International Dunkin’ Donuts Taste Test

International Dunkin’ Donuts Taste Test

Can we guess where in the world these Dunkin’ Donuts options hail from? GMM #1339
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53 Responses

  1. Veridian says:

    Time to move to Bulgaria just for doughnuts

  2. BRokCrowleySheppardDavyCook megafan says:

    so proud of you link!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. Hunter O says:

    My favorite series!!!

  4. GamerBlitZ says:

    The First Time That Link won In This Game!😂😂

  5. Louisa Lewis says:

    I love how Chase is standing far away from the map when Link gets ready to throw his darts at the map.Though I must say that Link has improved his aim a bit.😂😂😂 Congrats on your win Link sorry Rhett.😂

  6. Maison says:

    “See how hard he thinks? I just enjoy my life.” -Link

  7. Veridian says:

    My favorite donuts are from *Indonutsia*

  8. wordkyle says:

    Without going through a thousand comments, I’ll assume that there are folks observing that the pig-in-a-blanket-ish item is *not* a kolache, but a klobasnek. (Not to worry; most Texans are confused about the terms also.) Kolaches are usually fruit-filled and were initially brought to America by Czech immigrants, but klobasniky were created by Czech settlers here in Texas.

    • Ninelle says:

      wordkyle I usually go with if an American or English speaking person says kolaches it’s probably a sausage in dough but if it’s a Slavic person then I assume a Czech kolache

    • wordkyle says:

      In central Texas where the Czech population mostly settled, they usually get it right. I don’t know the reason for the confusion in names throughout the rest of the state.

    • LilyDMadison says:

      Came to the comments for the “kolaches are fruit-filled” comment, was not disappointed. lol

  9. HereforRandL says:

    I love the new Mythical High Five!

  10. Jadon says:

    I was waiting for the South Africa one 😔

  11. Max Haibara says:

    Chocolate and Cheese are super famous combo in Indonesia, it’s delicious!

    • IntanLie says:

      Max Haibara but probably not with parmesan cheese.. But with cheddar processed cheese 😁

    • Belladini Lovely says:

      IntanLie Exactly, not everybody in this country would be acknowledged of cheeses types 😂 we barely eat nothing other than cheddar processed

  12. The Guru says:

    Gotta admit I’m liking that reverse/fakey high-five. Might adapt that. ✋

  13. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Testicular moose ok😂😂😂😂😂.

  14. Tika Teeqa says:

    You guys should try the international KFC menu.

    Here in Malaysia we got a bit innovative on creating our new KFC menu such as the double down zinger//a zinger “burger” that replace the buns with crispy chicken breasts and slopped with the cheezy sauce in the middle//, the chizilla//a zinger burger with a huge mozarella cheese patty on the chicken patty// and chizza//a combination of chicken breast and hawaiin pizza topping//. They are all tasty af~

  15. Jesus G says:

    “And the loser has to eat a testicle donut on GMMore” Sees thumbnail of said GMMore next to the video where Link’s in front of donut.
    -Well, I guess I already know who loses

  16. Skylar Gray says:

    Dear Rhett & Link,
    I love your channel. I’ve been watching you for years! However, I am deaf and I’ve been using your auto generated captions for years as well. If you have ever tried this, it’s pretty confusing lol. Could you guys think about maybe getting someone to write your captions? I would be willing to wait a few days after the video is released to watch it, if it meant having real captions. Thanks guys, LOVE YOUR CONTENT!

  17. Kadz says:

    *_I never get tired of this game!_*

  18. KnightMeg13 says:

    I admit that shredded cheese and chocolate doughnut sounds really interesting. I’d totally be up for trying it! Dunkin should have a promotion where they make some of the different doughnuts around the world!

    • JojoKitty 1601 says:

      Indonesian here, we love our cheese & chocolate combos haha although the cheese Dunkin Donuts uses isn’t parmesan (they are expensive!) it’s Kraft cheddar cheese. I was surprised Josh and Tess used parmesan for this one, they went all fancy haha
      If you do visit Indonesia you should definitely try Pisang Goreng Keju Coklat (batter fried bananas topped with shredded cheese and chocolate sprinkles) they’re really good. Or sweet martabak (a super thick yeast pancake) with your choice of sweet toppings like peanuts, cheese, chocolate, nutella, kit kats, Oreos etc

    • KnightMeg13 says:

      Ooh! See deep fried bananas and chocolate are right up my alley so add the cheese, which is always yummy, yeah that sounds fantastic! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    • Gamemaster472 says:

      It would be a great business decision because they would keep what people like and make a greater profit.

    • Gamemaster472 says:

      JojoKitty 1601 actually in America Parmesan cheese isn’t a fancy expensive rich topping, it’s easily available to us unlike Indonesia where it’s harder to find.

  19. Matt Nguyen says:

    This has low key become my favorite series because of Link’s losing arc, haha, but I guess that’s no more. Still fun, though, with the suspense of not knowing where their darts are gonna land and even more suspense for them to find out if they were right while we know.

  20. Micah Philson says:

    “The Scronut, filled with testicle mousse”.
    I don’t even *_want_* to know what that’s supposed to mean.
    “My munchkins are gonna go everywhere!”
    I don’t even *WANT* to know what that’s supposed to mean!

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