Internet Enraged By Assange / Wikileaks Standown / Trolling of Public

Internet Enraged By Assange / Wikileaks Standown / Trolling of Public

Alex Jones reacts to the Internet in total freak mode as Julian Assange lets the world down with his epic trolling event.

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19 Responses

  1. Adam Marshall says:

    smh. I woke up early especially for this. What a disappointment.

  2. Leonardo Kahlo says:

    infowar and AlexJones are claiming this “destroyed most of ur support” for
    wikileaks. all becuz they(infowars) misrepresented what the event was
    about. alex should lose support! people were going to blame alex if he did
    not deflect blame on wiki. also Alex is turning his followers on wiki cuz
    he knows they got Trump leaks coming! If he STFU for 1 second y’all would
    know that. Alex is a puppet to the Trump campaign who’s candidate is
    friends with the other puppet(Clinton). So Trump being a Hillary plant to
    destroy the GOP is unbelievable, but Assange selling out to Clinton is

  3. We Love Royal Caribbean International says:

    Nothing to see here…Move along.Oh but by the way buy my books. What an
    epic joke he played on us.

  4. LedLiberty77 says:

    but in the press conference he said starting this week he’d leak something
    every week till the end of the year not at the end. wait guys he will
    release. Roger stone will probably be there later telling everyone relax
    its coming. he didn’t troll us he trolled Hillary and made her shit her
    pants lol!

  5. Budh Skydda says:

    i wouldnt be suprised if they came out later today… swerved

  6. Limitless Xp9 says:

    assange family had been threatened by Hillary Clinton

  7. Robo Aajib says:

    maybe they threatened his g/for or his parents or someone…Alex, you don’t

  8. Bud Weiser says:

    Assange is a Liberal, do you really think he would let out info that would
    damage the SJW cause and have Trump win?

  9. Marc R says:

    I got up at 3am. I want to kick Assange in the nuts.

  10. Kathy Hernandez says:

    Feel so bad for Alex. He and the InfoWars news team are the heroes for
    being ready. XO WE ARE THE RESISTANCE!

  11. Mary Nicholson says:

    Just because he did not give us anything this time, you have to remember
    that he has come through for the American ppl. He has have threats on his
    life and he wanted to point out that the US is behind these threats and if
    something happens than to look at the American Government. He has not let
    us down in my opinion he has come thru for us. He also said that more will
    come out. Think about it. If he were to let more documents out right now.
    The DNC would replace Hillary with a much more powerful person for the
    candidacy. But if he waits a while longer, closer to the election, the news
    would pull her voters away. We have enough evidence right now to work with.
    We just need to stand and fight against the corruption that the Government
    is pulling right now. The emails, the servers, the FBI giving Hillary a get
    out of jail card and so much more. We need to stop the dead and the
    illegals from voting ppl, that’s what we need to concentrate on right now
    and stop these bastards. Even if Hillary is not on the ballots the Dems
    will still try to pull their fake votes. I think Assange has done a great
    deed for us. And we should be grateful for what he has done so far.

  12. Jillian walker says:

    Now the people should threaten Assange. That way he decides quicker or take
    now the consequences.

  13. kay baysinger says:

    This made me sick.thought I would hear good news

  14. imsuckingwind says:

    Alex J.A. never said he was going to release info on Hillary, Roger Stone
    did. Looks like you got trolled,but by R.S.

  15. impassable says:

    The Dems and the Clintons are really dirty

  16. Hawaiiguy Kailua says:

    Whats worthless is you continuing to peddle this shit when everyone on the
    planet knows Assange is a Mossad plant! Releasing a massive trove of
    Clinton emails was the worst way to release them, Had he not been a plant
    he would have picked the juicy nuggets and let the media focus on those as
    released, Like the Williams sisters, Biles etc. Much more focused effect.
    The emails would have come out one way or the other, having wikileaks do a
    mass data dump was the least effective way to do so, for impacts sake. Pull
    your head out Alex, its tiring watching you stumble around into furniture,
    funny at first, now just pathetic. PS the 10 minutes I spent on infowars
    the last 24 hrs is the most time I have spent anywhere near your website in
    last 2 years. I see you haven’t changed either.

  17. Heather Moultray says:

    I can’t believe I stayed up all night for this crap.

  18. StrokeZilla 9ball God says:

    The Secretary of Defense doesn’t go down too easy unless its Umah Abadin XD
    she’ll whack anyone who has dirt on her, doesn’t matter if it’s a deal.

  19. La Toya Dee says:

    I was like is this it, is this really going happen? Then pow, bang, boom
    nothing. You’re an ass, Assange a huge ass.