Interview with Donald Trump protester punched, kicked at Tucson rally

Interview with Donald Trump protester punched, kicked at Tucson rally

Bryan Sanders says he was sucker punched by a Donald Trump supporter inside the Tucson rally. Video by Christianna Silva for the Arizona Daily Star

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20 Responses

  1. Asian Boss says:

    This guy is a fucking failure. First of all, look at his LAST NAME. Second,
    he is holding a cigarette during an interview. Third, socialism has nothing
    to do with democracy. This man deserved to get punched in the face.

  2. Bubba Hotep says:

    He’s a liar I was there nobody touched that clown.

  3. Reid Young says:

    LMAO Man he’s so racist! IF YOU STUPID FUCKS want foreigners to run America
    have fun! You idiot’s protest Trump, Trump supporters don’t protest anybody
    else. Just shows what kind of people YOU ALL are!

  4. Aaron Kay says:

    Its because assholes don’t go to Sanders rallies to be dickheads. Case

  5. Chan Chan says:

    How long will it take for a Trump supporters to punch a baby because it
    cries at one of his rallies.

  6. Gaston Boucher says:

    He said no one got punched at the Bernie rally and then says that no one
    protested there. Well there you have it, don’t protest inside the building
    and no one will get punched.

  7. Patrick Doyle says:

    Why protest? Freedom of Speech. Let Trump Speak and let anyone with any
    intelliegence disagree with his views. Simple.

  8. Ima WreckU says:

    Show the part where he has the Klan hood on purposely baiting people with a
    racist symbol.
    This is just another mainstream ploy to attack Trump and his supporters.
    Fuck the mainstream.

  9. Rob Uzi says:

    You mother fuckers need to stop saying fascist without context…fuckin

  10. jacob mejia says:

    End fascism!

  11. Danny Fujikawa says:

    What an idiot. “That’s democracy” he says…

  12. pd251563 says:

    Your partner showed up wearing a KKK outfit and a black dude got deeply
    offended attacked you. How is this a surprise to you, dumbass? Do you
    really think this would only happen at a Trump rally?

  13. warloc20 says:

    FUCKING CUNT YOU WERE WEARING A KKK HOOD that Nigger kicked your ass for
    that now get the FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY

  14. Lukas Essex says:

    dude you are always so high on the china white that you don’t even remember
    what the hells going on. so how was that linguini ms thing

  15. TheRascallyMilkster says:

    I always have endless entertainment reading all of these imbeciles saying
    how someone exercising his right to free speech deserves more than he got,
    while they turn around and say “Trump supporters aren’t violent, it’s
    Sander’s supporters who are violent” with no proof that there is the
    supposed “hundreds of injured trump supporters”. There are very, very, very
    little reported cases of Trump victims, all the while these protesters are
    getting assaulted and are being told they deserve it. Trump supporters are
    the most hypocritical, lying, brainwashed, scum eating assholes on this
    toxic earth.

  16. Robert Shaver says:

    I’m looking forward to the new Netflx series *House of Trump Cards*.

  17. Thomas Fox says:

    we dont play in AZ stop looking for trouble

  18. Bo Richmeier says:

    love to you brother

  19. GaryODST117 says:

    plays with a bee’s nest and expects not to get stung , dumb bitch

  20. Gooby ! says:

    isnt this guy in the KKK?