Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

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101 Responses

  1. Jubilee says:

    Hi Goodhumans!

    We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the YouTube Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on YouTube & on instagram at

    Let us know what you think of the Middle Ground look & if you enjoyed this episode below!

    • Issy Condello says:

      Jubilee can you do theatre actors vs Film actors or
      Influencer musicians vs session musicians

    • Vanessa says:

      Loved this thank you for your hard work it was more entertaining

    • Doichie Faskie Guadalupana Del Sol Pitt says:

      I recommend next time not separating the opposing sides and not informing the participants or the viewers of the participants stands, views, or beliefs. Ask them to step forward if the questions apply to them like normal, and then at the end reveal their stands. I think it will help the participants and the viewers to not be judgmental or to not have favoritism. Awesome video?

    • Shmu10 says:

      Please give the prompting guy a mic. It’s kinda hard to hear him.

    • Caleb Winston says:

      Middle ground and spectrum are probably my two favorites. I love the longer 20 minute episode rather than the 10. More questions can be asked and more details can be given.

  2. Georgi says:

    “Love your body!!”

    “But make sure you use photoshop!!”

    “I’m against plastic surgery!!”

    “I’ve had plastic surgery tho!”

    • euphoria says:

      Captain Falcon Arhh // bruh lmaooo ??

    • Ms. Mobley says:

      @Malachi Young Thank you…perfectly expressed my current emotion lol

    • Tonino Matalone says:

      Maybe y’all are too shallow to understand body positivity. It’s about self awareness, understanding what you are and trying feeling comfortable with. If you are not aware of your condition, your health or wathever, you are not sharing body positivity, but just proponing your standards.
      They even talked about how a curvy model should be very careful not to idealize or praise obesity and unhealthy lifestiles. But maybe you missed that crucial part, because you were too busy trying to be toxic members of our society.

    • Aimee Ray says:

      shook lizard I think you mean contradictions

    • youngmeeyam says:

      Omg yes i was thinking all that!

  3. emxne says:

    The IG models are so hypocritical??
    do they even have a brain, sorry but they always said the exact opposite of what they are preaching ?

  4. Rajab Ahmad says:

    Chantelle was the only logical and well-spoken instagram model

  5. River Jones says:

    Mariam makes me so angry she’s was so rude to the runway models and I don’t think she realises that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to be a runway model when with Instagram models literally all they do is snap a photo, photoshop it and then post it.

    • oliamoliapowpow says:

      Oh yeah…she was the one who looked not comfortable

    • No One says:

      To me the runaway people were the rude ones and looking down on the Instagram models, she just tried to say you’re not that different

    • Ghazali ghazali says:

      @No One when did the do that??

    • Adamary Villarreal says:

      No One The runway models were so respectful and nice they just explained that it’s harder to be a runway model because you have to be a certain size you need to walk a certain way and look a certain way so it’s hard for them to be booked unlike the Instagram models who just take the picture edit it then post it

    • Star of David says:

      She’s not pretty … She looks 50 in the face… She has a chip on her shoulder and it comes across as very obvious

  6. Gerta Lala says:

    Imagine one day Instagram was deleted and boom… You are not a model anymore.

  7. Natasa Ma says:

    When Mariam said she’s 29, my mouth dropped. Lily Collins recently turned 30 and looks 24, but this woman look almost 40…

    • sarahh says:

      it’s probably her hair. hair curled like that makes you look sorta old but yeah she looks old

    • Jannin Marie says:

      No way she’s 29. Late 30’s is a generous guess. But I honestly think she’s in her 40’s

    • um t says:

      But Jessica is 19 looking 26…..runway modelling definitely doesn’t help you age well either

    • Katie Waity says:

      30 year old ladies look very different though! They all look different from one another. Some 30 year old women look 25 and some age less well and look more like 35

      I’m not defending her as I don’t particularly like her (nor do I dislike her) but honestly women look very different to one another at age 30

    • Tina Jumagul says:

      I was shocked too, I’m 29 and I look like her daughter

  8. Sudan Pray for sudan says:

    Runway models are better than instagram models because you simply can’t facetune the runway.

  9. Cloud Clover says:

    Bruh. Don’t even compare Instagram models with runway models. Being a runway model is like living on the edge every single second. You have to maintain a specific body shape, you have to always look good in public, you need to endure rigorous training before shows. Being an Instagram models is something just for the fun of it, not a serious, competitive job like that of a runway model. Instagram models are not models, why? Because anyone can filter themselves or post their body positivity messages on social media. Runway models don’t have that freedom.

    • oliamoliapowpow says:

      Exactly!!! That was I thought. Run Away Models have more qualification and hight standard

    • endy s says:

      There is definitely more standard to be a runway model but I disagree that just anyone can be an instagram model, sure anyone can try but that doesn’t mean they are good or successful, they still need to know their angles, practice poses, do a lot of the work on their own without a team, go through the rejection of brands just like any model.

    • zerr bear says:

      endy s I think when they say that everyone can be an IG model, it means that it is more accessible, you only need a phone. While to be a professional model, you need to fit certain standards. IG models can photoshop their bodies (Just like the girl admitted to doing it) while you can’t PS yourself during casting. Both need effort, I don’t deny that but it is more accessible for everyone to be an IG model.

    • Trần Diệu Uyên says:

      Cloud Clover That’s true, runway models live in a standard,they are controlled by their company,they have a real career,Instagram models are way too comfortable and it’s not really a career .

  10. Cloud Clover says:

    Random note, Jessica is really pretty. She definitely won the genetic lottery.

  11. noorah nn says:

    Even the runway models dressed better than the “Instagram models”

  12. stacy k says:

    the runway models have so much class. they’re so articulate when expressing their thoughts and dont only possess good looks, but they’re also incredibly smart.

    • Agatha jay says:

      Because they must be. You don’t survive in their world by not being on top of your emotions and being classy.

    • morgan says:

      i feel like u along w everyone in the comment section and everyone who replied to ur comment is dissing the instagram models and acting like the runway models r superior and i feel like the runway models wholeheartedly believe that as well but in all reality the runway and couture model industry is doing horrible things making every girl feel like they have to look a certain way so just bc someone has “class” does not make them smarter and i rly admire the instagram models for actually making out society a better and more inclusive place. being an instagram model is completely valid and i honestly just think ur insecure and therefore posting things against the instagram models in the comments as of the runway models could ever be better. get a life.

    • [alexander elijah] says:

      @morgan you replied to their comment too

    • glowwy 54 says:

      “Smart” ?

    • No One says:

      morgan thank youuu! I don’t get why people are so against the Instagram models in the comments, to me the runaway models were looking down on them and it was irritating to look at

  13. Jae says:

    This Mariam girl destroyed so many of my brain cells

  14. ll-king-ll says:

    Instagram ‘models’ are modelling themselves. They themselves are the brand that they’re representing and selling. Runway models are selling clothes, not themselves and their personalities. They’re two very different spheres.

    Edit: The ‘insta models’ are pissing me off, except Chantelle.

  15. carmen rodriguez says:

    lol the instagram girls are so entitled its embarrassing. you are not a model, get over yourself.

  16. 09rainclaud says:

    I feel like Instagram models were a bit contradicting.. (or atleast the two women in white) first they say they don’t believe in editing or filter their pictures but then later on say they “enhance” their pictures?.. is the same thing different word. Angles in the way they take pictures is another way to filter your picture. I see that all the time in ig models.

    And the Instagram models supposed to say anybody can do it because anybody CAN if they really want like they did.

    • Marieke Elzer says:

      I feel like they weren’t talking about their bodies, but as the photo as a whole. Changing lighting for example is ‘enhancing’ the picture but it’s not photoshopping their bodies

    • zerr bear says:

      Marieke Elzer the girl admitted to make herself less curvy by using PS…

  17. Angie says:

    My ex is an influencer and I can say it’s 80% lies and pretending. Example: we’d go on a road trip on a weekend and he’d make a post saying he was invited by a brand. He’d even buy a product and pretend it was a sponsorship. Or have me take his photo and say it was a photoshoot with a professional photographer. And he is so vain and self-centered. I met some of his influencer friends and they are pretty much the same.
    (He did get real sponsorships and get invited to events but half of it was a lie).

  18. Natalie D says:

    The Instagram models come across to me like they’re constantly seeking external validation with everything they say/do… Especially the way Mariam and Victoria always look around before stepping forward or speaking and their attitude when the runway models are about to sit down.

    Whereas with the runway models and Chantelle seem to have more of a “I am who I am” attitude. They seem to at peace with the fact that they have flaws just like everybody else.

    • Objective Rational says:

      I think it is because of the nature of their job. Unlike RM’s, the IG models need to maintain constant goodwill with their hundreds of thousands of followers. They are selling their personalities as well as their faces. The RM’s take photos and do runway walks, but overall, they are pretty faceless and are basically mannequins for their clients. The moment they leave the stage, that is it. Unlike the IG models are need to vlog their daily lives and excel at impromptu. Their income is based on external validation from their following.

    • 18 78 says:

      Yes! Compare their body language while standing. What I noticed on the IG side was a lot of movement, a lot of gussying up. While on the RM side they are calm, collected, walk elegantly.

    • We're the Allisons says:

      But you also have to realize that they are bigger girls and they are likely used to being questions about their job. I take photos as a part of my job. I posted a TikTok video where I gave plus size photo tips and it got 12K likes. Most of the comments were positive, but I also had many telling me I needed to stop trying to look good in photos and just lose weight (keep in mind this person doesn’t know me or my personal medical issues or history).

      They shouldn’t have gone into it assuming that the runway models would be vain and rude to them because of their side, but they were likely told for years that their size would hold them back. If you don’t live in a plus size body (not saying you don’t, but I don’t know), it can be really hard to understand.

  19. yazz y says:

    Instagram “models” don’t exist. They’re literally people who post pictures jut like everyone else. Idk why they have so much hype

    • lo l says:

      So the op point still stands…
      Fame exists…fame gives brands money…they just named some of them insta models…

    • Miah 101 says:

      Mangocado Again … by advertising they just do sponsorships by posting pics

    • Mangocado says:

      @Miah 101 yeah and consumers see the photos and want to buy the products they are advertising. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Miah 101 says:

      Mangocado Lol yeah I know… just sick of hearing people saying the Instagram life is hard because it’s not

    • kcallamajaji says:

      I don’t understand how you say they don’t exist. They are modeling cloths most of the time, taking photos, working with a team (makeup, hair, photographer), edit and choose the best images and post. Regular runway/magazine models do the same thing, but they are probably not the only model on set and have a much larger team. And from what they said, they aren’t as involved in the editing process or choosing which photos to use. They are doing the same things, but the way they get out into the world is very different. Yes, being an instagram model is more accessible to the every day person, but it’s still a job. Those ladies said that is their job. They don’t have a regular day job, and then in their spare time just post a photo they took themselves. It might start that way, until they can build a following, but it still takes a lot of work. Both jobs are hard work, but they are just approached differently.

  20. Lili Anka says:

    “My nose had a bump, I mean I loved it but other people didn’t so I changed it”

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