calls. Y’all gotta stop the foolishness.

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