International Plaza employee attacked by 4 men in broad daylight

International Plaza employee attacked by 4 men in broad daylight

An International Plaza worker was leaving his shift over the weekend when he was attacked, beaten, and robbed. Detectives say they are searching for four men, seen in surveillance video, who are believed to be the suspects.


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44 Responses

  1. Cicero says:

    Normal people don’t attack anyone, period.

    • Based F says:

      @Azure it could happen to anyone but the stats don’t lie, its mainly democrats getting attacked and i am ok with that since they fail to address the issue

    • One ply toilet paper mishaps says:

      Praying that the hollow points find their home

    • Limbaughs Ghost says:

      Meh, more Obama supporters doing bad things to people …

    • Fabled Fantasty says:

      @209CALI* *
      Undoubtedly, no truer words spoken!
      People are just too ignorant & uneducated these days & are too lazy to do any true research & only want to believe, what they think that they know & what “their friends” & “family” want them to believe & not what the real proven facts are.

    • Limbaughs Ghost says:

      @Azure 👈🏼😂 but if whites attack blacks it’s automatically racist right?

  2. Jae Gonzales says:

    Always trust your gut, if someone’s is making you uncomfortable it’s probably for a reason. I’m sorry this happened to him 😣

  3. Jeremy Walker says:

    Imagine walking around in a GROUP to attack people lol. What type of cowards do this? They will be dealt with and forgotten about in no time lol

  4. zhppilot says:

    “Hunted every day while beating people at the mall” Lebron James.

  5. Knight Jon Artorias says:

    As someone who has been a victim of violence growing up. It’s things like this that fuel why I’m always so paranoid and looking over my shoulder. People wonder why I carry a gun. And think I’m crazy for always being on guard. Trauma does that to you man. There is evil in this world, and people seem to walk through this world as if it could never happen to them, until it does.

    • AFT says:

      @i see There’s meth heads even in the middle of nowhere. You just have to be able to defend yourself at all times.

    • AFT says:

      @Iadam Iadam They will the true question is will you prepare them to be able to defend themselves. That’s why the second amendment exists

    • Smythe says:

      Personal changes since getting out of marines as an infantryman
      Always on alert
      Check backside appx every 8 steps
      Whenever walking into a room always look for weapons of opportunity,possible threats and exit plan

    • Neal Gunn says:

      I want you on my team…

    • Knight Jon Artorias says:

      @i see i appreciate that advice man but I’ll pass. I love this country. I’ve learned to accept reality for what it is. Doesn’t matter where you go, evil always exists, just like good. I’m not unable to stop and smell the roses, I understand that this world is still filled with beauty, but I’m also not gonna walk carelessly through it either.

  6. Fingers Malone says:

    My girlfriend and I went to the Paddock mall in Ocala a year ago on a Saturday,the place was crawling with these types of monsters walking around like wolf packs,not buying things but looking for prey.

  7. C G says:

    I had this happen to me at a mall nearby years ago. I just randomly went from store to store, up and down escalators. Ducking around corners… I either lost them, or they eventually gave up, reconsidered. Go with your gut instincts, be cognizant of your surroundings.

    • C G says:

      @furdewar effort Well, fortunately, this occurred around 1999. It was a different time, no need to be so armed and amped up. Easier to be smart, at least in that situation.

    • Bryen says:

      You’re right about intuition @C G as well as being aware of your surroundings. If he had just walked up to ask the security guard a question he would have been good. They would have laughed at his ass but he would have avoided that encounter.

      @Furdewar effort better to avoid the trouble. Yeah you might be able to settle it with some fire but there’s no point in risking being shot just to prove you can

    • Derakos Zrux says:

      That’s the right idea! Active Self Protection teaches stuff like that from real videos of incidents. Lot’s of gun stuff but there’s a pepper spray playlist too. EVERYONE should carry pepper spray like POM.

    • furdewar effort says:

      @C G While things are undoubtedly worse now, everywhere, this has been true for about 150 years now. I was around in 99. My suburban midwest town, right around 99, had a group of these drive in from the urban blight area not far away, and decide to rob a local kid who dealt weed. They robbed him by lining up the half dozen local kids hanging out at his house at the time, having them kneel, and executing them. One girl survived by hiding under a bed I believe.

    • furdewar effort says:

      @Bryen Indicating that you are armed is significantly lowering your risk of trouble and of being shot. They were preying on this guy in the first place bc he was obviously unarmed and defenseless. These kind aren’t looking for a meal that fights back.

  8. Tom Jones says:

    Validating negative stereotypes one crime at a time.

  9. Hugsnkisses says:

    Disgusting display of humanity. Their parents must be so proud of the waste of skin they raised.

  10. J. M. says:

    I am a black woman, and I urge all of you to NEVER worry about looking paranoid or rude around thugs. Avoid them at all costs. Park somewhere else, get gas somewhere else, and change your route to make sure you aren’t in contact with people who give you the creeps.

    • Bill ping says:

      I am a white man and I agree. If it does not feel right trust you feelings. Thugs are thugs. F them all we should all be able to just live life. No matter what they look like. We all got to stand up and say enough of it.

    • Centanial Colston says:

      Yes when it’s obvious. What about the wolfs in sheep clothing. 📚🌴

    • Derakos Zrux says:

      That’s the right idea! I like the channel Active Self Protection they do learning from video of defensive incidents and cover thinking this way and breaking normalcy bias. Everyone should carry pepper spray like POM and ASP has a playlist just for that!

    • Teresa Williamson says:

      @ J. M. / Thank You Black Woman.”

    • ankevious oliver says:

      I agree but are you saying that only black men can be thugs?

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