International Noodles Taste Test

International Noodles Taste Test

Can we figure out where in the world people eat pork blood with their noodles? Or where they serve purple noodles?? GMM #1495

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38 Responses

  1. Sabine Moss says:

    Heyyyy Link liked the Philippine sweet spaghetti even though it had banana ketchup in it YAY

  2. Jessica Ross says:

    Loving the international dart game. Where else would you go to watch a grown man throw a handful of pasta at a map while eatting cheese from the other?

  3. Peter Ortiz says:

    Imagine Rhett and Link with the Impractical Jokers

  4. TheJewelTheory says:

    Lol I IMMEDIATELY started singing the “mmm bao bao bao” song when I got the notification.

  5. Moses Emmet says:

    I think I would enjoy all of those pasta dishes… I just love pasta.

  6. Winter Duhlphin says:

    NANI? Do I see Philippines? My life’s complete XD

  7. DragoPlayzMC says:

    When link gets hurt: WALK IT OFF NEAL!
    When chase gets hurt: I’m so sorry….You need a raise…..Are you ok??!. ??

  8. Jordan Cruz says:

    HOW did you not collab w/ Mikey Chen for this??

  9. Comment King says:


  10. Allen Jay says:

    *”THAIH FEWD!”*
    I love when Link impersonates his father.

  11. Glitchy says:

    That face at 7:51 lol

  12. Michael King Games says:

    Rhett: “I’m going for Spain.”

    Dart: “You mispronounced Greenland.”

  13. Alex Jette says:

    You should do an international cake taste test

  14. third ocean says:

    Has Chase lost weight? That map shirt seems to be fitting him much better. Either way hes looking good

  15. BaBa Yaga says:

    I have been watching you from 2012 it’s super surprising how time went fast

  16. Drakonus says:

    Link is one of those guys who eat pasta with fingers

  17. BoOniEDoTsShOw says:

    Rhett’s reasoning is usually better, which is why he always wins.

  18. BoOniEDoTsShOw says:

    I spat my friggin coffee out when Link tossed that damn pasta at the board. ????

  19. C.J. Concepcion says:

    Link calling Filipino spaghetti a grandma invention is probably the most accurate thing ever. I don’t there is a Filipino grandma out there who hasn’t made this before. ??

    • John Smith says:

      It should be a world-wide grandma thing instead of a Filipino grandma thing. Ketchup like sweet tomato sauce and hotdog and cheddar pasta sounds like a great comfort food.

  20. Evangeline Mash says:

    I think link should stop getting advantages now. He’s getting much better and winning unfairly. Also I think they should get get credited for guessing the correct country even if they don’t hit it, just so the winner isn’t purely based on who can throw a dart better.

    • Lepre says:

      There was almost no way for Rhett to actually win it. since the advantage for link was really much, you could literally throw it over all the map.

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