Interview with 110 Year Old Woman, Flossie Dickey

Interview with 110 Year Old Woman, Flossie Dickey

This is the best news interview we have ever seen! Good Day Spokane anchor Nichole Mischke interviewed 110-Year-Old Flossie Dickey on her birthday. What did we get out of this? Flossie likes to nap.

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20 Responses

  1. How to sculpt says:

    She look alike eighty and some years old !

  2. Eric Bear says:

    She looks like she wants to die

  3. xXxBLINGO07xXx says:

    wtf is this madness

  4. Sean Seidl says:


  5. Cheese-A-Nator Smith says:

    Dang Flossie doesn’t give a wet fart

  6. MrBlueD3V1L says:

    The reporter is a jerk, but Flossie is a sweetheart

  7. Scott Jenkins says:

    I want to atleast live up to 85

  8. Maverick says:

    Im surprised that condescending reporter didn’t ask her if she fuckin rode
    dinosaurs to school.

  9. SARA O says:


  10. Armin dijay says:

    she was once like that reporter. youthful and beautiful, full of life and
    lust. now she is fading away into the everlasting nothingness of death
    (long overdue if I may say so). it’s a really bleak thing to witness and
    compare the two.

  11. Tyler Cheerios says:

    I aspire to be her one day

  12. Practical Islamic Finance says:

    Flossie is her street name … She’s sippin on coffee thinking about who
    she’s going to put a hit on next. Probably the reporter.

  13. Jimmy Ramzey says:

    her face is epic , I Need that in my mems pics !

  14. muffinluveruuu says:

    They should give Flossie an injection of umbilical cord blood for her

  15. MrLopsd says:

    fossil please

  16. Cecilia Puccini says:

    Flossie looks like she’s seen some things

  17. Rafael Mendoza says:

    wtf do u do at the age

  18. Unlikely Creators says:

    3:51 this is so a meme waiting to happen…

  19. No Thanks says:

    I love her name!

  20. katie smith says:

    I take care of a 111 year old lady as a caregiver. she’s pretty sassy and
    if u ask her age she’ll lie or say I don’t like to talk about it. she
    showers herself etc. she’s way active and with it.