Instagram Hates Its Users

Instagram Hates Its Users

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follow me on instagram? idk



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herbal tea by Artificial.Music
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46 Responses

  1. Eri says:

    Im an artist and while Instagram isn’t the ideal way to showcase art, it has really been the only platform where my art can get any traction. Watching my engagement drop by over 50% over the last few months + feeling forced to make my art process a performance that I can film as a reel has been very disheartening.

    • Love Senerio says:

      @night monkey I don’t really have any means to a proper or stable video setup. Not to mention, the amount of storage needed or video editing skills.
      Not everyone is equipped for a video medium. Not many of us want a video medium.

    • BreeCeesAll says:

      I feel exactly the same

    • Big Dumby says:

      It’s so so tiring. I’m an editor on instagram and it’s beyond exhausting having to make TikTok-type velocity edits at least once between every actual edit in order to get any type of attention. I’ve been on the app for nearly four years as an editor and the difference in the traction I got three years ago compared to now is so discouraging despite the amount of people who have joined in that time. Seeing small business creators desperately trying to get noticed by posting reels daily at the same time no matter what or artists finding ways to make what could be simply a post of their finished product into a multi transition video is just saddening.

    • Famous Thaneus says:

      I’ve been experiencing this same thing (and so have a lot of artists ranging from amateurs to industry vets), and it’s pushed me to ArtStation and Twitter for sharing my art

    • Steini Stein says:

      I feel you. I tried Artfol and it’s so good but it doesn’t have enough users so you can’t really grow there…

  2. Uts_137 says:

    “TikTok has been becoming TikTok for years now”
    such wise words Jarvis, can’t agree more

  3. JickBoi 308 says:

    It seems to really hate artists too because if you don’t use the new stuff, you’re gonna get less traction unless you already had a lot of followers before they made this big push for changing the app so drastically.

    • Steini Stein says:

      If Artfol got more users, it would be everything an artist could wish for. But it’s not very well known

    • JickBoi 308 says:

      @Vaishnavi Singh yeah I’ve got 110 or so and average is about 15-20 maybe.

    • Vaishnavi Singh says:

      @Moon_iyah ugh yes, I have even seen some reels of artists about this issue, but it still stays, people watch reels more than the posts

    • Moon_iyah says:

      @Vaishnavi Singh same i have 7.1k followers on ig but i only get 30 likes on my posts average because most of my audience likes my reels not my post

    • Vaishnavi Singh says:

      I went from 90 average likes to like 20 and I wouldn’t say I am very huge, I have some 140 followers and even my best friends haven’t seen my post in their feed, just reels. It’s frustrating, because all I am asking for my followers to see my work and my work to appear in hashtags.

  4. Bleached Mayonnaise says:

    Its so frustrating for people like artists (and as you mentioned, photographers) or anyone who was used to the photo based algorithm to gain publicity to now just switch to reels. I don’t use tiktok, but I get recommended art compilations sometimes, and the art videos are just so long and drawn out, I’m not even interested to see the end product half of the time.

    • N M says:

      I feel bad when I don’t have patience to see the end product. Sometimes it helps when I don’t listen to the song they’ve chosen but now I just scroll past

    • Vaishnavi Singh says:

      @Lelo this was the reason I avoid Twitter, I draw primarily fanart and I just know people are gonna get mad at something or another.

    • Dogs&Pennies 48 says:

      @Charlotte Noyen this is already a thing. It’s under a sound called “I’m a rebel” or something.

    • klop422 says:

      I’m sorry, but “art videos are drawn out” is a great accidental pun

  5. Claire says:

    As someone who got off tiktok because short content messed with my anxiety, I’m so frustrated that every app has decided to become tiktok

    • troebeliewoep says:

      I feel this so deeply, i hate the fast pace feeling of tiktok and shorts so i dont use them.. but now im super uncomfortable using instagram too. Suddenly Pinterest is the most chill social media app?!

    • Linnea Stillhof says:

      pinterest for the win

    • Miriam says:

      i dont use tiktok too often cause the amount of content can be overwhelming

    • dab or die trying says:

      @zXdasfsa its overstimulation. for people who are neurotypical, maybe consuming this kind of content isn’t as anxiety inducing for them, however, short content like that is made to be super addictive, and addictions are anxiety inducing. with the way tiktok is formed, its just way too many things all at once and not enough time to sit and let it digest. it will mess up your attention span completely, and for people who have ADHD who’s attention spans already aren’t the same as a neurotypicals, it just makes that form of content that much more damaging. maybe dont add ‘lmao’ to that kind of question? like, i understand you don’t get it, and thats fine, but, the ‘lmao’ just comes off as patronizing. to me, it sounds like, ‘it doesn’t happen to me, so why are you so weak that it happens to you lmao’ but, i am autistic and could be looking way too deep into it. anyway, take a psychology course, a child development course, if your high school offers them. you’ll learn about this kind of stuff.

  6. Charlotte Noyen says:

    From time to time I’ll hear someone say “how can they do that to their customers?” and when it comes to social media, friend, you are not the customer. The advertisers are. You are the product.

    • Charlotte Noyen says:

      @Veginito If it was original I’d have written a thesis, not a Youtube comment

    • Veginito says:

      Wow so original

    • Charlotte Noyen says:

      @Ali Raza As a milennial trans dude; ouch.

    • Werner Fuhry says:

      @Chachi I feel you. Been doing this a couple of years now. Everytime they change something you get basically no information. If you’re a small advertiser/agency. The big agencys/companies have somewhat of key account managers so they always have a heads up and can talk directly to them. Also, most of the time the bigger ones got the budget for it.

    • Werner Fuhry says:

      @Skunk Jo good explanation by @nagol and I would also ad, that you pay with your data.

  7. Ginger_Artz says:

    I hate the way insta has pushed it’s users to start making reels
    While it does bring ppl onto more feeds all of the attention is for the reels instead of regular posts and it’s frustrating as an artist
    Not to mention my explorer page has been affected by it bc now instead of my usual art and meme posts, my feed has gone back to what is once looked like when I started on insta :/

    • SadSkunkApe says:

      I agree. I follow literally thousands of artists and still end up only seeing reels for the like 3 per accounts I follow that post reels every day or just sponsored stuff. I feel like reels is cool for artists to have the option to post like animations and for influencers to post short videos, putting regular photo posts out as much as reels is something that need to be done. What’s your insta account btw?

    • TwoTailedNeppy says:

      based on tiktok, that audience being bigger doesnt matter cause theyre more likely to not be long time viewers

  8. HisVirusness says:

    I sometimes forget that Jarvis is a professional software developer, so he’s making no assumptions; he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to online services.

  9. Nkandu M says:

    “there are new instagram users being born every day” what a horrifying statement, thanks Jarvis! (also your hair looks fantastic!)

  10. Hazeljv says:

    I’m a cosplayer, and this shift is so frustrating to anyone in the art/photography/etc. side of Instagram. I can remember getting 4-6X the amount of engagement on my posts when I had half the amount of followers I do now (which has been pretty stagnant over the last year or two). And I just cosplay as a hobby – I can’t imagine how stressful this is for people who are trying to make a living off of any kind of art or online content.

    • Yub Yub Commander Cosplays says:

      Also a cosplayer, and YUP. It’s so frustrating. My reels tank too, no matter if I post with or without the TT watermark. I just want to post and see pretty cosplay pics and WIP stuff.

    • dab or die trying says:

      yeah, as someone who’s starting a clothing brand and was going to advertise my stuff on instagram… i hate to say this but… i think advertisting on tiktok might be better ☹️

    • Eli says:

      Hopefully a good alternative will pop up soon, but seeing how that is going for YouTube, I’m not so sure. Good luck you two!

    • DuckieLN says:

      Also a cosplayer here, I remember getting 1k ish likes on a good cosplay post when I had half the following I do now and now my posts won’t do well unless it’s a reel. It’s so frustrating and hurts small creators

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