Inspiration4 | In-Flight Update with the Crew

Inspiration4 | In-Flight Update with the Crew

Join us for the first live, on-orbit update from the Inspiration4 crew – the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit!

The Inspiration4 mission is part of Jared’s ambitious fundraising goal to give hope to all kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to learn how you can help the Inspiration4 crew reach their $200M fundraising goal.

During their multi-day journey in orbit, the Inspiration4 crew will conduct scientific research designed to advance human health on Earth and for future long-duration spaceflights.

Learn more about the mission at

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46 Responses

  1. Samuel Krajc says:

    really exited for the day I get to see a stream like this from inside a starship!

    • Daniel says:

      @T.J. Thunder With CRISPR Cas-9 it’s not entirely impossible that you could live to see your life extended maybe indefinitely, so if I where you, and I’m getting close (38), I wouldn’t resign myself to anything quite yet. We might not just live to see the Moon and Mars colonized, we could live to see them prosper, to go there on vacation one day, maybe even see humanity venture beyond our own solar system. Living to be a two hundred, a thousand, or more, is quickly becoming a real possibility within our grasp. It’s a strange new aeon.

    • Zman says:

      @Waker of Winds Very Interesting concept of how fast technology is evolving to bring costs down. We also must consider why it’s evolving as a “for profit” commercial industry. I believe in our lifetime we will see mining jobs in space either from platforms on the moon or asteroids. There are potentially unimaginable profits to be made from rare raw materials : metals such as gold, platinum and many others mined from space. Bases in space, on the Moon and Mars will be needed to support these efforts. Private industry will lead the way in small incremental steps and inventing ways to solve the big problems of living and working in the most dangerous of environments. We are at the forefront of a explosion of new science breakthroughs in health, safety, energy and propulsion. All of it will benefit mankind here on earth!

    • Bing Si says:

      EL ON Is God. Mars= Future Earth. Tesla and BTC= Future KING. The Rest and Their Family will be our SLa ves who Work till Dead to supply energy for Bit coin!!. G-AY BIT-CHes Hate Bitcoin just because it use more Energy like Argentine. BUT Space X AND TESLA all Have Bitcoin. KING ELon Himself has both Bitcoin and Ethereum. ELon = Ironman who will Crush Tha nos and critics Should use their cash to wipe their Huge A.n u.s.. Just don t do G.AY things like environment. Tesla and Bit coin all the way!! Vir.gin Haters Forever Sad and Broke. Cathie Says BTC will go 500,000! 💲💵🤑💸 Get TSLA and BTC while they are very low. Let’s Go. We will beat Haters

    • Oort Cloud says:

      @Zombie D Man, you must be fun at parties

    • IcantSignIn says:

      @David The temperature isn’t the point. If you can’t do it on earth, you sure as hell ain’t gonna do it on Mars. Antarctica has supplies coming in regularly…they are not independent or self sustaining. They don’t have to make fuel or food or oxygen.
      I’ve heard the theory, I don’t live under a rock.
      So they’re going to get this vertical water flow from……? All those lakes on Mars? Plants use a LOT of water. People use a LOT of water.
      Send a robot over, let’s see it start making a lake. You’re going to need a lake.

  2. Factnomenal says:

    “Sorry can’t talk, orbiting the Earth”

  3. F4PTR says:

    I am so happy for these guys, what an absolute treasure of an experience.

    Yes I am more than envious.

  4. Long shanks says:

    They’re having so much fun, so nice to watch adults feel like children again

  5. Fabiano S. says:

    And here I am, 35 years old, having a huuuuuge smile from ear to ear and tears in my eyes, like an innocent child, just watching these incredible people and what they represent 🙂 What a time to be alive! Congrats Spacex and Inspiration4 team, you guys are the best!

  6. Fred Flintstone says:

    I absolutely loved the new official sounding titles that the crew now have after a year of training. A miracle transformation!

  7. Robert Strupe says:

    I was 4 years old when Armstrong landed on the moon. What a privilege to live long enough to see regular folks go into orbit. Wouldn’t mind heading out there myself one day….

  8. Wade Wilson says:

    Took me a while to warm up to this mission, but Haley is now one of my favorite astronauts now! 🙂 Pure joy. Let’s get her some boots for the moon… seriously.

    Jared stands head and shoulders above the other recent billionaire adventurers. This has not been a showcase of ego. He has fully shared the spotlight with his crew of remarkable but regular people and made this flight a symbol of good and a beacon for philanthropy. Kudos!

    • Wade Wilson says:

      @Susana Hollenback Untrue. While each US military branch has its own version of astronaut wings, “astronaut” is not a military position. Even some Apollo astronauts were civilians- Neil Armstrong, for instance. (Neil had civilian/NASA astronaut wings until the Navy presented him with honorary navy astronaut wings in 2010)

      I agree that the sub orbital thrill rides (Virgin and BO) no more deserve astronaut wings than a roller coaster passenger.

      However, with Inspiration 4, nothing happened that wouldn’t have happened if NASA bought the flight instead of Jared Isaacman. After Hurley and Behnken’s test flight, the launch and on-orbit flight operations are just the same for these Astronauts as they would have been for NASA astronauts. It’s 2021 – the nature of the beast has changed. It’s quite possible civilian astronauts could beat NASA (or China or Russia) back to the moon…

    • Christopher Dørum says:

      @M Wa they are doing science BTW, testing blood sugar levels, checking retina, using the equipment that interfaces with medical equipment for use on phones (specifically iPhones) so are they astronauts then?

    • KryptixFaMe says:

      Dipping your toes in the water isn’t swimming

    • Wade Wilson says:

      @KryptixFaMe Nope, but swimming in water certainly is swimming. BO and Virgin: dipping. Orbital flight: quite a swim. Many NASA astronauts (including some famous ones) only “dipped their toes” into space once.

    • Luis Pereira says:

      @Daniel “Clearly SpaceX has handled it way better than the others though.”
      “One of the key things was probably that they kept Elon almost entirely out of it,”
      I mean, it’s not hard to keep Elon out of it, because it really isn’t about him.
      The fundamental problem Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have is that neither company had achieved nothing major yet, and then they both made “putting their founder in a sub-orbital flight” into their first (and for now still only) achievement.
      By contrast, SpaceX had done more than 100 orbital flights, 3 of them with astronauts already, before this Inspiration 4 came along. Heck, Inspiration 4 isn’t even their flagship project, just an offshoot of their major successes.

  9. DukeQuack says:

    Wow. Seeing art and music in space is truly a surreal moment. Didn’t know how inspiring it would be until you see it

  10. Ole Nielson says:

    They are all so multitalented! What an adventure! I’m glad that I’ve lived long enough (75 years) to see this. I’ve always fantasized about space travel — we keep getting closer every day!

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