Inside The NBA Speaks on Mass Shooting at Elementary School

Inside The NBA Speaks on Mass Shooting at Elementary School

The Inside crew spoke on the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

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32 Responses

  1. chousan1024 says:

    Charles Barkley said it best, “our politicians are the worst examples to follow… supposed to work for everybody”

    • Trae griffin says:

      @Lee Johnson Not enough police for that

    • Trae griffin says:

      @Panshot 214 This country is a buisness, and the citizens don’t have enough money to change things. Business do i.e. why lobbyists always get their way. Besides why y’all always wanna change it? Basically y’all saying stay in a abusive relationship and wish for the best smh

    • Joshua Chang says:


    • jay says:

      @Franco Baldi damn u really out here proving his exact point lmao

    • Thomas Blair says:

      @alex begin to be fair, calling for more resources to provide armed security in schools would be a reasonable take; and it is one that would presumably lean conservative.

  2. GHfan4life says:

    I don’t have kids yet but I don’t even want to imagine. I wish I had the words to comfort the families and that entire community. I’m so sorry this happened and keeps happening.

  3. Chris Arredondo says:

    I’m a highschool student in uvalde and this event was devastating my prayers go out to all the families impacted 🙏🙏

    • Carmen Arms says:

      Hi Chris, my name is Carmen and I use to live in Texas and loved it. Now I am back in Germany and I am devestated that this happened. I want you to know that many many ppl here in Germany feel sad because of this and that we are thinking about the families and we will pray for them. Take care and do trust in God to make this right.

    • HNT says:

      You are our younger generation. My prayers go out to you that your generation will be the one that makes this change.

    • KenobiClone says:

      @Nene Why should they? You can choose to believe in a “God” who would stand by and watch children be mowed down over and over. That’s your choice but religion shouldn’t be protected from criticism, maybe if we stop pretending in magical beings that’ll save us or some special place we all go to when we die, maybe then we can actually address the real problems happening to us here! In real life!!

    • pojo 10 says:

      Sorry for the loss in you’re community and to the children RIP

  4. Davion Bradley says:

    Well said by Kenny, “A demonic mind is an illogical mind.” Mental health is real!

    • A p says:

      well you cant dismiss the actions that led to this kid killing all those people by calling it “demonic”, it was triggered by something and dismissing it by calling it demonic is doing no justice to stopping any future incidents like this. This kid had no right to do what he did but I’m sure his upbringing must of had a lot to do with his actions.

    • Davion Bradley says:

      @Darryl Hamilton Great!!

    • Triverr says:

      @Darryl Hamilton Ohhh they definitely are lol

    • CLocke HVAC says:

      @Darryl Hamilton to me they are but not in the way people think.

  5. Uncle E's Living Life says:

    “The price of peace is eternal vigilance.”
    Condolences to the people affected.

  6. cyberdan42 says:

    Represent all the people, hats off to you Charles, that was a succinct and important message, today your words were beyond excellent.

    • guy sumpthin says:

      The school shootings are almost entirely public schools. Shooter is almost always on meds or was a med user. 2 common denominators in this formula

    • Tony Chen says:

      @STRONGEST NATTY IN THE WORLD. Talking about this is far more important than the “Big Ol Women” jokes. I’m serious.

    • Chris Handsome says:


  7. Barry Alley says:

    Thank you Shaq for your brilliant mind and communicating reality.

  8. ScrubNub IOS says:

    Really respect Charles for what he said about recognizing that politicians just vote with their party, it’s a way of thinking that has spread to voters and become a staple of American politics.

    • Tim A. says:

      @Max Email TY!

    • Max Email says:

      @Tim A. good points

    • Tim A. says:

      Our system of politics is the dumbest it could be! There shouldn’t be 2 separate parties, what are we in the 1st grade??? There should be 1 party that works for the well being of this entire country, pulling on the same rope and in the same direction for EVERYONE! How can this country be united when every election involves separatism, name calling, finger pointing, and judgement? I’m confident in one thing…the powers that be don’t want this country to be united! How could anyone conclude otherwise?

    • ScrubNub IOS says:

      People are always calling each other sheep, but like… yeah, we’re all sheep, we all get influenced by people we respect in some way or another, but the sooner we recognize that the sooner we can change and maybe actually see progress

  9. Ball says:

    This is why they are the best crew on television. They’re hilarious but also not afraid to talk about real shit and push the envelope about politics.

  10. Smooth Operator says:

    Yeah Chuck said it best, however they all made a lot of sense. Politicians on all sides need to truly start thinking about the people and stop thinking about foolish narratives and how they can stay in power

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