Interview with Jeffrey Lord | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Interview with Jeffrey Lord | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill Maher asks Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord to defend the President’s refusal to release his tax returns and his ties – and apparent afection for – Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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20 Responses

  1. The Xman says:

    This video just reminds me why I hate the Republican Party with a passion. Here comes the hate I’m liberal wtf do I know I’m a millennial my feelings get hurt please. I like having political debates WITH RATIONAL CONSERVATIVES AND THE ONES THAT IK PERSONAL ALL HATE TRUMP

  2. Dtv 2222 says:

    Male version of Kellyane Conway

  3. Jordan Wendt says:


  4. VBSN says:

    Haven’t been this early since George Bush was worst president in American history

  5. Mr Hackett says:

    He’s quite the Trumpologist isn’t he?

  6. Dennis The HiRev says:

    MAGA “Morons Are Governing America” CYKA

  7. Deadbatt says:

    No bill, Pence was not using a private server. He was using private email. He didn’t host a server in his house.

  8. Dom0nePhilosophy says:

    What a thoroughly despicable human being he is. He must *surely* be conscious of his duplicity.

  9. remsan03 says:

    I don’t know why would the show waste its time with this ignorant, unintelligent, hollow person. All he does in CNN was laugh, lie and say Reagan’s name at every bloody chance. One interview with Pres. Reagan’s son where he said “Leave my father’s name out of this.”

  10. Pete Ivey says:

    lol, I love how easily Bill gets triggered xD

  11. Dawn Maclear says:

    Sessions discussed things that will BENEFIT the Russians.

    THAT is the difference!

  12. Chaitanya Reddy says:

    What a crock of shit. You can clearly see that Trump and Putin are friends. In the art of the deal(His book) He clearly says he was in talks with the russian government about building a trump tower for cheap near the kremlin(a prime area in the city, where the price per square foot is much higher than what Trump is paying). You think Putin would just give him discounts worth 100s of millions of dollars(In 1980 something money) if he wasnt friends with Trump? How stupid do you trump supporters have to be. Jesus christ.

  13. Optimus Dime says:

    Conservative logic: If it helps poor, sick, or struggling people or even the environment then it must be destroyed!!!

  14. radwa awad says:

    so what ? Republicans have been double faced all the way . the only principle for them is no principle.

  15. Tracy Muckle says:

    There are no planned tax cuts for the middle class

  16. satish jha says:

    The guy who likes to brag about how rich he is doesn’t want people to know how rich he is.
    Got it.

  17. James Murphy says:

    He looks to be a perfectly nice guy but Jeffrey lord is rediculously insufferable at times. Logic and evidence bounce off him like a foreign language. He’s not even trying to be contrarian; he simply doesn’t listen, which is so much more offensive to the intelligence of those speaking and listening to him. All you have to do is listen to the crowds reaction or the reaction of other people on news panels to his ridiculous nonsense.

  18. M. Rowntree says:

    Trump has made Maher go mentally insane. I’ve been watching this show since 2003 and never has he acted so paranoid and irrational using the CIA as “evidence” of Russia “hacking”. Wikileaks is 100% honest. The CIA was invented to lie, cheat, steal and kill.

  19. Usernamee101 says:

    Republicans DONT want Trump to release his tax returns? I’m sure they all wanted to see President Obama’s birth certificate. Such a despicable group of people.

  20. Vinky says:

    This guy isn’t a conservative, he is an orange democrat.

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