Instructions for a Happy Life

Instructions for a Happy Life

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20 Responses

  1. Sleeping says:

    Why should I live a happy life though? What if I’m happy with being sad…?

  2. Z says:

    instructions not clear, got into depression and contemplated suicide

  3. Dull Bunny says:


  4. Kick says:

    Step 1: Be stuck between an infinite amount of turtles

  5. Jeremy Grump says:

    “Accept that the past is irreparable, and that dwelling on it will change nothing. Dwell on it anyway.”

    That got too real, too fast.

  6. Rahim says:

    *exurb1a uploads*
    going to be a good day!

  7. CRIM3S says:

    23 is fucked up…

  8. NieCola says:

    Closed porn immediatly and continued masturbating here.

  9. GD Rrave says:

    Accept that exurb1a is the greatest YouTuber.

  10. Akato says:

    I ain’t taking no flossing recommendations from a Brit of all people on this planet.

  11. Invalid Username says:

    I recently won an argument with an Argentinian on whether Argentina or the UK is better and believe me when you’ve won an argument like that begun upon a Falklands war joke, you feel as if god himself is giving you a hand job

  12. Mark Bergh says:

    Well I don’t floss so I guess I know where to start…

    Fuck this.

  13. Esaú Silva says:

    You forgot the most important instruction of all: Clean up your room, bucko!

  14. Issie OverHere? says:

    3:45 I appreciate the factorio reference, underrated game.

  15. Akhil Mylarapu says:

    If someone at a party tells you that Everything is relative, invite them to exit the building from tge 5th floor and find out whether Gravity is a social f***ing construct
    best thing ever

  16. Panther says:

    *Instaclick, instanut*

  17. KampfMuffin ._. says:

    but i can use chopsticks

  18. Jake Roosenbloom says:

    I added subtitles, even though I could literally do anything to spend my time better, but let’s be honest, I would probably be just wanking anyway if not for this.

  19. Tisane says:

    But Muad’Did committed galactic genocide!

  20. Jaspro Jansaro says:

    I love you, exurb1a. Hope you see this message

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