Inter Milan vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Supercoppa Italiana | CBS Sports Golazo

Inter Milan vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Supercoppa Italiana | CBS Sports Golazo

The winners of last year’s Serie A and Coppa Italia, Inter Milan and Juventus respectively, face off in a battle of titans for the prize of the Supercoppa.

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27 Responses

  1. jeremy says:

    Te queremos mucho Alexis. Nunca te olvidare ❤️ 🇨🇱

  2. J Freako says:

    Lukaku was celebrating this one for sure

  3. Ricky Gonzalez says:

    Both Super Cups in Spain (semifinal) and Italy didn’t disappoint and delivered us some classics!!

  4. Albert Li says:

    Being an inter fans, I need to say thank you to United for selling great players to us

    • Mohamed Abdelrehim says:

      @Gab Exactly! See you know. They’re different for different reasons and as a fan of the sport you should either appreciate that variety or just simply not watch it and be on the highlights video talking shit like that Man U fool.

    • La Flame The God says:

      @Robel Tadesse all that just to not admit United don’t know how to utilize great players ? You’re delusional mate

    • La Flame The God says:

      @mutouvhs nothing but facts

    • Trunks says:

      @BigEFuk 10 Dont include Varane in that please. Its Maguire whos a fucking joke.

    • Nano Mat says:

      @Robel Tadesse Sanchez did extremely well on EPL (Arsenal) and Lukaku too (Everton), so no mate … Man United is actually the problem XD

  5. Daca_star4life says:

    I remember watching celebrating the same way after he scored the last penalty to win the Copa America. Well deserved for him! Such a hard worker.

  6. Jayster of the Famous CFC says:

    One of the best games of the year…Forza Inter

  7. Mohamed Abdelrehim says:

    That Alexis Sanchez goal timing couldn’t have been better. Like Fifa .. *your opponent has lost connection to the game* 🤣🤣🤣 Beautiful win!! 😍 #ForzaInter

  8. Tarek Bendjenni says:

    I watched the whole game and what a great moment when Alexis scored the winner!

  9. Lyle Heisz says:

    So pumped for Alexis Sanchez he was my fav playing for arsenal and good to see him on top in this one 😍

    • Jeanu koshy says:

      Same here as well! As am Arsenal fan , I was bitterly disappointed when he left us!😥 Nevertheless Im glad he scored the winner!😀

  10. Remkye Henriquez says:

    Alexis been doing pretty good, maybe he won’t be remembered for doing a bunch of goals but will be remembered for giving Inter the title against juventus on the last minute

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