Inside the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

Inside the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

Reporter Ben C. Solomon and his team were in Kandahar as the Taliban closed in. In a VICE News Tonight special report, VICE News looks at the sweeping takeover in Afghanistan and what’s next.

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45 Responses

  1. Johnny Harris says:

    Always appreciate the reporters who are deep on the front lines to report these stories

  2. Agriculture Cambodia says:

    They lost their country faster than my cell phone lost charge.

    • D Rock says:

      @UCg_XDhS5ROPmTM-jLFn5sjg You’re clueless if you don’t see it. The USA lost to fighters wearing slippers and rifles. This shows the real might of the USA with all its so called technology and elite fighters. They were sent packing back home with tail between thier legs. Looks good on the Americans

    • Bill Russell's says:

      @24/7 love Did you just say Tyranny of US?? Then why were thousands of Afghan citizens trying to follow the US army during their evacuation. I don’t think Afghans won their country from the Tyranny of US, They lost their country to the Tyranny of the Taliban.

    • 24/7 love says:

      @Bill Russell’s they were traitors to afghan nation and some were criminals and thief
      Millions upon millions stayed back and soon we will have peace without tyrannical regime of US

    • Jay bone218 says:


    • Jay bone218 says:

      @Aaron Lim Eu Chin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🦂

  3. Me To The Moon says:

    Interviewer: “Are you going to hurt women?”
    Taliban chief: “No, of course not! But I’m not sure about the parks and the gym.”

  4. No One says:

    Not only US but also Taliban was surprised how quickly Afghan’s armies were surrender

    • Randal Syder says:

      @No One seriously defected be real if being defeated is going there killing osma pushed back the taliban and then stacked the afghan army with troops well over the amount the taliban has then we give them all the guns and training anyone can ask for for 20 whole years we arnt baby sitters we have our own country that has its own problems rn last thing we need to worry about is afghan people that don’t even have the back bone to pick up a gun and fight for THERE COUNTRY yea so let’s sit over there and protect them and train them for another 20yrs waste more money just so they can give up the same way be real

    • Morten says:

      Afghan army = taliban friends

    • Juan Garcia says:

      @Joe Smith Please show me on this doll where your feelings were hurt 🪆

    • Hamu says:

      @Randal Syder The US would have been better off not going into Afghanistan, but it needed a small war somewhere far overseas where the war machine could keep its engine running smoothly and swallow all the money.

  5. Josh says:

    “The man who shoots with a camera is more powerful than the man who shoots a gun………unless the gunman shoots him”
    – Kungfucius

  6. Bread says:

    Afghanistan’s president really went *”Aight peace g”*

  7. Daniel Thomas says:

    Presenter: “Joe Biden is wrong the Afghan military just didn’t give up”
    Ben *1 minute later*: “We didn’t know how to get out the city, the Afghan military gave up so quickly we were trapped”

    • Moni Ho says:

      Exactly like literally i was saying the same thing

    • Foxy says:

      Direct engagements between the United States and the taliban resulted in the taliban getting smoked. The reason the US couldn’t defeat them was because it was an asymmetrical war. The Afghan army was surrendering in direct engagements that they couldn’t lose.

    • DoctaBuzz says:

      @Foxy seems like the higher ups were infiltrated

    • Sai Vittal Jadav says:

      @1 Down 4 Up It’s their job to fight the Taliban. They joined the Army to fight but then surrendered because they were scared for their lives along with the lives of their family members. They clearly didn’t do the job they joined the Army for so they r to blame.

    • Grant Wynn says:

      How can my man not see the contradiction in his statement. He even said they were exhausted so? That doesn’t mean they didn’t give into their exhaustion and give up. What is this man on about?

  8. GeorgeFloydsFake20 DollarBill says:

    Sun tzu: “victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

  9. SportsEntertainment says:

    “Blood is thicker than water” – Mr Beast

  10. Marty Yarlot says:

    Reporter: “So you’re just going to chop this mans hand off and implement your version of justice across the country? The UN doesn’t like that!”
    Taliban: “Yes.”

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