Interview with HUGH MUNGUS!

Interview with HUGH MUNGUS!

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Thanks to my dudes from /r/h3h3productions for the memes:

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20 Responses

  1. dhhpickle7 says:

    I don’t normally watch your channel. For some odd reason I checked it

  2. First Name Last Name says:

    Someone give this man a medal.

  3. ShotgunFelatio says:

    I live in Seattle and I swear on Harambes dead body I’m going to make it my
    life’s mission to find this Angel of God

  4. Kaia says:

    This man’s face should be added to Mount Rushmore

  5. Derek Connors says:

    This guy is a trail-blazer. From now on, anytime a person is being harassed
    by an SJW, they can stand tall and proudly proclaim “I am Hugh Mungus.”

  6. Huntman2478 says:

    I live near Seattle and now I’m in fear of my life knowing that feminists
    might be around the corner just to yell at me for being a cis white
    privileged male

  7. NexGenStriker says:

    She used the video to get a pat on the back and to bully this man. He used
    the video to promote a charity. What a great guy, and what a horrible sjw.

  8. Caroline Eagan says:

    This man truly has it all. Charming, popular, slick, you name it. It’s less
    like Hugh Mungus what, but Hugh Mungus where amaright ladies

  9. Maya The Psychic says:

    aw he seems like a genuinely great guy. i sympathised with him before but
    now I do even more

  10. MarginalSC says:

    Has anyone translated the morse code signalling from his eyebrows?

  11. Tally Cat says:

    Construction working dad, Skyping in a smoke shop…

    I dig it.

  12. BilboB says:

    Why was the crazy lady against Hugh Mungus daughter getting help for her
    heroin addiction?

  13. SaGe OwL says:

    I like that Hugh Mungus got proper dressed up for this.

  14. DrakeTheBadgerman says:

    Hugh Mungus 2016: a leader we can believe in.

  15. Stan says:

    Not all heroes wear capes..

  16. John says:

    You know what a shirt dirty with paint usually means? Work.

  17. Lighok says:

    Jeez, he is so sweet. I would like him to be my father.

  18. NakedAvanger says:

    If i ever meet that woman i’ll just calmly say “stop it, get some help”

    Like that gif

  19. Jan Πανοπουλος says:

    Rudy (or Hugh) is the kind person you instantly like with no apparent
    reason. You just like him.

  20. Clorox Bleach says:

    A real national hero.