Instagram Boomers

Instagram Boomers

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56 Responses

  1. Drew Gooden says:

    Use code “DREW” for 20% off in the first week (10% after)
    RhinoShield All Cases:
    RhinoShield Collab Designs:

    • Curley Q Reviews says:

      Drew, a slip is a silk skirt worn under nice dresses so the underwear line is hidden. Still sold in stores so most women still wear them. Pantyhose have made way to tights though. I see a few boxes of hose but not as big as a selection.

    • Autumn Gill says:

      I’m about to ruin the 69 reply’s 🙃

    • ✨ Tea-Rex :D ✨ says:

      Didn’t Danny get sponsored by them last week 👁 👄 👁

    • ChanCeNecK says:

      You know what I hate? I hate when people spell “FIFTIES” like this: “50´s” !
      What´s the apostrophy for? They didn´t POSSESS anything! It´s called PLURAL, you dumbos! It´s 1950, 1951, 1952, …… combined into ONE term!! So please, for the love of god, learn to spell it like “50s” , you dumb idiots!……..
      Sorry for my rant………….I got inspired by Drew…….

    • Fukai Kokoro says:

      Grace and elegance? Those women where hoped up on methampetamine and barbiturates. That’s why they all had enough energy to do everything.

  2. Cval - ya brown? says:

    I can’t wait to make memes like these in the future.

  3. kira-lily m says:

    My favourite thing about boomers praising themselves for being ‘raised right’ is them criticising younger generations for not being ‘raised right’ as if it wasnt them doing the raising

  4. Mikki Schlauder says:

    “I was raised in a generation with manners, ever heard of them?”
    *stares blatantly at every person with colored hair or ripped clothing*

    • KPT 1996 says:

      Really ironic considering boomers are some of the rudest people I know. 9 out of 10 times, if someone around me starts sh*t, it’s some old entitled fart who thinks they can get away with it just because they’re older. Like age somehow grants people an a**hole free-pass.

    • Zachary Virgo says:

      *Screams at retail or food worker who got something even slightly wrong*

    • xxx xxx says:

      they probably don’t even consider people who don’t think the same as them, as human beings. ripped clothing = whore = they’re not even a person. (in their mind ofc) they only want respect to white people with vanilla taste, mediocre as fuck

    • Benjamin Andrews says:

      @Glendar jj it was the 70s-90s not the 20s lol

    • Jess Frey says:

      it’s so laughable, old people are the rudest people among all society. I was at the store a few months ago, middle of the pandemic still, I was at the counter paying for my items and this old lady just bumps me aside to put her stuff ight on top of my items I’m buying. Did she think I was gonna buy them for her? I almost punched the old bag, seriously, being old gives you no rights over other people. Disgusting. It’s at a point where if I see an older person in public I’m immediately on guard for them to attack me or do something crazy. Past a certain age you shouldn’t be allowed in public without a handler, if that’s how old people are gonna be then we need to put laws on them, it’s insane that they can just do whatever they want because they’re old. They think no laws apply to them.

  5. TheeFidelCashflo says:

    Why is being a “lead paint survivor” something to brag about? What, you think we should still use lead paint? Yeah, let’s knowingly put children at risk of irreversible developmental issues.

    • pluto says:

      @Some Bonehead I think we are just having an easier time diagnosing them honestly. Like how people think autism came out of nowhere. But what really happened is doctors finally noticed the pattern and put a name to it./nm

    • Some Bonehead says:

      @pluto These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

    • Anshika Dixit says:

      @Some Bonehead Injuries causes to people dont really pass down the generation. I dont think it would work that way. Its not like the lead poisoning would change your genetic makeup which would then be passed down.

    • Taylor Savary says:

      @Anshika Dixit they are a bonehead, after all

    • Jess Frey says:

      when my friend was in a car accident and hit her head on her windshield she wanted to go to the ER and her uncle wouldn’t let her (he was living with her and her nana at the time) and was saying stuff like “I’ve been hit in the head dozens of times and I’m fine” and I was like yeah… maybe being hit in the head so many times means that whatever you say is stupid and no one should take it seriously, that’s not a flex dude, that’s an admittance of a severe mental weakness and a sign everyone should ignore every word from your mouth. Delusional…

  6. Alison Emmert says:

    And as a historian, I can assure you there never were the “good old days.” Just times that people romanticize and conveniently gloss over horrific aspects of.

    • Chrissy K says:

      Very much this lmao. The 21st century has its own unique set of problems but, atleast in the eyes of most constitutions I’m considered a human being now🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Vinny Vidi Vici says:

      @Elizabeth McClure Everything you just said applies to right now but you can add climate change, a rise of fascism and school shootings every week.

      Also, unless you come from money, it’s never been harder to become a home owner, get out of dept, have a retirement fund…

      No, things aren’t better now, they were at their best from 1990 to 2001 and than everything went downhill. It got better during the Obama years but since 2016 everything has gotten worse in every way.

    • Vinny Vidi Vici says:

      @Elizabeth McClure There were literally race riots last year that lasted months.

      Are you really this dumb?

    • Elizabeth McClure says:

      @Vinny Vidi Vici yes 🙂

    • a yellow paper crown says:

      @Vinny Vidi Vici you should read factfulness by hans rosling. Might give you some comfort and perspective.

  7. brookiebrew says:

    I love how old people don’t know that biker shorts exist. That’s what every woman I know wear under their dresses lol.

    • Jess Frey says:

      @Jetta Chan it’s probably just where you live then. I used to live as a girl and I most definitely wore shorts under all my skirts because people were super pervy to me my entire life. I also had a lot of “skorts” which are skirts with shorts sewn in so it’s all one garment.

    • Whitney Striggow says:


    • Icy.InSomnia says:

      God, I grew up in such a conservative home that I wore slips/half slips up until I was 20…

      I have no idea why my mom never thought about giving me bike shorts to wear under skirts

    • Lorbishh says:

      reason why you guys never used safety shorts growing up is because it hasnt been a thing until recently. The normal shorts are commonly worn tho beneath skirts, while safety shorts commonly black are rare.

    • MadiTheTroll1337 says:

      Spanx? Gives u less of a breeze imo

  8. Emily Lockling says:

    “No meds, just a belt!” Yeah, and with my panic and anxiety disorder, I probably would have been labotomized for being a hysterical woman in the 60’s.

  9. Delta Loraine says:

    Rule of thumb: You can be nostalgic for your childhood, but don’t demonize the younger generation for not experiencing the same thing. They didn’t choose to be born after you.

  10. Thoughtspresso says:

    “Kids these days get so easily offended.”

    *Millennial/Genz responds “No problem” to thank you*

    “That is SO RUDE, do you have NO MANNERS”

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