Instant reaction to Israel Adesanya knocking out Alex Pereira at UFC 287 | ESPN MMA

Instant reaction to Israel Adesanya knocking out Alex Pereira at UFC 287 | ESPN MMA

On the UFC 287 Post Show, Brett Okamoto, Dustin Poirier and Din Thomas react to Israel Adesanya regaining the middleweight title by knocking out Alex Pereira.

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36 Responses

  1. ChiefCuning Coyote says:

    I was rooting for Alex but the amount of fans that wrote off Izzy leading up to the fight was so wild that you felt it was gonna be an upset, it always is. The whole crowd thinking hes done have no idea it is just enough fuel he needed to remind people who he is. Just bc a fighter loses a fight doesn’t mean it’s the same way the second time round, something casuals should learn

    • InfoZone says:

      @mhxxd4 yep. GSP territory

    • InfoZone says:

      @Sean Marshall Well said. These noobs were so annoying heading into the fight. As if all the things Izzy had already done didn’t matter. Both are top level and will be big names in MMA for some time.

    • Getrektnoob Gg says:

      @Sean Marshall right. But with Alex he just looks for that one punch. And that’s what got him knocked out. He got too over his head and thought he’d be able to get that shot.

    • Hyper says:

      @young éruditdoesn’t really matter, the people acting like he smoked izzy were morons without a doubt. But that’s like saying you can never think wilder will win a fight, he’s not a great boxer but the power saves him from a lot of loses.

    • TrUK says:

      Another fickle MMA fan changing like the wind

  2. Sports Fan_91 says:

    Never doubt the greats. Izzy is one of them. That was 7 years of frustration let out in 3 strikes. Phenomenal.

  3. Urbain Delva says:

    I watched the first fight between Izzy and Pereira. I thought the reason Izzy lost was because he missed some opportunities to finish Pereira off early, and as the fight went on, it favored Pereira. Glad to hear that he did not waste time and faced Pereira head on, and now he redeems himself. Amazing. 👏

    • Crick says:

      Do many expert analysts in the house

    • Joey Central says:

      @Marko I hope Izzy can remain a knockout artist after this win and doesnt go back to point fighting like before.

    • RoB. says:

      The finish was absolutely electric and I’m happy for izzy for sure. BUT Alex was winning controlling the fight up to that point. And Izzy was taking lots of leg punishment

    • Brenton Dewar says:

      That was my analysis as well he could’ve finish him off a couple times in the first fight but didn’t go in for the kill and pulled back numerous times

  4. ASAP Jaedan says:

    I literally jumped off my couch when he knocked Alex out lol 😂

  5. Khaled Abdel Aziz says:

    That post fight speech was something else, WHAT A KNOCKOUT

    • Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides says:

      @Tyler Durden1995 where and when did you go to school? In fact did you ever? 😳

    • EJ says:

      @Tyler Durden1995 the fight club kid had to let out his frustration😂

    • Guardian ApE says:

      ​@Tyler Durden1995 wow slow down dude , you that knockout must have hurt you more than it hurt Alex Pereira.

  6. silent_ride_home says:

    I do believe Izzy was playing hurt. If you watch in slow motion when he was against the cage. He blocked all his shots. People don’t realize how good you have to be to be 24-2 as a fighter who put his belt up 10 times in 4 years. No idea why people started to hate Izzy but the man is great and got his title back. That man didn’t duck any fight and you have to respect it.

    • Oromambo says:

      You passionately hate the Champ. Chill out.

    • Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides says:

      @Jeffrey G in truth he’s the most active champ the organization has had and the guy ALWAYS calls out the best in his division and even went up a class to challenge himself.

      People are just haters and when there’s no good reason you’re only left with one sadly because of this was about fighting, what is there really to hate?

    • Tyler says:

      ​@Jeffrey G no because people just don’t like him. He’s like literally product of being brought up online and thinking you’re cool. He acts like a little girl and he’s a grown man. That’s why people don’t like him.

  7. Atlas says:

    After watching the fight, I have to say I’m highly impressed with Izzy performance. Imagine losing to the guy twice in a different sport, and then losing once again in your own sport. It just goes to show you cannot count someone out because the darkest moments bring out the best in people. Izzy scored a second round KO. In life you must believe in yourself because no one else will!

  8. Robester D says:

    This is why we watch sports!! There’s just something about the best with their back to the wall having to overcome their biggest kryptonite. To be able to overcome that without even a drop in confidence tells you so much about a person. Adesanya just became immortal tonight, WOW.

  9. Shahmi Anas says:

    Izzy has always taken the tough fights…. never ever backed down. I felt the pressure he must have been feeling just sitting on my couch. Whatever we think about him personally no one can deny what a special performance it was today. Typical style bender counter strike that was ⚡️ fast no one even saw it (the second right hook that put him to sleep). Beautifully baited Alex up against the cage…. it doesn’t get more comprehensive than that. I think Alex deserves a rematch but not right now. I think it will overkill the beautiful rivalry these two have. Let them go their seperate ways and see how things pan out for a bit.

    • Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides says:

      @Shahmi Anas that chin is suspect with 4oz gloves

    • Shahmi Anas says:

      @Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides fair point. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they didn’t fight one more time either…. its just that stylistically I don’t think anyone else can present a threat to Izzy. But yeah it’s time for Alex to fight some wrestlers and grapplers if he’s staying in 185. I doubt it though.

    • Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides says:

      There’s no deserving.
      You’re basing that off their history in KB.

      In the MMA realm he isn’t deserving. First thing he was fast tracked only because of Izzy. Had he had to go thru what Izzy did, Rob or a half decent wrestler with a bit of striking would’ve done him in.
      The only reason Izzy got an immediate rematch is the work he’s done in MMA…defending belt 7 times.
      There’s no real argument as to why Alex “deserves” a rematch.
      Anyone else wouldn’t get it because he didn’t defend the belt and it’s not like it was a close scrap that went to decision.
      Alex moves up a division.
      It’s over

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